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Everyone is gathering at Eric and Stephanie’s home for the celebration of life party. While Stephanie reflects back, Felicia, Thorne and Pam talk nearby. Eric sits down next to Stephanie and says she looks great. Stephanie wonders if Ridge will return. They share a laugh about the festivities. Stephanie’s daughter Kristen and her husband arrive. Kristen wonders where Ridge is. Taylor arrives and hugs Stephanie. Steffy and Liam are the next to greet Stephanie. Steffy gives her grandmother a bear hug. Stephanie is happy to see Steffy and Liam together. Caroline and Rick arrive and both give hugs to Stephanie. The ambiance is bittersweet. Eric tells Stephanie that he has a few surprises for her. Eric asks Stephanie to trust him.

At Bill’s house, Brooke tells Bill that Will should be fine with the baby nurse. Bill brings up Ridge, a subject that is touchy for Brooke. Brooke thanks Bill for escorting her to Stephanie’s party. Brooke asks if she looks okay. Bill says Brooke is beautiful. Brooke is remaining hopeful about Ridge’s return. Brooke thanks Bill for supporting her on this difficult day. Bill jokes that he’ll be keeping on eye on how Ridge treats Brooke. Bill wants to pay his respects to Stephanie; he says they are like two kindred spirits. Bill knows today will be tough on Brooke since she’s saying goodbye to Stephanie and seeing Ridge after all this time. Bill reassures Brooke that he’ll be there for her.

The celebration of life party continues. Rick pulls Eric aside and says all the arrangements have been made, suggesting that Eric will be taking Stephanie on a trip somewhere. Dayzee walks in and looks at Stephanie. They hug and Dayzee says Stephanie looks beautiful. Marcus and Donna stand behind them. Stephanie is happy to see Donna changed her mind about coming. Donna says Dayzee convinced her to come. Donna feels regret for all the pain she has caused Stephanie over the years. Donna figures she isn’t considered part of the Forrester clan. However, Stephanie makes Donna smile when she says she is family. Stephanie thanks Dayzee for getting Donna to join them. Stephanie whispers in Dayzee’s ear and reminds her to keep helping people. Nearby, Pam yells for Eric to walk outside.

Eric and Pam greet Celtic Woman, an Irish group that will play at Stephanie’s party. Chloe, one of the singers, says they are looking forward to perform. She also adds that Eric’s home is beautiful. Eric says Pam will escort the singing group to the guest house until they are needed. Eric thanks them and returns to the house.

Inside, Taylor walks over to Hope and inquires about Ridge. Both wonder if Ridge will show up or not. Hope says her mom is hoping to reunite with Ridge. Taylor isn’t too sure about that. Kristen and Felicia sit across from Stephanie and talk about motherhood. When Brooke and Bill arrive, Stephanie looks up and smiles. Hope and Liam speak to each other for a few minutes. The conversation is awkward, especially when Hope brings up Steffy. Liam says Steffy is resilient but Stephanie dying is hard to deal with. Liam thanks Hope for Brooke’s role in helping Bill. Hope admits Brooke needed a necessary distraction from obsessing over Ridge. From across the room, Steffy watches the two talk. Thomas walks over and interrupts Steffy’s daydream. Thomas and Steffy talk about Ridge’s unknown whereabouts. Nearby, Stephanie asks Bill about his newborn son. Brooke wonders how much Bill will say about Katie’s absence. When Stephanie assumes Katie is watching Will, Bill remains mum about the truth. Stephanie reminisces about Ridge as a baby, something that makes Brooke sad. Stephanie urges Brooke to put on a happy face. Brooke smiles but she is heartbroken over Ridge.

Eric asks for everyone’s attention to say a toast. Eric thanks the guests for celebrating Stephanie’s life today. Eric brings up the first time he met Stephanie, back in college when he wanted to study fashion. Eric raves about “the glorious girl” who stole his heart all those years ago. Eric calls Stephanie amazing; Kristen and Felicia look over at Stephanie with admiration in their eyes. Eric says Stephanie is one of a kind, that he wants to celebrate her Celtic blood. Eric asks for no crying. Eric sits at the piano and begins singing an Irish song. Everyone has tears in their eyes. When Eric finishes, all of the guests clap. Stephanie has a huge smile on her face.

The party continues to run smoothly. Eric sits next to Stephanie and they discuss the Irish song he just performed for her. Eric says he wants to keep her Irish eyes smiling as long as possible. Eric makes another announcement, this one referring to a surprise. Eric says Celtic Woman is here to perform. Stephanie can’t believe it. The quartet walks into the living room and begins singing. Stephanie is so enamored and appreciative. Stephanie thanks Celtic Woman for coming to Los Angeles and singing at her party. Everyone claps loudly; there isn’t a dry eye in the house. Stephanie smiles, savoring the moment.

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