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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/25/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Stephanie gets off the phone after telling someone she looks forward to seeing them too. Stephanie writes Taylor’s name on an envelope for her celebration of her life party.

Brooke asks Katie where Bill is. Katie says the baby woke up and Brooke says that that’s good, she will get to hold the baby before she leaves. She tells Katie she is thankful for the kind things she said about Ridge and that she is grateful for her support. She promises Katie that she will be there to support her too. Bill brings the baby down and Brooke gushes over how cute he is while Katie looks on.

Taylor comes in and says to Stephanie that she sounded really stressed out on the phone. She asks what is up with her. Stephanie takes a deep breath and is about to talk when Taylor asks if this is about Ridge and Brooke breaking up. She says if she wants her to go after Ridge again then not to start that discussion again. Stephanie laughs and says she is so over that and says if Ridge is with Brooke or her or no one that is not her business. She say she has something for her and that is why she asked she come see her. Taylor opens the envelope and becomes confused at the nature of the invite until she sees Stephanie’s face. Stephanie takes Taylor’s hand and tells her that the cancer has come back. Taylor looks distraught.

Bill says the baby has a smile on his face while he is sleeping so he must be having a pleasant dream. Brooke says it’s not a smile it’s just a reflex. Bill and Brooke banter over whether or not the baby is smiling while Katie looks distracted and far off.

Taylor asks Stephanie if there is anything they can do. Stephanie says no not this time and Taylor controls her tears before saying of course she’d through herself a party making Stephanie laugh. Taylor asks if she is going to put the big slide up again and Stephanie laughs again saying well that was fun. She says this idea to celebrate her life was actually Eric’s idea though.

She says he always loves to give speeches and smiles. Taylor says she’ll glad Eric talked her into it then and begins to get very teary. Stephanie says yes and says she wrote the invitations and called people over so that she could have a little time alone with them before the party. She says she wanted to do so, so that there would not be any tears at the party. She says she called her here so she could tell her how much she loves her and to thank her for all that she has been to her.

Brooke asks Katie if that is a smile on Will’s face. Katie says no obviously not he is too young to smile. Brooke asks if Katie wants to hold her baby as she has been hogging him for a while. Katie says sure and Brooke hands her the baby. When Katie seems very quiet after holding him Brooke and Bill asks if she needs a hand. Katie looks at the baby and says no she’s fine. She smiles and says everything is going to fine.

Stephanie tells Taylor that there is something she wants to discuss with her. She says in her jewelry box there are certain pieces that she wants her to have. Seeing that Taylor is going to object Stephanie tells her she has already set aside some things for her daughters Felicia and Kristin but there are some things she wants her to have. Taylor says no she doesn’t want anything. She says she already has the most precious thing she has given her; that beautiful necklace. Stephanie says that one yes it was her grandmother’s. Taylor says yes the one she gave her that Christmas.

A flashback is shown of Stephanie gifting Taylor the necklace and when she told her she treasures her as a friend and a daughter. Crying, Taylor says that she told her she was like a daughter to her and Stephanie nods saying she is. Stephanie says she remembers her trying to give it back to her. A flashback is shown of when Taylor thought she would be dying after she had Phoebe and Steffy and she asked Stephanie to give one of them the necklace when they grew up.

Stephanie says thank God they didn’t lose her then. Taylor looks as if she is going to cry again so Stephanie asks her to promise her something. She says when the time comes to give that necklace to Steffy. Taylor smiles and nods and says yes and she can give it to her daughter. Stephanie says that would make her very happy. She says she’ll be looking down and smiling. Taylor smiles and strokes Stephanie’s cheek and Stephanie’s kisses her hand and holds it close before smiling.

Katie says she wants some alone time with her baby. When she leaves to go upstairs Bill says this is great, Katie spending time with the baby must mean she is bonding. Brooke says yes and says she thinks Katie is finally turning a corner. Bill looks hopeful.

Taylor says Stephanie has always made her feel so loved and so important to her. Stephanie says that’s because she is. Stephanie coughs violently, worrying Taylor before she says that Taylor has been one of the two or three most important relationships in her life. Stephanie says if she had always knew that from the beginning, how much she would mean to her and Ridge. Taylor says well she didn’t like her all that much.

Stephanie laughs at that as they remember some unpleasant memories between them when they first met. Stephanie says she knows she’s slow to work up to people but when she does she really does. Taylor laughs as they remember when they began to become friends. Taylor says that they both knew they would be best friends for life. Stephanie nods and says yes.

Katie talks to her baby in private and tells him he is such a good little boy for his daddy and his Aunt Brooke. She says Brooke is good for him too because she loves him so much and loves holding him and looking after him. She says she can’t understand how Ridge would leave someone like Brooke before she cries saying she is sorry. Katie says she is so sorry but she can’t let him fall in love with her.

Taylor tells Stephanie that she can’t even imagine life without her. Taylor says she’s the first person she thinks of when she needs someone to talk to and says she is her best friend. Stephanie smiles at her as more fond memories from the past are shown. Stephanie says that she likes to think she saw something of herself in Taylor; the better parts of her. She says because Taylor was always the moral compass for this family. Taylor says she doesn’t know about that but Stephanie says yes she was. She says she never needed her interfering in her life. Taylor bursts out crying and says she’d rather she sticks around and says she could interfere in her life all she wants. Stephanie smiles and hugs Taylor saying that she loves her and Taylor say she loves her too.

Bill and Brooke talk about how they think Katie is improving towards the baby. Bill says he thinks maybe Katie is realizing how good of a mother she will be without knowing that Katie is making plans to leave and have Brooke and him raise the baby together as a couple so that Will doesn’t feel like he doesn’t have a mother. Katie whispers to her baby that it’s the only way.

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