B&B Wednesday Update 10/31/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/31/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill reads over the letter Katie left him again while Brooke listens from afar. Liam and Steffy walk in and explain that the baby is asleep. Bill is mad that Katie would do this and can’t believe that Katie would abandon her own son.

Katie makes Taylor promise that she won’t tell or do anything to have Bill show up. Taylor promises and Katie sits down. Katie explains once again when she calms down that she is doing the right thing and that she has to leave to do the best thing for Bill and Will.

Bill has people go looking for Katie and hangs up the phone. Brooke is not happy that Katie left either but does not know what they should do. Liam wonders what if Katie is not in Aspen where would she be. Steffy thinks that it could be Dallas. Bill does not think it is their because Dallas is the first place they would look. Steffy does not think that Katie wants to be found.

Taylor thinks that Katie has a chance to live if she goes back to the baby. Taylor understands that Katie does not have that much time but knows that what is going on will affect everyone if she does not stay. Katie still refuses to listen. Taylor is upset and can’t believe that Katie would just give up because things are not working out for her. Katie gives Taylor a check and explains that now that she has paid her that Taylor is not allowed to tell anyone anything. Katie knows that Bill will not blame her for doing this in the long run. Taylor does not agree. Katie knows that Brooke loves the baby and that it will work out for everyone. Taylor decides that if she is going to let Katie leave that she might as well give them a call. Katie leaves when Taylor goes into the other room.

Steffy cannot understand what Katie is thinking. Liam is worried for the baby. Steffy assures him that everyone is going to make sure that the baby is ok.

Bill does not think the way Katie is doing things is the way for things to happen. Bill knows that Katie convinced herself that she is not a good mother. Bill knows that Katie needs to be convinced.

Katie goes back to her house and a girl shows up and explains that everything was set up the way she wanted it. Katie pays her and asks her to go out the same way she came in. Katie packs her things but then looks at her wedding picture and a picture of Bill with the baby she takes them and packs them in her bag. She looks around the house once more and leaves.

Steffy and Liam drink beer and the two of them joke over how the vacation went bad. Steffy and Liam kiss. Steffy understands that they will stay.

Taylor calls Bill and explains that Katie was there and she tried stopping her but it did not work out. Bill explains to Brooke that Katie knew what was going on and that she does not want to come back to Bill. Bill does not know what to do anymore. He looks at the baby along with Brooke.

Katie and a landlord discuss rent and other things Katie pays the landlord and he leaves. It starts to rain and Katie looks around the room and closes her eyes she then looks at things as they become distorted to what she actually sees. Katie starts to cry.

Liam thinks it is weird that the moment the baby is born that Bill’s marriage ended. Liam is worried. Steffy hopes that Liam is alright. Liam kisses Steffy and laments that Katie did the wrong thing. Steffy wishes that they could do something but does not know what that would be.

Katie looks at the picture of herself and Bill with the baby as she starts to breath heavily and cry even harder.

Bill decides that Katie is not the woman he thought she was. Bill understands that but thought that things would be better if changed. Brooke refuses to think that Katie is a bad parent. Bill thinks the opposite because of his own upbringing and does not want this for his own child. Bill decides that if Katie cannot live with the baby then he will do so. Bill holds the baby and tries to calm him down.

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