B&B Tuesday Update 10/30/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/30/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor explains to Katie that Bill and Brooke are worried thinking that she flew away somewhere.

Steffy has flashbacks to her many romantic and loving experiences with Liam. Liam sits down and wonders if Steffy is ready for another adventure. Steffy explains that yes she is and she is excited for a surprise trip to Hawaii. Liam thinks that the trip is a waste of time because the two of them will not leave the hotel room. Steffy is happy to go on her first vacation as a real couple with Steffy. Liam thinks that Steffy is beautiful. Bill and Brooke walk into the plane and explain that they are going to Aspen. Liam wonders why they would go to Aspen. Bill says that is where Katie would have gone. Brooke tells Liam that Katie left and Steffy is shocked. Bill will not allow Katie to abandon her son.

Taylor wonders why everyone thinks that Katie is in Aspen. Katie explains that she had someone go to Aspen with her phone so that she could have time to set things up. Katie explains that the reason she does not have children is because she has no motherly instinct. Taylor refuses to allow Katie to just walk away from her child. Katie says she already has.

Bill refuses to allow Katie to just give up. Steffy does not think that this sounds like Katie. Brooke explains Katie is having a hard time. Brooke thinks that it is hard for her to understand because she never had a problem with her children. Bill cannot figure out why Katie would do this. Bill thinks that his son needs his mother now.

Katie knows that Taylor does not understand but she explains she more than understands. Taylor wonders why Katie is not wearing her wedding ring. Katie explains that Bill will be fine. Katie thinks that this is best for her son and Brooke will help Bill. Taylor knows that Katie experienced life and death in the same moment and that might be the problem. Katie refuses to listen. Taylor thinks that is exactly the reason.

Bill holds on to his phone and Steffy whispers to Liam that she does not understand why this is happening. Steffy wonders if Liam is jealous at the baby for having Bill. Liam does not feel that way and is happy his father is doing the right thing. Steffy explains that life happens and things happen that should not but that they are exactly where they need to be. Brooke tells Bill that the baby is still sleeping. Bill wonders what Brooke is thinking. Brooke cannot believe that Katie would do this and feels bad that Katie would do this to herself and the baby. Bill has a flashback to her wedding day. Bill tells himself he will not let her go.

Taylor explains to Katie that her heart stopping is the reason that what happened, happened to her with the baby. Katie explains that she cannot be part of the babies life because she is not capable of it. Taylor does not think that is what everyone else wants. Katie thinks that it is true. Katie believes that she is thinking very clearly and that if Taylor allows Katie to leaves that when Ridge returns one day Taylor can have him back because Brooke will be with Bill.

They arrive in aspen and Bill’s driver comes to pick them up.

Taylor is shocked that Katie would say what she has said and that Katie needs to do what is right. Katie refuses to listen because she wants to be able to hold the baby and be happy but it is not about her but about the baby being able to live happy without Katie. She believes that Bill and Brooke are what are best for him. Taylor wants Katie to stay with her for the time being but Katie starts to breath heavily and goes into hysterics.

Bill and the others walk to the door to find an envelope and it has Katie’s phone in it alone with a letter. Saying Bill I’m sorry I can’t be Will’s mommy and she wants a divorce and to find him a good mother something she cannot be. Bill finds Katie’s wedding ring and wonders where Katie is. Bill screams Katie’s name very loudly.

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