B&B Wednesday Update 11/7/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/7/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke wonders where Katie would go and if she had a plan. Bill explains that Katie did not explain that to him. Bill calls Justin up and Justin wonders if he found Katie. Bill explains what had happened and asks Justin to find her.

Katie gets on her cell phone to get to Aspen.

Bill gets off the phone with Justin and Steffy and Liam return to tell Brooke and Bill they went paragliding. Bill explains to the two of them that Katie moved out. Liam tells Bill he is sorry for what happened and the two hug. Liam wonders what they will do now. Bill tells Liam that he has Justin tracking down Katie. Liam wonders if Bill wants to take a break before he goes back to LA. Bill thinks he needs to get to Katie now.

Katie shows up at Taylor’s office and tells Taylor to get a message out to Brooke and Donna but does not want to do it herself because she has no intention of doing it herself because she is not coming back.

Bill stands outside and Brooke comes out and sits next to him and explains that the baby is doing fine. Bill decides that he better get going. Liam comes over with Steffy and explains that Bill has plans to go on a hot air balloon. Bill does not want to go but Brooke decides to do it and he tags along. Liam and Steffy are left alone and they joke about having a baby. The two kiss.

Taylor explains that she is not judging Katie for what she is doing. Taylor does not need to give Katie approval for what she is doing. Katie does not think this is easy because she is leaving her husband and child because it is what she has to do. Katie refuses to allow herself to die when Will is going to need her most. Katie thinks that if Will starts his life with Brooke things will work out well. Taylor thinks that is a big assumption to have and that the reactions that Katie is having are post-partum.

Liam is happy that Steffy put Will to sleep but wonders how that helped anything when they have children. Steffy says she can only have one boy at a time but will have girls. Steffy hopes that Bill will relax once he gets back.

Brooke and Bill drive to the balloon ranch.

Katie claims she is not depressed and thinks she has complete control over her life. Katie tells Taylor she had to leave and that the baby would have been in danger with her. Taylor recommends that Katie go on pills but Katie does not think that she should be on pills. Taylor thinks the depression will stick will Katie until she takes care of it.

Steffy and Liam talk about the fun they have had and joke around. Steffy thinks that it was amazing and great. She talks about it and describes the experience. Steffy believes that Liam held her life in her hands. Liam jokes again and Steffy explains she has never been in love like she is now. The two are happy that they are together. The two kiss each other.

Bill and Brooke make it to the balloon ranch and Ramona meets the two of them and tells them that they will be ready in a minute. Bill wishes that Katie was here to enjoy this.

Taylor explains that Katie can either go wait to die or she can go and get help. Katie thinks she has a different situation and Taylor is mad that Katie is allowing herself to be away from the baby she thinks that the baby needs her. Katie will not take drugs. Taylor thinks that the depression is talking for her. Taylor begs for Katie to let her help. Katie cries again.

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