B&B Tuesday Update 10/16/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/16/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Taylor and Steffy watch a gossip video about Steffy and Liam’s relationship. Taylor thinks that Liam looks very happy. Steffy explains that they both are.

Hope and Rick wonder where Ridge is. Brooke tells them that he is spending time with RJ and then she does not know. Brooke tells them what happened with Deacon and why Ridge got upset. Hope is shocked that this has happened. Rick wonders why Brooke did not tell the truth. Brooke does not know.

Taylor has Steffy confirm that she is back with Liam. Steffy says yes and that she loves Liam. Liam walks into the room and kisses Steffy. Liam explains that he wanted to see her. Taylor wonders how Katie and Bill are enjoying the house. Liam says that it is all good.

Bill checks on Katie. Bill wonders if Katie should try to get back out. Katie does not feel up to it and does not think the baby wants her. Katie wonders if she made a mistake and if she should have had the baby in the first place. Brooke comes in and wonders how Katie is feeling. Katie explains that she is doing the same and she does not want to see the baby. Bill explains that a doctor has told Katie she is depressed. Brooke wonders why Katie would say she does not want the baby. Katie just can’t handle it.

Liam thanks Taylor for the advice on Steffy. Steffy has Taylor leave and Taylor says good bye. Steffy is happy that they are alone. Liam kisses Steffy passionately.

Rick wonders where Brooke went. Hope tells him that she went to go see Aunt Katie. Rick wonders how Hope is doing. Hope says that she is shocked that no one can stay together. Hope explains that something kept getting in the way of her and Liam. Hope says she is not a quitter but wonders why she is now and why she gave up on Liam. Rick tries to make sure that Hope is over Liam. Hope says that no matter how much she tries that things are not getting any better with her. Hope can’t live without Liam. Rick explains that he still thinks Thomas is a good choice for Hope.

Steffy wonders what Liam wants to do. Liam wants to go back to the cabin and do what they did before. The two kiss passionately.

Katie does not know why she decided to go through with the pregnancy. Katie feels empty and disconnected and thinks that Bill is disappointed. Bill says no. Brooke wants Katie to go to the nursery and play with the baby for a little bit. Katie agrees to go. Bill wonders if Katie needs help getting to the nursery. Katie explains that she does not need help. Brooke wonders if Bill should call Taylor for therapy. Bill agrees and goes to call her. Brooke wonders if Bill was able to get ahold of Taylor. Bill says yes and wonders if Brooke has told Liam about what he did in Italy. Brooke explains that she wants to but she can’t at the moment because of her daughter and sisters happiness at the moment. Brooke promises to be there for both Bill and Katie.

Hope tells Rick that she blew things off with Liam because of what happened at the club. She walks away.

Liam explains that he is still getting splinters out of his body from the last time they were at the cabin. Steffy explains that she had to let Liam know she was interested. Steffy kisses Liam and Steffy explains that she thinks that the two of them are in this relationship for the long run and describe their future together. Steffy and Liam laugh and explain it will be one hell of a ride. They both tell each other they love each other and start to kiss passionately.

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