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In Dr. Lewis’s office, Eric tries to console an upset Stephanie. Stephanie says everything makes sense now. Eric assumes Stephanie is talking about all her symptoms (the cough and being out of breath), but Stephanie laughs and brings up Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie is trying to be upbeat, but she is really scared. Stephanie is still in shock that the cancer is back. Eric is adamant that Stephanie not give up. Eric and Stephanie sit in the office chairs with solemn looks on their faces. Eric tells Stephanie that he loves her. Stephanie begins to apologize to her husband, but Eric stops her. Stephanie asks Eric not to give her any more sad looks. Eric holds Stephanie’s hand and says Dr. Lewis will tell them about cancer treatment options as soon as she returns. Stephanie agrees to listen to the doctor, but senses nothing else can be done. Dr. Lewis walks in just as Eric and Stephanie are sharing a hug. Eric and Stephanie sit back down to hear what the doctor has to say. Dr. Lewis informs the two that Stephanie’s lung cancer has metastasized to her liver and bones. Stephanie and Eric are speechless. Eric worries that the cancer might have spread to his wife’s brain. Stephanie asks how much time she has. Dr. Lewis says Stephanie might have two months left untreated. Eric demands to know Stephanie’s options because he refuses to let his wife die.

At their home, Katie and Bill discuss their son. Katie wants Will’s needs to come first, but thinks she isn’t a very good mom. Katie continues to be distant towards Bill. Bill is thankful Katie’s doctor will be arriving soon. Katie doesn’t like all the doctors interrupting her first week with Will. Bill asks Katie not to let their problems come between them. Katie says she is learning about motherhood moment to moment, but feels she’s not helping Will. Katie wants their son to be happy, but fears she isn’t doing her best. Bill says he and Katie can give Will love and stability, something they never had as children. The doorbell rings; it’s Dr. Caspary. Katie grimaces at the sight of her doctor. Dr. Caspary checks Katie’s heart with a stethoscope and says Katie is doing well. Dr. Caspary asks Katie how she’s faring emotionally. Katie appears glum for no reason. The doctor explains that Katie might be experiencing some stress because of the tough labor and almost dying. Bill pipes in about Katie’s lack of eating and sleep. Dr. Caspary wants to know if Katie is exercising or if she’s suffering lethargy. Katie appears unmoved when the doctor brings up depression. Katie says she isn’t having any weird mood swings or uncontrollable crying. However, Katie looks over at Bill and glares at him.

In Dr. Lewis’s office, Eric and Stephanie try to digest the bad news while the doctor makes a phone call. Eric wants to know the next options for Stephanie, but Stephanie insists Eric not hassle Dr. Lewis. When the doctor gets off the phone, Eric brings up Stephanie’s future treatment. Eric rambles on about surgery, chemo and radiation. Dr. Lewis asks Eric to sit down. Stephanie asks the doctor what she would do in her situation. The doctor doesn’t want to sway Stephanie’s decision, but Stephanie knows she will not be hooked up to machines. Eric refuses to have Stephanie give up, but Stephanie wants to die with dignity. Stephanie reminds Eric that they had two good years during her cancer remission. Stephanie tells Eric they are facing a different situation now. Eric looks to Dr. Lewis to talk some sense into Stephanie, but the doctor says Eric and Stephanie need to accept the truth – nothing more can be done. Dr. Lewis stands and walks over to Stephanie. The doctor asks Stephanie to keep her informed about her decision. Stephanie grabs Dr. Lewis’s hand and thanks her for everything. After the doctor leaves the office, Stephanie looks at Eric with tears in her eyes. Eric scoots his chair so he’s facing Stephanie. Stephanie wants the next few weeks to be her happiest. Stephanie hates the idea of spending her last days in a hospital. Stephanie makes a joke and then starts crying. Stephanie tells Eric that she has her mind made up. Eric suggests calling Brooke, but Stephanie wants some more time to digest the information. Eric wants the children to be around Stephanie in her final weeks. Stephanie brings up vacations at Big Bear. Both begin crying as they realize the reality of their situation. Stephanie looks into her husband’s eyes and says what she wants – to be home where she and Eric raised their family, where good memories abound, where Stephanie can walk out to the garden and feel the grass on her feet. Stephanie asks Eric to make a promise once she is gone – to leave the windows open so she can still hear the doves and smell the jasmine. Stephanie’s wishes are to cherish each moment from here on out. Stephanie asks Eric to help her. Eric smiles and says he will do anything for his wife.

At home, Katie ignores Dr. Caspary’s concerns over her sad state. Katie is quiet when Dr. Caspary discusses depression. Bill says he is worried about Katie. Katie admits she isn’t sure she can handle motherhood. Katie feels overwhelmed by not being able to breastfeed Will and frustrated that they aren’t bonding. Dr. Caspary says Katie’s feelings are normal, that she needs some patience. Katie shakes her head in disagreement. Katie believes she can’t help Will. The doctor brings up post-partum depression, something that makes Katie turn pale. Dr. Caspary says she can refer Katie to a PPD specialist if needed. The doctor raves about Katie and Will’s physical health, but urges Katie to seek support if she needs it. Dr. Caspary says a lactation consultant will contact Katie. Once Dr. Caspary leaves, Katie looks sullen. Bill appears clueless as to how to help his wife. Katie says Will needs to be checked on, but Bill grabs her arm. Katie appears to be facing a breakdown; she starts sobbing uncontrollably. Katie is mad at herself and feels shame about not feeling a connection to Will. Bill asks Katie to give herself time – things will get better. Bill believes Katie is strong, that she will be able to do this. Katie wonders why she isn’t happy. Bill reassures Katie that if she has PPD, that he’ll get her the help she needs. Bill promises to be there for Katie, no matter what. Bill says he and Katie will get through this together. Bill pulls Katie in for a hug, but Katie is lost in her own thoughts.

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