B&B Wednesday Update 10/24/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/24/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke asks Katie about her doctor’s appointment. Katie explains that the appointment went fine and that she just wanted to get home. Brooke tries to get Katie to play with the baby.

Bill wonders where Steffy is. Liam explains that Stephanie had called her.

Steffy walks into the mansion and Stephanie is happy to see her and explains that she needs to tell her something. Stephanie explains that her cancers back. Steffy is shocked and figures out she is dying. Steffy starts crying and Stephanie hugs her. Steffy wants to know what she can do to help. Steffy has a flashback to a good moment with Stephanie. Stephanie explains that this is the one battle she does not get to win.

Liam wonders what is going on at Forester. Bill wonders what Steffy said about why Stephanie wanted to see her.

Brooke gets Katie to get on the ground and attempt to play with the child. Brooke knows that it is hard for Katie to be around the baby but she has to be around her child. Brooke tells Katie the baby wants to be held and loved. Brooke thinks that in the eyes of a baby a mother is a super here if she can love it.

Stephanie tells Steffy that she knows that Steffy can hold the family together once she dies. Steffy has another flash back to Steffy getting her office at Forester. Steffy explains that she is not the rock of the family but that Stephanie is. Stephanie says that Steffy will be.

Bill wonders if Steffy and Liam are together. Liam explains that he does not know everything.

Katie is shocked when Brooke wants Katie to bottle feed the baby. Brooke explains that the baby needs to get used to Katie holding it. Katie takes hold of the baby and Katie does not look happy but explains that the baby is beautiful. Brooke hands the bottle to Katie and she attempts at feeding it while she is crying. Brooke motivates Katie to keep holding the baby once he starts to get restless. Katie starts to hear herself talk about dying in her head. Katie sits still with the baby in her hands and has Brooke take him.

Stephanie tells Steffy she is stronger than she thinks. Steffy does not think she is very strong. Stephanie knows that she can count on her. Stephanie thinks that Steffy and her are a lot alike and that she knows that she will be ok because she will be keeping watch over everyone. Steffy thinks she will be ok.

Bill signs the bill and tells Liam that Katie could use some visitors because she is depressed right now. He explains that Katie is not bonding with Will. Liam says he is sorry. Bill says that it’s fine but Katie does not know what to do and neither does he.

Katie wipes the tears off her face. Brooke comes back in the room and tells her that she put the baby in his crib. Brooke does not think it is ok for Katie to be this way with the baby. Brooke tries to get Katie to understand that the baby needs her and Katie needs to be with the baby.

Stephanie wonders what Taylor was thinking when she named Steffy after Stephanie. Steffy thinks the two of them have a lot in common. Stephanie tells Steffy no more tears. Steffy thinks it is too soon for Stephanie to die. Steffy says she will miss Stephanie. Stephanie says she will miss her but that she knows Steffy will make her proud.

Brooke thinks Katie needs to get ahold of herself and Brooke gets an email of an article that features Ridge. The article says that being away from Brooke is what he needed and that he is not wearing a wedding ring. Brooke is shocked and so is Katie. Katie tells Brooke she is so glad that she is with her. Brooke starts to cry and explains she does not know how everything is over with her life. Katie knows that she will find someone who loves her. Katie hugs Brooke and tells Brooke that she trusts her with her life and everything with it. Katie looks at Bill who has just walked in.

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