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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/29/12


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Brooke paces Katie and Bill’s living room floor, frantically trying to get a hold of her sister. Unfortunately, Katie is not answering Brooke’s panicked voice mail message. Bill asks Brooke if she contacted his wife yet. Bill says Katie took the car. Brooke brings up Katie’s hysterical state before hopping out of the nursery window. Bill is shocked Katie walked out on him and their son. Brooke and Bill fear for Katie’s safety. Bill summons Taylor over to the house. Bill says Katie left without saying where she was going. Bill and Brooke say that Katie doesn’t want to be a mom. Bill has yet to determine Katie’s location. Bill grabs his phone and places a call. Brooke has a worried look on her face. Bill gets an idea to track Katie’s whereabouts through her phone’s GPS system. Bill is concerned when he discovers Katie is at the airport. Brooke freaks out, demanding that Bill stop Katie from boarding the plane. Bill tells Brooke that he can’t stop Katie. Bill asks Taylor’s take on all this. Taylor refuses to talk about her discussion with Katie. Bill is frustrated because he can’t help Katie. Taylor figures Katie knows about the GPS system, so it’s pretty clear Katie wants Bill to find her. Before leaving, Taylor reminds Bill that Katie has been through a lot – the c-section, having a heart attack, etc. Taylor believes it’s natural for Katie to be suffering from a breakdown.

In Ridge’s office, Rick notices Hope is distant. Hope admits she is still sad about her break-up with Liam. Hope wonders if she should have forgiven Liam. However, Hope insists, she can’t get over the fact that Othello saw Liam and Steffy kissing at the nightclub. Rick remains quiet. Hope confides about missing Liam and wonders if she can ever forgive him for lying. Hope is confused as to why Liam would lie if he supposedly loves her. Rick finally speaks, saying he has something to tell Hope. Liam barges in the office, surprised to see Rick and Hope. Rick announces he has something to say to both his sister and Liam. Before he can confess, Rick’s assistant walks in and says Thomas needs to see him. Rick exits the office, leaving Hope and Liam in an awkward situation. Hope asks Liam why he barged in the office. Liam begins to apologize, but Hope says she is happy to see him. Liam doesn’t know what to say. Liam wonders what Rick was going to tell them. Hope realizes Liam was looking for Steffy. Hope doesn’t want to pry but can’t help herself. Liam relays that he’s taking Steffy away, but it’s a surprise. Hope seems bothered, but wishes Liam and Steffy a good time. Hope hurries out of the office.

At Eric and Stephanie’s house, the two talk about the celebration of life party in Stephanie’s honor. Stephanie thinks the party will go well. Eric agrees that the special occasion will be unforgettable. Both are sad as they embrace each other. Eric brings up the invitation Stephanie made for him. Eric is impressed Stephanie wrote and hand-delivered all the invitations herself. Stephanie admits she had to fight back tears while doing them. Stephanie doesn’t want any more crying from now on. Stephanie experiences a coughing fit, one that concerns Eric. Eric looks like he wants to cry but holds back the tears and kisses Stephanie. Eric and Stephanie sit down on the couch; she keeps coughing off and on. Eric says Stephanie will need some assistance with the party. Stubborn, Stephanie thinks she can handle the planning on her own - like always. Eric and Stephanie agree a lot of great parties have been held in their living room. Both reflect on good memories – dancing, getting married, and renewing their vows in front of family and friends. Stephanie sighs, remembering all the great moments in their home. Stephanie tells Eric that her heart is here in this house.

Steffy walks in Ridge’s office and finds Liam sitting on the couch. Steffy hugs Liam from behind and inquires about dinner plans. Liam is quiet, not willing to let Steffy in on his surprise just yet. They tease each other until Liam announces they are going to Hawaii. Steffy is thrilled and starts to hula dance around the office. Steffy reminds Liam about Thomas’s urgent meeting. Liam asks Steffy if she’d rather deal with business or have fun. They kiss and then Steffy asks Liam when they leave. Both are incredibly happy. Stephanie pulls away from the embrace to remind Liam that they need to pack. Liam figures they will get everything they need in Hawaii. Liam jokes about his favorite Hawaiian shit. Steffy is thankful for a chance to have some fun and be alone with Liam. Liam suggests creating some of their own magic in Hawaii. After kissing again, the two dance out the door.

Eric gets a glass of water for Stephanie. Stephanie thanks Eric for his sense of humor. Nevertheless, Eric feels he has caused a lot of hurt and heartache for Stephanie. Eric says there have been a lot of laughs and tears over the years. More memories are reflected on – a marriage proposal, a successful Forrester fashion show, dancing, kissing, and happy times. Stephanie feels overwhelmed by all the memories. Eric kisses her hand. Stephanie says she has made peace with dying and feels like everything is so clear now. Stephanie believes she and Eric will always be together. Fighting back tears, Eric says he’ll miss Stephanie. Stephanie feels the same, but asks Eric to remember the good times. Stephanie feels the good memories will keep her alive. Stephanie touches Eric’s chest, gesturing that she’ll always be in his heart. Eric kisses Stephanie’s forehead.

From home, Bill continues to track Katie on the GPS system. Brooke returns to the room and says Will is doing great. Bill hopes Katie will learn to bond with her son. Bill feels guilty for Katie’s absence – he figures all of his lies caused their current situation. Brooke disagrees and actually sympathizes with Bill’s position. Bill insists Ridge will return to Brooke. With tears in her eyes, Brooke tells Bill that Katie will return, too. Bill is shocked to learn Katie is going to Aspen. Bill asks Brooke to accompany him to the airport.

Unbeknownst to Bill and Brooke, Katie is at Taylor’s beach house. Taylor is shocked to find Katie sitting in her living room and staring out the window.

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