B&B Tuesday Update 11/6/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/6/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy tells Liam not to wake up the baby. Liam jokes that Steffy is being too strict. The two kiss. Bill and Brooke walk in and tell them they can leave. Liam explains that they are more than happy to help. Bill says that they have helped more than enough.

Caroline knows that Rick has every reason to be angry. Rick wonders what is going on with Caroline and Thomas. Caroline explains she has a really good reason for hugging Thomas because he gave 25% of her line to her cancer charity. Caroline thinks it has to do with the fact that Stephanie is dying. Rick wonders if Caroline is interested in Thomas still.

Katie sits in the dark and in her mind it is raining and the floors make creaking sounds. Her heart beats extremely fast. She hears a noise from above and looks.

Bill asks Brooke why Katie would do this. Brooke explains that she may have been afraid of dying.

Steffy wonders what Liam is planning and Liam explains it is a surprise. Steffy does not think that Liam will be able to surprise her because she knows him so well. Liam explains she does not know everything.

Caroline tells Rick that the idea of Thomas is what turns her on to him. Rick understands that Caroline idolized her aunt and thought that Caroline (the first) and Ridge had an amazing love for each other. Caroline explains that is all true but she loves Rick.

Katie is scared in her apartment and hears a siren outside. She has a flashback to when Storm died. She starts to cry and has a flashback to saying goodbye to her baby. She cry’s even more.

Bill wonders what was stopping Katie from leaving before. Bill tells Brooke not to cry. Brooke denies it at first but then changes her mind and says that she does not mean to. Brooke says she is emotional because of Katie and also because of what Ridge did to her. Bill believes that is all understandable.

Liam and Steffy arrive at their destination. An instructor arrives and wonders if Steffy needs to be explained. Steffy wants to know from a professional. Liam explains that he used to be an instructor for paragliding three summers in a row.

Rick wonders if Caroline just said that she loves him. Caroline says yes. Rick says he loves her two, he loves her so much. The two of them kiss passionately.

Katie tells herself and the things around her to stop it. She tries to take out the trash and finds a ball of foil and sits down in a corner and starts eating from it. She hears noises from the next room and tells them to shut up. She starts to hear a baby crying and she herself balls her eyes out.

Brooke wonders what has happened to the two of them. Bill explains that things will work themselves out because they always do. Donna calls Brooke and explains that Katie came back for her things and nothing is left. Brooke explains to Bill what Katie did. Bill is not shocked and knows that Katie did this so she could leave without a fight. Bill does not know if he wants her back anymore.

Liam and Steffy go in the air together and Steffy thinks it is all so beautiful.

Caroline tells Rick that her mom always said that they knew when they first met.

Katie goes even more crazy and asks for it to be over soon. Katie thinks that everyone is better off without her.

Brooke thinks it is crazy that Bill does not want Katie back. Bill does want her back but not this Katie.

Liam and Steffy continue to fly around Aspen looking at large fields and Steffy has flashbacks to the wedding. The two of them land and they kiss passionately.

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