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Katie recalls her appointment with Taylor when she made up her mind about not letting her baby attach himself to her because she knows that she will die and then he will be heartbroken and motherless. Katie thinks over her plan to never let Will know she even existed. Katie whispers to her baby that it’s better this way and says this way he won’t have to remember her or miss her or mourn her. She says she won’t do that to him. Downstairs Brooke and Bill talk about how they think Katie is making progress with the baby. Eric sees Stephanie writing an invite for Sally and asks her if she wants him to fire up the jet because how is she going to deliver that one by hand.

Eric says you have to admit that you can’t imagine a party like this one without Sally Spectra. Stephanie nods her head in agreement before sighing and saying Sally as such an important part of their lives and her life in particular. Eric smiles and says yes Sally and her entire crew as a flashbacks of Sally are shown before Stephanie says but the stealing oh my god. She laughs and says it kept them on their toes.

Stephanie says all those years she wanted to just shoot her for it. She sighs and says and then they ended up as best friends before she decided to take off and see the world. Eric tells Stephanie to call Sally on the phone so that they can try to convince her to come home for this party.

Katie comes downstairs and announces that she is leaving. A confused Brooke and Bill ask her if she needs to see a doctor or has some errand to run but Katie says all of this is too much. She says Bill and Will and says she is leaving. Bill and Brooke continue to look lost and worried.

Stephanie asks Eric if he really thinks she should call. She says Sally is probably sitting by a pool with some guy in a Speedo with sunscreen slathered all over her. Eric says sweetheart and firmly tells her that Sally would want to say goodbye. Stephanie sighs before calling Sally on the phone only to hear from Fabio about how happy Sally is and how she is with her friends. She decides not to ruin this for her, tells Sally that she send her her love, and hangs up. Looking at Eric she says she couldn’t do it and Eric smiles saying her understands.

Katie says she is leaving and when Brooke tells her to sit down and talk about this she says it’s not up for debate. Bill tells her to hold on and asks her what she means by saying she is leaving. Shocked, he asks if she is leaving their marriage and their baby. Katie says getting pregnant was a horrible mistake and she is a terrible mother. Bill tells her that she is just confused but Katie says this is not what she wanted. Katie says if she stays then she will hurt him and Will. Bill says she’s being ridiculous but Katie says he will move on and find another life.

Brooke tells her she is exhausted and Bill says Katie needs to calm down. Katie disregards their words and says this is how it has to be. She tells Bill he will be an amazing father but Bill says Will will need a mother. She says and he will have one looking at Brooke before she says she’s walking out. Bill grabs onto Katie and hugs her while saying that she is not going anywhere.

Stephanie gives Eric the phone and smiles saying he was right telling her to call because it was lovely to know how happy Sally is. Eric says even better to see how well they relate to each other. Laughing he says who would have thought. Stephanie says she knows and says oh those early years. Flashbacks are shown of times when Sally used to make Stephanie want to rip her hair out from frustration. Eric asks Stephanie how the hell Sally and her ever became friends. Laughing, Stephanie says she has no idea making Eric laugh as well.

Bill holds Katie close and says he’s got her. He tells her that she needs to calm down and says he is not letting her go. Brooke comes closer to Katie and says that she can’t do this and tells her that she needs to stop and think. Pulling away from Bill Katie says that she has thought about this and nothing else and says she knows exactly what she is doing. Bill says walking out on him and their son? Brooke asks Katie what the matter is with her and asks if she doesn’t care. Katie screams of course she cares that is why she is doing this. She says she has to do this for Will. She says he is young, he won’t know. Bill says he will know but Katie says he will have all the love he needs from him and the other members of the family.

Katie turns to Brooke and says she needs her more than ever and asks if she will look after her boy. She says her and Donna and Hope and Bridget. Looking at Bill again she says she promises Will won’t miss her. Brooke says she’s not making any sense but Katie tells her this will help her heal too and reveals that she wants her to step in for her. She says she is good with babies and she can look after Bill too. Brooke says she’s the one who needs help right now and Bill says damn right she does and moves to call Taylor but Katie screams no. She screams and cries and says she is incapable of being his mother. She says she is sorry but she can’t do it. She moves to go but Bill says she is his mother and she has no choice. Katie breaks out crying manically and says she knows she has no choice and that is why she has to do this and runs out. Bill moves to follow her but Brooke says she’ll stop her instead.

Taylor is talking to Dr. Meade about Katie’s disturbed state of mind with regards to her baby when she receives a phone call from Bill. Bill tells her that she has to get there right now. Taylor asks what happened and Bill tells her that Katie has completely lost it and how she told him she’s leaving him and the baby. Taylor says she’ll be right there.

Katie has locked herself in the baby's room and says goodbye to Will while Brooke knocks on the door demanding for her to let her in and stop this madness right now.

Eric and Stephanie remember when she and Sally got drunk and Sally gave her a crazy haircut. Stephanie says that might have been the bonding moment that formed their friendship. Remembering more of her moments with Sally, Stephanie says it would have been nice to see her but admits that the memories she has of her best friend are enough.

Eric asks what they will do with Sally’s invitation and Stephanie says she’ll keep it. Eric finds an invite with his name on it and picks it up, asking Stephanie what this is. Stephanie says it’s his invite. Eric says he didn’t realize he was going to get an invite to this party. Stephanie says of course he would it was his idea. Stephanie says as happy as she is to have this party because he wants to do it and she’ll get to see everyone one last time as far as she’s concerned he is the only cabana boy that needs to be at that party.

Eric whispers that he knows just what to wear leaving Stephanie to laugh. Eric and Stephanie share a kiss and a loving hug not showing their sorrow to each other but looking heartbroken at the knowledge that soon they will no longer be together.

Bill reaches Brooke where she is pounding on the door. He asks what happened and Brooke tells him Katie locked the door. Bill calls out to Katie and when she doesn’t answer he kicks down the door. Running in the find Will alone and see the doors wide open. Bill screams out to Katie and Katie is shown running some distance away. Turning at his voice she cries but keeps on moving forward.

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