B&B Tuesday Update 11/13/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/13/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Stephanie’s goodbye party continues. Everyone listens to the singers and Stephanie looks touched by it all. The singers sing the song oh Danny boy.

Dancers start to do an Irish jig and invite some people in to dance with them. Steffy, Liam, and Rick join in. Eric tries to get Stephanie to dance with him and succeeds. Stephanie hugs Eric tightly and Brooke watches them and smiles.

Brooke dances and Bill finds it impressive dancing and hopes that Brooke is having a good time.

Pam has Rick be a waiter and Rick thanks Pam for all she has done to help.

Brooke looks at the door and then decides she wishes to say something and tells everyone that she is thankful to have been invited and remembers back when she catered the parties she tells Stephanie that she is very strong and determined. She believes that she has learned from Stephanie. Brooke gets emotional and believes that Stephanie has always been there for everyone and now it is time for everyone to be there for her. She believes that everyone will live by the word of Stephanie. Brooke hopes for Stephanie to always be happy in everyday and everyway here and forever after. Stephanie and Brooke hug each other.

Brooke and Felicia discuss that Stephanie will not be seen again after the party because they are leaving. Brooke leaves to find Stephanie and tells her that she will not let Stephanie leave. Stephanie says she is sorry. Brooke refuses to let Stephanie leave her. The two of them go outside to talk. Brooke does not want to leave Stephanie. Brooke believes that she found a purpose with Stephanie and is mad that Stephanie will not be around anymore. Stephanie and Brooke hug again. Stephanie tells Brooke that she will go back in the party and be happy. Brooke and Stephanie agree and Stephanie hopes for peace for the families once she is gone. Brooke agrees that once she is gone the families will have peace. Stephanie takes it as a joke. Stephanie tells Brooke after the party Eric and her are going to leave and that Brooke will be in charge from now on for everyone. Stephanie needs Brooke to keep her promise. The two hug and Stephanie says that she knows Brooke can and tells Brooke that she knows they can. Brooke is in tears.

Eric and Stephanie walk back in and Stephanie tells everyone that she is ready to leave. Stephanie thanks Eric for the singers and dancers and tells the family that she is leaving with Eric and will not tell anyone where they are going. Stephanie tells everyone that when Eric comes back he will be alone. Pam gives Stephanie a hug and kiss. Everyone gives Stephanie a hug good bye and starts to cry for the most part or gets emotional. Brooke cries through the whole event. Stephanie tells everyone a poem and everyone is crying. She blows everyone a kiss and tells them she loves them all and she will miss them. Stephanie looks around outside.

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