B&B Tuesday Update 10/23/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/23/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Donna wonders what Stephanie wants. Stephanie hands Donna an invitation.

Bill feeds the baby and talks to him. Brooke walks in and sees that Bill is feeding the baby and is happy to see the him. Bill explains that the baby knows that Brooke is there because of how pretty she is. Brooke feeds the baby and wonders where Katie is. Bill explains she is at the doctor for a post-operation checkup.

The doctor wonders how Bill is doing. Katie explains that he is fine but is very needy. She wants to know if she is doing ok. She does not believe the doctor and demands to know if she is dying.

Donna is sorry for Stephanie. Donna wonders if she has to go. Stephanie says she would like it if she could go. Donna wonders if this is all a joke. Stephanie explains she is only doing it for Eric. Stephanie asks again for Donna to come to the party.

Bill wonders if things always go normal with babies. Brooke explains that she was around babies a lot and knows how to handle them. Bill says that he does not know if Katie is responsible for the baby.

The doctor explains that the heart is ok but she has some risks. Katie wonders if she has a full life a head of her. Taylor walks in and explains that Bill wanted her to be with Katie. Katie allows her to stay. Katie explains that she does not know if she is going to die or not. Katie does not think she is has more than ten years to live. Taylor wants to talk to Katie alone. Taylor tells Katie she needs to calm down. Katie starts to get emotional.

Donna wonders if Stephanie will be talking about her life. Donna does not think that she should be there because Stephanie has done such things such as drown her in a bath tub. Donna does not think it is a good idea. Donna wonders if this is a set up for Pam and her to make her look bad in front of the town and decides she can’t go. Stephanie uses the death card to get Donna to go to the party. Donna tells Stephanie that she does not want to go and starts to get emotional. Donna bumps into someone and yells at him.

Bill asks Brooke what has been going on with everyone. Brooke tells Bill that Stephanie has cancer again. Bill is not happy about this. Bill is mad that Ridge is not around to see his mother and wonders where Ridge is. Brooke decides to tell Bill that Ridge decided to leave Brooke because of all the lies and Deacon. Bill wonders what Deacon did. Bill says that Deacon would not stop texting Brooke. Brooke does not know why she kept on doing it. Bill explains that it is all his fault. Brooke thinks that Bill is sorry for being able to say it is his fault. Brooke forgives him. Bill is happy.

Taylor is wondering if Katie is breast feeding yet. Katie says that she can’t. Taylor tells Katie that she can and will. Taylor tells Katie that she might have postpartum depression. Katie thinks that is a lie and that she is dying.

Stephanie and Donna hold hands and Stephanie explains that Donna is a part of her family and she has a place at the party. Stephanie walks off and Donna looks at the invitation. Pam walks up and sees that Donna threw the card and Pam has a mad face.

Bill thanks Brooke for the support and thanks her for holding the baby. Brooke wonders if Katie is going to get better. Brooke thinks that Katie is in a lot of trauma. Taylor explains that she knows the symptoms of postpartum depression and that she can get stable for her child. Katie knows that but thinks that if she bonds with her baby then what happens when she dies.

Pam is on the phone with someone about Thomas. When Stephanie walks over to her, Pam gets mad at Stephanie for inviting Donna to the party. Pam thinks that Stephanie has an idea to get revenge on Donna. Stephanie tells Pam not to do anything.

Brooke and Bill get emotional over Katie and the baby. Katie walks in and sees Brooke and Bill with the child and starts crying.

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