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Taylor tells Brooke that she really needs to see someone about that anger issue of hers but Brooke rudely says that she deserved that slap. She says Taylor is way out of line but Taylor says that self-righteousness doesn’t suit her. She says she knows her too well but Brooke says if she did then she’d know she wouldn’t make a move on her sister’s husband. Taylor laughs and tells Brooke to remember her history which includes her breaking up so many marriages as well as sleeping with both Hope’s boyfriend and Bridget’s husband. Brooke says she doesn’t have time for this and asks Taylor where Katie is. Katie is shown in her hiding spot.

Dayzee and Marcus have coffee together. He asks her if she’s heard from Eric but she says no and says it’s understandable though because he’s taking care of Stephanie. Katie calls to order food but when she’s asked for her name she hangs up. Dayzee says that’s weird for someone to do that. Steffy and Liam come back inside from their surf and share a passionate kiss.

Marcus and Dayzee spend more time together during coffee while Taylor tells Brooke that she doesn’t know exactly where Katie is and even if she did she would not tell her. Brooke says but Katie talks to her and Taylor says yes when she wants to she calls her. Brooke tells her to tell Katie to come home to Bill and the baby. Taylor says if she really cares about Katie then she should respect her marriage. Brooke says for her to even insinuate that but Taylor cuts her off reminding her of all the times she crosses the line in the past. Brooke continues to deny and says she’s not listening to this.

Taylor says of course not, because she always has the best intentions until a rich, powerful sexy man comes into her orbit and then everything else goes out the window. Brooke tells her to stop but Taylor says she can’t believe Brooke isn’t seeing this. She says she’s vulnerable and alone and right now Bill is vulnerable. She says it’s a storm waiting to happen and asks if she doesn’t see that or doesn’t want to see that. She pauses growing sadder before she says or does she just not care like he didn’t care about ripping apart her family. Taylor tells her to at least spare her sister from that pain please and leaves Brooke to think.

Liam says there is someone on her mind he can tell. Steffy says she’s sure he knows who. Liam says yes and talks about Stephanie’s party. Steffy says her grandfather is crazy about Stephanie. Liam says he sort of assumed Bill and Katie would end up that way. She tells him not to give up as even Eric and Stephanie went through a lot of problems including getting divorced more than once. Liam says he likes how positive she is. Steffy says life is full of good things you just have to look.

Liam and Steffy share a kiss. Steffy thanks Liam for helping her keep it together at Stephanie’s party. He tells her that her grandma is going to live on through her. He tells her she is so much like Stephanie and that she’s the perfect namesake. Steffy tells Liam that when she was a little girl her grandmother held her hand and as she got older she had her back. She says she wouldn’t be who she is without her. Steffy starts to cry and Liam comforts her by stroking her face and saying Stephanie taught her how to be amazing and like her. He kisses her forehead and holds her as she cries.

Brooke tells Bill what Taylor said and says she’s convinced she’s going to seduce him. Bill doesn’t sound fazed by that and just asks if Taylor knew where Katie is. Brooke says she doesn’t know. Bill starts to look upset so she tells him they will find her. She says they have to stay positive or their negative energy will rub off on Will. She leaves to get Will saying that she knows he puts a smile on Bill’s face. Bill continues to look at Katie’s photograph worriedly.

Dayzee and Marcus see Taylor sitting there at their café looking lost in thought. They come over and the three talk about Stephanie and how each of them are concerned about her and will miss her. Taylor suddenly spots a customer who reminds her of Katie. Thinking it might be her she excuses herself and runs out after her to catch up to her in time. When Taylor leaves Marcus says that was weird and wonders over where Taylor might have run off to in such a hurry.

Steffy says he really thinks she’s like her grandmother and he says she’s just a loyal, powerful and committed. Steffy tells him he’s sweet and he says she’s the next Stephanie Forrester. Steffy says she doesn’t want to think about that and Liam tells her his dad always told him how wonderful she was and he’s right. Liam says she is everything that any man should ever want and need. He says especially him. He suddenly tells her he has something for her if she wants it. Steffy looks at him curiously. Bill and Brooke play with Will and spend time together as she teaches him how to change Will’s diaper. Will ends up spitting up on her so Brooke has to go to change. She takes Will with her but his baby blanket falls on her way out of the room. Taylor continues to follow the woman she is convinced is Katie.

Steffy asks Liam what he has for her. Liam gives her a set of keys and tells her that he wants her to move back in with him. He says he doesn’t want to spend tonight without her or any other night. Steffy bursts out smiling and kisses Liam happily. Brooke realizes Will’s blanket is missing and goes to look for it. Taylor knocks on Katie’s door and asks to be let in. Katie eventually opens it and Taylor tries to convince her to go back to her husband and son but Katie says no.

Taylor tells Katie she has to go back because Brooke is going to make a move on Bill. Katie says she doesn’t want to think about that but Taylor grabs her shoulders and makes her listen. She tells her she knows she thinks Brooke is her sister and won’t hurt her but Brooke doesn’t think that way. She says Bill is a handsome, rich, powerful man and very soon Brooke will start seeing him differently. Katie looks like she is listening to Taylor. Brooke walks into Bill’s room and sees him naked. A look is exchanged between them and none of them look upset about it.

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