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Stephanie addresses an envelope to her sister Pam. Taylor comes to see Thomas but finds Brooke instead. Brooke tells her that Thomas is in a meeting. Taylor says that Thomas did say he was going to be running around the building meeting with various department heads today. She says he is taking his job as interim CEO very seriously. Brooke says especially when he threw his completion of the window earning a dirty look from Taylor.

Thomas tells Donna that he needs her to let people know there are going to be some organizational changes at Forrester. Seeing Caroline there he says and he needs a moment with Caroline at her desk. Donna leaves to give them privacy and Thomas says he had hoped she’d be seeing things differently by now. Caroline says that if he’s asking about the flowers he sent then yes she got them. He asks her if she liked them. She says she thought they were sweet on the first day but now it’s getting embarrassing. Thomas smiles and says he doubts the delivery man minds but Caroline tells him offhandedly that he’s embarrassing himself and tells him to stop. Thomas looks hurt.

Stephanie thanks Pam for coming. Pam tells her she can’t stay long but asks her sister what is up. Stephanie hands her the envelope she prepared for her. Pam takes it and says she had her come all the way here to hand her this. She asks if she couldn’t have just put it in the mail. Stephanie says not really. Pam asks her if she wants her to read it now and Stephanie says yes. Pam reads it and has a bad feeling. She looks up at Stephanie with worried eyes and Stephanie tells her she is throwing this party to celebrate her life because she is dying; her cancer has come back. Pam gasps and her eyes well up with tears at the news.

Thomas says okay no more flowers he can do that. Seeing her not looking at all happy he says she’s still upset about Rick. Caroline asks him why he’s talking to her about this but Thomas tells her to stop making any more judgments about him like this. He says Rick flying out the window was an accident and says it was Rick’s scheme to make a pass at her by making him work with Hope.

Caroline says that it was him who kissed Hope; he did that. Thomas says yes he did and that was very bad judgment. He tells her that yes he cares about Hope but she is in his past. He says he is looking to the future now. He says that he has so much running through his mind for Forrester and for her now that he is running the company. Thomas says maybe her leaving him was the wakeup call he needed. He asks Caroline to give him another chance and she will see that they can work out.

Taylor tells Brooke that everyone agrees that what happened with Rick was an accident. Brooke says that’s because they only heard his side of the story not what Caroline and Rick had to say. Taylor says she understands that Rick is a little bitter right now after losing his chance to run Forrester but Brooke says it isn’t that. She says Ridge was trying to send a clear message to her by making Thomas CEO instead of Rick and says as if Ridge hasn’t hurt her enough. Taylor asks if maybe Brooke is running out of ways to cope with losing Ridge. She asks if she thinks being so bitter is better. Brooke pauses before saying no.

Pam is in denial and says so the cancer came back, Stephanie beat it before and she can do it again. Stephanie tells her it’s not like that this time. Pam says she’s calling Dr. Lewis but Stephanie tells her she already saw her and Eric was with her. When Pam still refuses to listen to her, Stephanie says that this is just one of those things she has to accept. She tells Pam she wants and needs her to accept this.

Seeing Thomas coming in with a hoard of people Taylor says if he’s busy she can come back. Thomas says no and says they still need to visit shipping he just came here for some alone time. Thomas asks where Pam is as she needs to be here. Donna says out to lunch is all she knows. Thomas warns Donna that if Pam and he can’t get it together as receptionists then he’s going to have to let one of them or both go. Donna says they will do better before Thomas tells everyone that there is going to be a lot of work to do around Forrester and that everyone needs to do their part. Brooke looks annoyed with his attitude and she glances at Taylor in a pointed way.

Pam asks Stephanie if there really is nothing that can be done. Stephanie says there are things at which Pam’s hope grows but Stephanie says they would just buy her time. Pam asks how much time hoping it’s upwards of six months but Stephanie says a month at most. Pam starts to cry. Stephanie tells her that they are sisters, they have been together their whole lives and asks her if there is something she wants to say to her then she should say it now because she won’t have a chance later. Pam hesitates to talk but eventually says if she dies then what will she have without her. She says all she will have is a bunch of strangers who are forced to call her family.

Crying, Pam says that no one understands her like her. Stephanie smiles and hugs her sister while starting to cry herself. Stephanie remembers her memories with Pam ending with when she told her that her big sister would be here to look after her for a long, long time, a promise she made. Stephanie’s tears fall as she holds Pam to her.

Thomas tells his mother that as she can see he’s up to his neck with his new job and is loving it. Taylor says yes and she used to think his father ran a tight shift. She says so he’s only been on the job for a week and there are problems developing. Thomas says who said anything about problems. Brooke cuts in and says did he really have to be that hard on Donna. Thomas says let’s be honest his dad put up with a lot to humor her and says she is no longer family. He says she is a valuable employee and Donna has a lot of stepping up to do before she can be called that.

Brooke looks as if she has been slapped in the face and threatens him by saying he’s entering dangerous waters here. Thomas answers by saying that his father has trusted him with a job and he intends to prove that his trust in him is not unwarranted. He says now if she will excuse him and leaves. Taylor looks at Brooke pointedly and Brooke takes deep breaths looking completely insulted.

Pam says that this is never going to be okay. Stephanie asks what and Pam says she should have done more for her because she did more for her. Stephanie asks her what she is talking about and says she had the life she had because Pam took care of that abusive woman who called herself their mother.

She says if she had to take care of her then she’d end up locked up for murder making Pam laugh. Pam remembers her mom and says she made her so mad sometimes. Stephanie says she was an infuriating woman. Pam says and yet she still misses her. Stephanie says of course she does she was their mother. She says she wonders if she’ll be surprised to see her; their mother. Pam asks her if she’s going to give their mom a piece of her mind. Stephanie says no she is over that. She asks Pam if there is any message she wants her to give their mom and Pam starts crying again reminded that Stephanie is dying.

Taylor says that she is sure that Thomas is just under a lot of stress right now. Brooke rudely says that he needs a psychiatrist. Taylor asks what she means and Brooke says what does he mean by saying she’s not part of the family. She says he’s not going to last very long with that attitude as Mr. CEO. Taylor tells Brooke to cut her son a little slack; Forrester is an international company. Brooke suddenly asks if she’ll be talking to Ridge anytime soon. Taylor says probably at some point. Brooke rudely says she doesn’t want Taylor thinking she can waltz back into Ridge’s life because it’s not over between him and her. Taylor doesn’t look upset and just looks confused as she says okay and walks out unaffected. Brooke sighs and sits down in her chair.

Stephanie and Pam continue to talk about her mother and Pam asks if she inherited her cancer from her mom. Stephanie says no it’s a different kind and tells Pam it won’t happen to her if that is what she is hoping for. Stephanie says there is one thing she would like to borrow from their mom. Pam asks of she doesn’t want anyone taking care of her but Stephanie says no. She says she doesn’t want to go to the hospital.

Pam says but she is no good at keeping her promise reminding Stephanie of when she took their mom to the hospital despite her not wanting to go. Stephanie says well this time she will keep her promise. Pam says she’s just no good on her own and cries again. Stephanie says she’ll be there just for her always watching over her as Pam and her cry.

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