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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/19/12


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Stephanie gives a longing look to her photo standing next to Taylor. Eric is smiling at a photo of him and Stephanie before Pam enters his office. Eric sees Pam crying and realizes that she knows about Stephanie. He hugs Pam as she cries. He says he can’t believe it either, but it is happening. Stephanie is dying. He says his wonderful Stephanie is dying.

Brooke asks Stephanie if she heard from Ridge. Stephanie says oh that is why she came. Brooke says yes she just thought that maybe that was it. Stephanie tells Brooke that Ridge will be back when he is ready. Brooke says right she needs to keep telling herself that and that’s it. Stephanie tells her that has to be strong for her family and now for her. She gives Brooke an envelope like the one she gave Pam. When Brooke reads that she is being invited to a party celebrating Stephanie’s life she realizes Stephanie is dying.

Donna sees Thomas coming and ends her phone call. Thomas asks if there are any calls for him and Donna says no, none from Caroline. He turns to go into Eric’s office but Donna stops him saying Eric and Pam are discussing something serious. She pleads with him not to interrupt. Thomas looks annoyed but stops from going in.

Brooke says there has to be something they can do. Stephanie says it would take a miracle to save her now and if she was to get one she’d take it but she doesn’t think it’s going to happen. She says it’s her time to go and she really doesn’t want to spend the last days she has of her life being in denial. She tells Brooke that they will get through this. Brooke says she doesn’t want to lose her but Stephanie says she’s not losing her because she’ll always be in the back of her mind nagging at her. Seeing Brooke not smiling even though that was a joke Stephanie says that was supposed to make her laugh. Brooke tells Stephanie that she really doesn’t understand what she has meant to her all this time.

Brooke says she’s not so good at letting go and Stephanie says that is obvious. Brooke asks why everything has to change and why things can’t stay the same. Stephanie says she’s sorry but tells Brooke it’s often the people we love most that change the most. She says change is the only constant in the world. Brooke starts to cry and says that she is not going to accept this. She says she will be there for Stephanie in any way she needs but she is not going to make something positive out of this tragedy. Stephanie tells Brooke she needs her to be strong for her. Brooke says what if she can’t. What if she can’t be strong. Stephanie says she needs her to be strong for her and she knows she will come through for her. Stephanie hugs Brooke as Brooke cries.

Donna says that this thing with Caroline really has Thomas upset. Thomas says things are not over between Caroline and him. He says he has talked to her and says she will come back to him. Donna says well he has confidence she’ll give him that. Thomas says why shouldn’t he be confident. He says his dad trusted him to be CEO and he’s not letting him down now. Brooke asks Stephanie if she is going to have the party in her house.

Stephanie asks where else and says the house is particularly appropriate for Brooke and her. Brooke says that’s right this is where she met her and Ridge the very first time. She says it was love at first sight and Stephanie quips it was nothing like that for her and Brooke. Stephanie and Brooke have flashbacks about their past memories both good and bad. Brooke again says that she doesn’t want to lose Stephanie and Stephanie looks at her in an understanding way with teary eyes.

Pam and Eric start to talk about Brooke and Stephanie. Eric says he wonders if either one of them know how much they mean to each other. Pam says that it’s so ironic how Brooke Logan of all people came to Stephanie’s rescue when she got sick the first time. Eric says ironic it is but that is what happened. Pam laughs before tearing up and saying that she only wishes that Brooke could save her now.

Brooke and Stephanie talks about how they have had many battles over the years but also laughs along the way. Stephanie and Brooke recall times when they ended up embarrassing each other and in laughable situations. Stephanie says she doesn’t regret one thing. Brooke says that’s because she always ended up winning. Stephanie and her share a laugh over that before she starts to cough violently. After a moment Stephanie says she’s okay but Brooke looks worried to death about her.

Pam asks Eric if he still has hope. Eric admits that he can’t save Stephanie’s life but that he can make what’s left of it happy and joyous. He says that is why he wants to throw this party to show her how much she means to all of them. Pam says she’s not sure she is that strong but Eric says that Stephanie needs her to be. Pam says okay but asks if Brooke will be able to be strong too. Eric says he thinks so and adds in that she may possibly be stronger over this situation than anyone else.

Stephanie tells Brooke that she is sorry for leaning on her now when so much negativity is in Brooke’s life with Ridge and Hope’s problems and Katie’s issues with Bill, but Brooke insists she is here for her and always will be. She says that she does feel like she is losing her best friend though. She asks Stephanie if that surprises her, her calling her her best friend. Stephanie says no. She says she fought to keep her alive and only a best friend does that. Stephanie tells Brooke that she bought her time, and she will always love her for that. Stephanie has a flashback to when Brooke convinced her to go to the hospital and how they spent time together helping the homeless and making a difference in the world.

Brooke tells Stephanie that she is a part of her; the best part. The part that makes her want to give and give and never stop. She says and now she’s telling her that she’s losing her but she won’t. She says she knows she will always be there for her. Brooke says she will always love her and Stephanie hugs her saying she will always love her too.

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