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In Aspen, Liam and Steffy are admiring the fall foliage out in the woods. Their pleasant moment is interrupted by Brooke yelling out to Liam. Brooke says Bill won’t wake up. Liam and Steffy follow Brooke inside the cabin, fearful of what might have happened. Bill is fast asleep in bed; an empty pill bottle is tipped over on the nightstand. The three rush into Bill’s room, frantic to get him to wake up. Steffy starts to frantically call Taylor. Liam throws water on Bill’s face, causing Bill to jump straight out of bed. Bill is furious and asks what Liam was trying to do. Brooke says Bill was unresponsive when she tried waking him earlier. The baby is cooing in the background, making everyone stop to listen. Steffy and Liam begin laughing. Bill shakes his head at Brooke, Liam and Steffy. Liam jokes how Brooke acted like Lucy Ricardo, running outside and yelling about Bill’s condition. Bill says he was only trying to take a nap. Brooke mentions the empty pill bottle. Bill relays that he takes medication for blood pressure, reminding the three that he has to remain level-headed for business. Brooke apologizes to Bill for overreacting. Bill smiles and says Brooke is forgiven. Steffy interjects, leading the discussion to Katie’s unknown whereabouts. Everyone fears Katie doesn’t want to be found. Liam suggests Bill and Brooke take a break and venture around the city of Aspen. Bill isn’t too confident in leaving Will with Liam and Steffy. Finally, Bill is convinced that the two can handle it. Brooke smiles at Bill because a distraction is just what he needs.

Back in Los Angeles, Rick is at home preparing for a romantic evening with Caroline. Thinking Caroline has arrived, Rick opens the door and finds his father instead. Eric notices Rick’s disappointment and comments about it. Eric offers to talk to Rick at work, but Rick ushers his dad inside. Rick senses Eric is acting a bit distant since getting the news about Stephanie’s cancer returning. Eric admits he is trying to deal with the situation as best he can, but he knows Stephanie’s cancer is a reality he can’t ignore. Rick is genuinely happy to talk to Eric. Rick apologizes for what’s happening to Stephanie. Rick and Eric share a bear hug. Rick asks Eric how he has managed to cope with the terrible news. Eric says Stephanie has been difficult to be with at times, but confesses he has loved his wife for his entire life. Rick thinks the party is a great idea to celebrate Stephanie’s life before she passes away. Eric changes the subject, bringing up Rick’s relationship with Caroline. Rick laughs and says he’s trying to be romantic. Thomas becomes the next topic; Rick feels Thomas’s vision for the company is not a good one. Rick worries how Thomas is using his CEO position to woo Caroline. Eric reassures Rick that Ridge will return. Rick inquires about Hope’s line; he wonders if it will be put on the back-burner. Rick won’t stop criticizing Thomas’s manipulation of the situation. Eric tells Rick that he’s standing by for now, but implies he’ll step in if Thomas doesn’t measure up. Eric wishes Rick well for his romantic evening with Caroline. Rick thanks Eric for his visit.

In Ridge’s office, Caroline is glancing through photos on her I Pad. Hope walks in, startling Caroline. Caroline asks Hope if she wants to see the photos from the fashion shoot. Hope isn’t interested in looking at the pictures – she wants to confront Caroline. Caroline senses Hope is mad about something. Caroline assumes Hope is irritated by the fact Caroline’s fashion line has taken precedence over Hope For The Future. Hope says that isn’t what’s bothering her. In fact, Hope raves about Caroline’s designs, saying they are fresh and a great fit for Forrester Creations. Hope believes Thomas will make Caroline’s line a huge success. Caroline asks Hope if they need to talk about something. Caroline wants to know if Hope is mad at her. Hope admits she is – Hope thinks Caroline is playing Thomas against Rick. Hope makes it clear she is very protective of Rick. Caroline is visibly offended by Hope’s remarks. Caroline insists she has Rick’s best interests at heart, that she is loyal to him above everyone else. Unbeknownst to Caroline, Hope is clutching her cell phone (the one with a picture of Caroline kissing Thomas). Caroline is confused as to why Hope feels this way. Hope brings up Caroline’s flirting behavior with Thomas to gain ground with her new line. Caroline scoffs at the remark, saying she is not using Thomas or Rick to better position herself at Forrester. Caroline asks Hope what she should do to gain her trust again. Hope advises Caroline not to kiss up to Thomas – she feels Caroline’s work should speak for itself. Caroline intends on heeding Hope’s advice, but she is irritated by the accusations.

As Rick continues to get ready for his plans with Caroline, there’s a knock at the door. Caroline walks in and kisses Rick. Caroline comments on the beautiful bouquet of flowers. Amid lit white candles, Rick grabs a bottle of champagne and pours two glasses. Rick makes a toast congratulating Caroline on her professional success. Caroline is thrilled about the future of her line. Rick hates that Thomas is manipulating Caroline, but is willing to use it to his advantage if it means Caroline can get her line produced. Rick tells Caroline that they are meant to be together. Rick asks Caroline if she has talked to Thomas about the official announcement of her fashion line. Caroline says she and Thomas haven’t had that conversation yet. Rick and Caroline agree Thomas is being overly ambitious. Rick can’t understand why Thomas is so unresourceful, considering Eric could lend him some advice. Rick brings up the tension between Brooke and Taylor’s children. Rick changes the subject, something that makes Caroline happy. Their kiss is interrupted by a text message. Rick checks his phone and sees Hope has sent him a photo – one of Caroline and Thomas engaged in an embrace. Rick asks Caroline to explain.

In Aspen, Liam and Steffy watch as Will sleeps in his crib. Liam and Steffy discuss the basic needs of a baby, with Steffy comparing an infant to a kitten. Liam thinks Steffy’s comparison is amusing and wonders what his brother will be like when he grows up. Steffy brings up Katie. Steffy is shocked Katie would abandon her husband and newborn son, considering Katie wanted to have children so badly. Steffy thanks Liam for suggesting the walk so Bill can be distracted. Steffy believes Bill is resilient and will get through this. Liam agrees, remarking how great of a friend Brooke has been. Still, both can’t grasp the fact Katie left without saying goodbye. Liam implies that Katie wants Brooke to step in as Will’s (temporary) mom. Steffy looks out the window and comments how much she loves Aspen. Steffy and Liam reminisce about their mountaintop wedding. Liam says both he and Steffy have grown up since then. Steffy is thankful that she is back with Liam. Both agree they are happy and satisfied with their relationship right now. Steffy smiles at Liam when Will starts cooing.

Bill and Brooke walk through the main street of Aspen, glancing at the shops to their left and right. Bill admits to Brooke that he’s feeling a jumble of emotions since Katie split. Bill can’t understand why Katie would come to Aspen and then leave them hanging. Bill stops walking on the sidewalk to stare at Brooke. The two venture to a bridge overlooking the autumn landscape. Bill tells Brooke that he’s going to stay in Aspen for a few days to focus on work and Will. Brooke thinks it’s a great idea. Brooke hints that she doesn’t mind staying, either. Bill doesn’t want Brooke to put her own life on hold. Brooke’s voice takes a somber tone as she admits her life is falling apart. Bill asks Brooke to stay in Aspen. Brooke smiles and whispers, “Okay.” The two continue to walk over the bridge, enjoying their afternoon stroll in the woods.

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