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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/1/12


Written By Rachna
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Hope interrupts Caroline and Rick while they are kissing. Rick says they’ll continue this later and Caroline says yes after Thomas’ meeting. Hope asks them if any of them got an agenda but Caroline says they only got the memo. Rick says they are all supposed to be there and when Hope asks why Rick complains about how Thomas is probably trying to show them he’s in charge.

Oliver tells Marcus and Thomas that he has them connected to everything they need for the meeting. Thomas smiles at Oliver for a job well done as he tells them he even got them connected down to shipping, real-time and the Forrester catalogue. Taylor enters and Thomas says hi to his mother. Taylor says he said he was going to be making changes today. Thomas says yes it’s time to let go of the past and take a big step into the future. Taylor looks at her son in curiosity.

Dayzee asks Eric how come he’s not at the office meeting. Eric says when Thomas asks for his help he will be there. Stephanie says if she had taken that attitude with her family a long time ago it would have made her life a lot easier. Eric says mine too and comes over to join Stephanie as she smiles and says it’s too late now. Dayzee starts to cry and Stephanie comforts her, hugging her to let all her sadness over her dying out now. Dayzee says she knows she should be glad that Stephanie is so open about this but she can’t help it. Eric says that everyone has their own way of coping. Stephanie says she’s glad Dayzee is getting her tears out now so that they can have a great time at the party. Dayzee nods but continues to cry. Stephanie tells her that she’s had a great life. She says she met her and together they changed people’s lives including hers and says that is thanks to her. She tells Dayzee to not be sad and Dayzee nods and tries to stop her tears from falling.

Thomas tells his mother that there is a lot he wants to change and says this is just the beginning. Donna and Pam arrive to take notes. Pam jokes about Donna being replaced by a computer one day and Donna says so could she but Pam says you can’t teach a computer to make lemon bars. Thorne arrives and talks to Pam while Taylor asks Donna if she has heard from Katie lately. Donna says no and says how could this have happened; her sister abandoning her own child. She says that poor little baby. Taylor tells Donna not to worry as Will is in Aspen with Brooke.

Rick arrives and asks what all this is. Thomas says if he’ll sit down he’ll tell him but Rick rudely says he’ll stand and asks for his dad. Thomas says Eric didn’t call this meeting, he did. He says as CEO he has a vision for Forrester and that vision begins today. He starts the presentation as Rick watches on with nothing but bitterness and jealousy on his face.

Stephanie says enough with the reminiscing but Dayzee says it sure beats talking about the future. Stephanie tells Dayzee she has a great future ahead of her. Dayzee says yes but it won’t be the same. Stephanie agrees but reminds her that some things won’t change. She tells her she has Marcus and her own family and the foundation they started that will continue. Eric says he cant’ think of a more fitting legacy. Stephanie asks Dayzee a favour; give a check to the foundation. Dayzee tells her she has already done so much but Stephanie insists. Dayzee says she’s going to wear herself out writing all these checks but Stephanie jokes that it isn’t hard giving away money and says please. She says and this way the only people who have to be at the tedious will reading are the family. Dayzee says what no final words of wisdom and Stephanie says after thinking for a moment to be good to one another making Eric and Dayzee smile.

Rick asks who said that he could change anything to Thomas. Thomas says he’s CEO but Rick says that’s temporary. Marcus and Oliver tell Rick to calm down and at least hear Thomas out because they have worked hard on this. Taylor adds in that he should listen first. Rick ignores them and says whose budget did he cut to buy the new technology. Thomas stands his ground and says this will help their productivity and efficiency. Thorne asks if they have to upgrade now and Thomas says they have to do something. Thomas talks about how their high prices and reputation as a high fashion house is becoming a liability.

Pam says liability and Thomas explains he is talking about the younger market. Donna asks if the younger market is really that important. Thomas says if their brand is something they associate with their grandparents then that is a problem. Caroline says but they do have younger lines and Thomas says those lines have done great but he’s talking about changing the way people think about them. He says if they want their employees to do cutting edge work then they need cutting edge offices and that is what Marcus and Oliver are helping him create so that they can improve the mindset at Forrester to match a more contemporary one.

