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Brooke comes to check on Bill but he tells her that he is fine and just wants to be alone with his son right now. Brooke says alright and tells him she’ll be right there if he needs her for anything. Hope says what is she going to do about Hope for the Future. She says Thomas is practically abandoning it and putting all the resources he has into the line he is now doing with Caroline.

Rick tells her not to worry about it as he is working with her now but Hope points out how Thomas took him off Caroline’s line. Rick says he knows Thomas is trying to separate them so he can make a play on her. He says Thomas has no chance and laughs but Hope tells him that she wants to talk to him about that but before she can talk Taylor arrives. Rick says let him guess, she wants them to bow down to the chief talking about Thomas. Taylor smiles and says in fact she’d like nothing more surprising them with her directness.

Things are set up by Oliver and Marcus for the photo shoot to promote Thomas and Caroline’s new line. Thomas asks Caroline if she is nervous about the photo shoot. Caroline says no and says he has some really innovative ideas and she can’t wait to see them in action. Thomas smiles looking happy.

Liam says he did some research online last night about mothers who don’t bond with their babies and he says it happens a heck of a lot more often than he realized. Steffy says it’s so shocking how Katie just gives up on everything. Brooke defends her sister by saying she is not thinking straight but Liam says this was not some spontaneous decision but something she gave a lot of thought to. He says she planted her phone in Aspen to throw Bill off. He says he doesn’t know why she is doing this and asks what Katie is scared so scared of.

Rick tells Taylor she’s being biased with her son but Taylor says his mother has defended him and Hope plenty of times too. Hope says she thinks this is a little different than that. Taylor asks how that is and Rick complains that Thomas is taking his interim position as CEO way too far. Taylor says Ridge appointed him CEO. Rick says temporarily. Taylor says well maybe then they’ll just have to put up with it temporarily and maybe Thomas will exceed everybody’s low expectations and he can take over CEO permanently. Both Hope and Rick look doubtful and bitter.

Brooke says she doesn’t know what Katie is thinking but Will is the most important thing right now and they need to care for him and protect him. Liam says protect him from what. He says it’s basically his mom who said “see you gotta go.” Liam says how is Will going to feel about that when he’s older and learns that his mom walked out on him as a newborn. Steffy says let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that. Liam nods but says he’s just never seen his dad so torn up he doesn’t know what to do.

Steffy says his dad is the toughest guy they know and says he will get through this. Liam says he just wants Will to have a mom and wants his wife back. He says when Katie got pregnant his dad was so scared of losing her and she was the one who was so determined to have that baby. He says and now here they are with Bill raising Will on his own. He says he did end up losing Katie. He says that’s his worst fear and it’s happening. Steffy gives Liam and understanding look and strokes his cheek trying to soothe him.

Bill continues to watch over his son as he thinks about Katie and wonders what is wrong with her. Rick says here is the problem; Thomas is making decision that could affect Forrester Creations’ future indefinitely. Taylor says she’s prod of him for that and asks them if they don’t think some of those ideas would benefit the company. She talks to them straight and says if they weren’t so wrapped up in how this is going to affect them then they might actually see that.

Rick says excuse me and rudely says that Hope and him have a vested interest in this company and that it is their legacy and says if he was her he’d be encouraging Thomas not to forget that. Taylor throws Rick a dirty look before turning to Hope. She says she understands why she is upset her line is failing but says she thinks that is because she tied it too closely to her personal life. Taylor talks about how Hope started a wedding line when she was getting married then cancelled it.

Hope tries to blame that on Steffy but Taylor sets her right by saying then she said she wanted to be a role model to young women but had an affair with a married man. Hope tries to protest but Taylor continues firmly saying that let people down and people don’t like being let down like that. Taylor says Forrester now needs to reboot and says she agrees with Thomas that Caroline is the perfect person to lead the company into the future. Rick and Hope don’t look happy.

Caroline comes out wearing one of their new designs. Thomas says gorgeous but Caroline says she has to give him the credit for that because the dress is gorgeous. Thomas says he’s glad she likes it. Caroline says that the upgrades his made to the dress are wonderful and she’s blown away. She asks if this is what it’s going to be like designing together. He asks her if this is how she wants it to be. Caroline says yes and Thomas says then that’s how it will be. Caroline laughs and Thomas twirls her as she says this is the first Thomas and Caroline collaboration. Thomas looks happy.

Brooke tells Donna that she has been trying to reach her. Donna says she’s okay and asks if she has heard from Katie. Brooke says no and asks if she has and Donna says no. Donna says she gets why Katie might have left Bill but not her new baby. Brooke says she doesn’t either. Donna says she’s glad Brooke is there for their nephew because he needs her but Brooke says he needs Katie right now. Donna tells her to take care and hangs up as they both continue to worry over Will and Katie.

Steffy and Liam spend some time together and take a walk. Liam talks about what they did when they were in Aspen the last few times and talks about how he got married but it didn’t last too long. Steffy say she had to let him go but deep down wanted him to stay. Liam smiles and says it just boggles his mind and Steffy asks if that’s over how different she is from Hope. Smiling she says it’s like she always says: love the one you’re with. Liam says he does and kisses Steffy.

Taylor gets to Rick by telling him that maybe he’s just afraid that if Thomas and Caroline work together then he’s scared they might end up with each other. Rick looks angry but Hope looks concerned as she recalls seeing Caroline hug Thomas earlier. She looks at the photo of them together on her phone and sighs. The photo shoot continues and Thomas dreams of the day the line will do really well and they will have raised a lot of money for Caroline’s foundation and then he dreams of asking to marry her and her saying yes. Thomas is pulled out of his dream but continues to smile as he watches Caroline.

Taylor tells Rick and Hope that they need to be mature, have a little faith in Thomas and step back and do their jobs before she leaves. Rick nor Hope look like they are going to listen to her as they scoff. Oliver shows Caroline and Thomas the first photos before leaving to upload the rest. Thomas tells Caroline she did a great job today. Caroline thanks him and says she can’t wait to show Rick the photos. Thomas looks upset but doesn’t lose his cool as Caroline says she guesses they will make a good team, him and her. Thomas says he’s counting on it.

Liam and Steffy talk about how beautiful Aspen is. Steffy says everywhere you look you see something beautiful. Liam says he knows and kisses her. Steffy smiles knowing he’s talking about her and suggests they go rafting. Liam says ordinarily he wouldn’t do something like that but with her he’s just fearless. He says his dad was always right about her and says she’s just what he needs. Steffy smiles and says his dad is a very wise man. Liam and Steffy share another kiss.

Brooke tries to wake Bill but finds she can’t. Finding an empty bottles of pills next to him she looks worried and says, Oh my God. Liam thanks Steffy for being so patient with him. He says he knows it wasn’t always easy on her. Steffy says you know what they say it’s better the second time around making Liam smile and says yes they are right. Brooke runs outside to get help and interrupts Steffy and Liam’s kiss. She tells them that Bill won’t wake up. Liam and Steffy run to get to Bill.

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