B&B Wednesday Update 10/17/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/17/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Pam wants Eric to admit that he missed her. Pam and Donna are happy that Eric is back in his old office. Donna and Pam leave and bicker. Eric and Stephanie discuss Eric coming back to the company full time.

Katie holds up a baby toy and feels emotional. Bill and Brooke talk to Taylor about Katie and how they do not know what to do about Katie. Taylor goes to talk to Katie about the baby and Katie does not know what to say. She explains to Bill that she thinks that she was moving too fast. Bill explains Katie’s labor problems and is happy that Will and she are ok. Taylor hopes that they go through things well but that it will be hard in the long run. Brooke hugs Katie and tells her to talk to Taylor. Brooke thanks Taylor and leaves. Katie thanks Taylor and tells her that she does not think she is a good mother and she can’t love her son she does not know how to be a mother to him. Katie starts to cry and Bill hugs her. Katie thinks something is wrong. Bill explains that the baby and Katie are doing fine physically but she might be going through post-partum depression. Katie starts crying more and says that she hates feeling the way she does. She does not understand why she cannot bond with her own child. Bill decides to leave the two of them alone. Bill agrees to go check on the baby and tells Katie that he loves her always. Katie says she will get through this and Bill knows she will.

Rick tells the models that the clothes look great. The models wonder if Rick and Caroline are dating. Rick explains that they should not gossip and Brooke walks in and the models leave. Rick tells Brooke that he thinks Thomas is too much of an amateur at all of this.

Eric decides that he wants everyone to know that Stephanie is sick and that the best way to do it is by spending time with the people she knows and loves and give her a going away party. Stephanie does not want to do it because everyone will be sad and Brooke will start crying and never stop. Eric thinks that it will not be like that and that Stephanie can invite anyone that she wants. Eric says that she needs to get started on the guest list right away. Eric is shocked to see who Stephanie has invited to which she responds that she will never see them again.

Rick thinks that the only reason he was not chosen is because he does not like him. Brooke does not want to believe it is the end of her relationship. Rick and Brooke hug.

Taylor and Katie talk. Katie explains that after she got home from the hospital she was mad about Bill but not anymore. Katie thinks that the things should be simple but that they are not and that she does not want to touch her child. Taylor explains that if it is depression that it is not her fault that she does not want to hold the baby. She does not think that Katie is getting enough sleep. Taylor thinks that there is more going on than is being said. Katie does not know what is wrong with her. Taylor explains that Katie is protecting herself from allowing the baby to get attached to her because of how the baby was born. Katie is afraid she will not be around. Taylor understands this and explains that Katie can hold through it. Taylor thinks that Katie should be proud of herself. Katie does not want the baby to grow up without her. Katie wants to be a good mother who loves her child. Katie wants it to be the way she thought it would be.

Eric gives Stephanie a martini and looks at the list and is shocked at many of the patrons on the list. Stephanie thinks it is odd. When you know you are going to die, a strange thing happens. The world looks different and the things around you start to become more interesting. Stephanie says she has seen pictures in her head of the past. She remembers the girls when they were younger brushing their hair and having martinis with Eric. She thinks that somehow the martini is really good because of who she is sharing it with. Eric wishes he could have more time with her. The two kiss each other. Eric wonders what he will do without her because she was there for everything. Eric does not want it to be over.

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