Pam says but some people will still want the old Forrester items and Thomas says yes but if they want to appeal to a new demographic then they have to offer them something different. He says which brings us to the next point of his presentation. Rick says there is more in an annoyed way and Thomas says when young people spend their money they don’t just want a product they want an experience and that is what they have to give them. Thomas says their boutiques will become like galleries where each design can be displayed like artwork. He says there will be one in each size and all the buying can be done through a technician who will have the order sent to the store for pickup or delivered to the customer’s home.

Rick criticizes and says well that may be the hot new trend in New York but that’s just not how things are done here. Thomas says well they have to do them better and Rick again looks angry at not being in control.

Stephanie says she just realized that Eric needs to get a beautiful dress for Dayzee for the party. Dayzee says she doesn’t need a new dress but Stephanie says every girl needs one. She says and Marcus will have to wear a tux and Dayzee says seriously. Eric tells her that’s how Stephanie likes it and tells her of the time Stephanie used to throw formal parties every week. Stephanie says yes they used to have a great time. Eric says yes they did, because of her. Stephanie looks at Eric as he tells her that she fills this house with elegance and joy. Eric gets teary and says it’s never going to be like that again. Stephanie holds Eric’s hand and they share a pained but understanding smile between them.

Rick says who in their right mind would fight LA traffic to go to a store to shop online. Thomas says because their boutiques will become a place to see and be seen and talks more about his plan to attract visitors but is met with more questions. Thomas says that times are getting tougher and asks about the designs that don’t leave the store. Thorne agrees that it would be much cheaper to keep everything in one central location and ship overnight to their clients. Pam asks what if they need an alteration and Oliver says that the website will have a list of recommended tailors they can access. Caroline says they really thought of everything and sound impressed but Rick tries to ruin that by saying that isn’t going to improve sales. Thomas says they will also streamlining their catalogue and taking a look at the lines that are underperforming.

Hope says yes Hope for the Future has taken a hit. Rick says bit it could be rebooted and Thomas says he thinks Rick is just the guy to do that. He tells Rick that he is putting him on Hope’s line. Caroline says Rick was working with her but Thomas says they will give her a new design partner. Rick asks who that is going to be and Thomas says himself. He says they are announcing a new line: Caroline with Thomas Forrester.

He says Hope for The Future will appeal to the innocent and pure but CTF will be more urban, edgy and sexy. Taylor says like Steffy’s lingerie line and Thomas says exactly. He says the intimates will now be a part of the Caroline collection. He says Eric and Ridge will stay on contour and they will target Hope for the Future at younger women. He says their line will be for those a bit more worldly and sophisticated. Rick says he can’t make decisions like this but Thomas says Ridge put him in charge and he has to look out for their future. He tells Rick he wants him to be a part of it but he won’t have anyone hold them back. Rick does not look impressed.

Rick tells Caroline he’s not happy with the changes Thomas is making but tells her that she can work with Thomas since it’s good for her career. Stephanie and Dayzee continue spending time together while Thomas tells his mother he can’t do this alone. He says this has to be a team effort and Taylor tells him he sounds just like his dad and smiles. Caroline comes in and Taylor leaves them alone to talk. Caroline asks Thomas if he’s just promoting her to get between her and Rick but Thomas says no. He says her and Rick won’t last long though because him and her are meant to be.

Caroline changes the subject and says she doesn’t want to stop working for her foundation and Thomas surprises her by saying they’ll be giving five percent of earnings from their line to her cancer foundation. Caroline says that’s a lot of money and asks Thomas if he’s serious. Thomas says yes and asks her if she is okay with it. Caroline says yes and hugs Thomas. Hope sees them hugging and takes a photo of them with her phone. Standing outside the office and looking at the photo Hope does not look happy.

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