B&B Wednesday Update 11/14/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/14/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

The nurse explains to Bill that Will has been good while they were gone. Brooke is depressed over the fact she will never see Stephanie again. Brooke cannot imagine her life without Stephanie. She understands Stephanie’s reasoning but does not want to deal with it.

Eric drives and Stephanie wonders if she can have a drink when they get there. Eric says she can have hot apple cider. Stephanie is grateful for Eric doing what she wanted and not what the doctors wanted. She is happy that it is just the two of them. Stephanie claims she has a bone to pick with Eric. Eric wonders what it is he has done now.

Taylor walks into her house and finds Katie sitting at her window. Katie wonders what happened with Brooke and Ridge at the party.

Bill knows that Brooke wanted to be with Ridge again tonight. Brooke thought that things would be different this time and she would finally get Ridge back. Bill explains that it won't happen.

Stephanie is upset that people cried at her party. Eric explains that he feels that the party went over wonderfully. Stephanie has a coughing fit, and Eric wonders what he should do about it. Stephanie explains that all she wants him to do is make her a martini when they get to the cabin and starts to laugh, but Eric says no martinis for her. Eric wonders if Stephanie has fallen asleep to which she explains she was trying to. Eric hopes that the party was ok for her. Stephanie thought the party was terrific. Eric was happy that it was a good party. Stephanie tells Eric not to have any regrets. Stephanie continues to cough and takes oxygen. Eric wonders if he should pull over but Stephanie just wants to go to the cabin.

Katie wonders if Taylor is mad she broke in but wants to know what happened with Brooke and Ridge. Katie already knows what happened.

Brooke contemplates calling Ridge. Bill tells Brooke that Ridge has spent his entire adult life loving Brooke. He thinks that Ridge will never love a woman like he loves Brooke.

Stephanie tells Eric she is so happy for how things turned out. Eric says sorry for Ridge not showing up. Stephanie explains she knew he was not showing up. Stephanie explains that Ridge and her had a very nice talk before he left and that is how she wants him to remember things. Stephanie continues to cough.

Katie is mad that Ridge did not show up.

Brooke thought that this time would be different and they would be together forever. Brooke has flashbacks to past times with Stephanie. Bill does not want Brooke leaving when she is not happy and tired and tells her that she can stay with him.

Eric and Stephanie make it to the cabin and Eric makes sure Stephanie feels comfortable. Eric tells Stephanie he is going to make her a nice warm fire. Stephanie looks at a picture of her and Eric and smiles. Eric comes back with the firewood and sees she's in pain.

Katie storms out.

Bill finds Brooke asleep on the couch and covers her with a blanket.

Stephanie continues to cough and takes her oxygen as she sits by the fire. Eric gets Stephanie something to drink and she assumes it is a martini. Stephanie does not want it. Eric wonders what he can do to help Stephanie out. Stephanie thanks Eric for being brave and strong. Eric wonders how many times he has said I love you in a life time with Stephanie. Stephanie thinks that the girls singing were like angels. Eric gets close to Stephanie and rubs her shoulders. Eric sings to Stephanie at her request. Eric starts to get teary eyed and Stephanie smiles. Stephanie starts to sing with him for a moment. Stephanie tells Eric she is still there. Eric kisses Stephanie.

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