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It is a busy day at Forrester Creations; packages are being delivered at the warehouse. Stephanie walks into Thorne’s office and sets a handwritten letter on his desk. Stephanie notices an old souvenir box with the name THORNE carved in wood. Stephanie opens the box and peers inside. Stephanie finds a picture Thorne made as a boy of their Forrester clan. Thorne walks in, surprised to see his mother. Thorne closes the door and asks Stephanie if she found his merit badges. Thorne sees Stephanie’s letter and inquires about the contents. Stephanie urges her son to read the letter. Thorne begins reading it out loud, but then stops abruptly. Thorne looks over at Stephanie; she has tears in her eyes. Stephanie says she is at peace, but Thorne makes it clear he’ll never accept his mother’s death. Stephanie says she has one regret – that Thorne never knew how much she loves him. Stephanie hopes Thorne can accept her unconditional love. Thorne hugs Stephanie.

In Rick’s office, Caroline is on her cell dealing with the delivery man. Caroline is irritated Thomas has left her another bouquet of flowers. Rick wonders if Thomas will ever give up on getting Caroline back. Rick assumes Thomas is still mad because he lost Caroline to him. Caroline makes it clear Rick isn’t her second choice. Caroline raves about Rick’s importance to Forrester Creations. Rick leans in and kisses Caroline, not knowing Thomas is standing in the doorway witnessing the embrace. Disgusted, Thomas drops the manila envelope on the floor and storms off. Caroline wonders what caused the noise and glances at Rick. Rick finds the envelope and knows Thomas saw everything. Rick brings up the fact Thomas will not initiate Eric’s help with the CEO role. Caroline listens intently as Rick goes on about Thomas not being fit for the position. Caroline kisses Rick. Caroline believes Thomas is upset and hurt about the break-up. Rick reminds Caroline that he fell out of a window by Thomas’s doing. Caroline is relieved Rick didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Rick jokes that the incident sent Caroline running back into his arms. They share another kiss before Caroline says she needs to get back to work. Rick wants to speak to Eric about business and places a call to him. Rick learns Eric and Brooke are busy discussing something. Rick wonders what could be so important. Before Caroline leaves, Rick asks her to sit a while. Rick wants to be honest with Caroline, hinting at some sort of secret. Rick blurts out that he “created a lie” to break up Liam and Hope. Rick says he didn’t want to see his sister hurt again. Rick goes over the details of Steffy and Liam’s night at the club. Caroline is flabbergasted when Rick says he made up the fact that the two were making out. Caroline says Rick’s lie caused Liam and Hope to break up. Rick knows what he did was wrong and asks Caroline if she can forgive him. Caroline says she isn’t surprised by Rick’s actions because he was trying to protect Hope. However, Caroline believes Rick will tell Hope the truth. Rick nods and kisses Caroline.

Brooke and Eric share a hug in Ridge’s office. Brooke brings up the invitation for Stephanie’s celebration of life party. Eric relays to Brooke that she and Pam are the only ones who know about Stephanie’s terminal cancer. Eric says Stephanie is visiting with Thorne right now. Eric knows Thorne will have a difficult time with the news. In fact, Eric believes all of Stephanie’s children will find it tough to cope with their mother’s cancer. Brooke assumes it was Eric’s idea to have Stephanie’s party. Eric says that Stephanie deserves to be recognized by her family and friends. Eric tells Brooke that Stephanie’s greatest achievement is her children. Brooke agrees Thorne will be devastated by Stephanie’s passing. Eric brings up Brooke’s honeymoon. Brooke worries Ridge might not return to Los Angeles. Eric hopes Brooke can be there for Ridge because of the situation with Stephanie. Eric knows Ridge will return for his mom. Brooke agrees to support Ridge during this difficult time. Brooke asks Eric if there’s anything she can do for him and Stephanie. Eric says not right now, but possibly in the future. Thomas barges into the office, wanting to talk to Eric. Brooke is not happy with Thomas’s rudeness. Thomas speaks of doing a line that is more “sexier, younger, and edgier,” something to draw younger people. Before Eric can answer, Thomas receives a phone call. Thomas hurries out of the office to tend to something. Brooke comments about Thomas’s futile attempt to achieve. Brooke figures Thomas is overcompensating because he lost Caroline to Rick. Eric says Stephanie always helped him when he needed a break from work.

In his office, Thorne and Stephanie talk about the dreadful leisure suit he wore to prom. Both laugh about the memory. Stephanie brings up the time she discovered Thorne and Brooke were having an affair. In a flashback, Stephanie discourages Thorne from being with Brooke; this generates a heated argument between Stephanie and Brooke, causing Stephanie to have chest pains. Thorne is thankful his mother didn’t die that day. Stephanie jokes that it wasn’t her time then. Thorne finds a plaque that reads “Thorne Forrester - President,” which causes him to think of the time when he received it. In another flashback, Thorne remembers the discussion with Eric and Stephanie about who would become the next Forrester President. With Darla by his side, Thorne learned the news that he had been appointed to the position. Thorne jokes to Stephanie that his role didn’t last long. Thorne doesn’t want to live in the past – everything is so different now.

Thorne makes Stephanie laugh when he suggests making the plaque into a paperweight for Ridge. While Thorne searches through straight-A report cards, Stephanie watches him with admiration and love. Stephanie apologizes for bonding so late with Thorne. They recall a memory of Stephanie telling Thorne that she and Eric love him very much. Thorne says that moment was the turning point for him. They share some tears and laughs, especially when Stephanie brings up the fact Brooke has managed to marry every single Forrester man. Thorne wonders how he can carry on without Stephanie. Thorne says Stephanie is his strength. Stephanie reassures Thorne that she’ll be close by. Thorne starts sobbing, so Stephanie reaches out to console him.

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