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Brooke tells Bill that she wants the whole story of what he did to hurt Hope. Bill says he regrets what he did and Brooke says that sheís never seen Katie this messed up so whatever he did must have been really bad. Bill tries to explain why he did what he did but Brooke yells at him to tell her what he did and stop rationalizing.

Liam brings by the things Hope left at his place. He sees that she is heading out so he says he should go but Hope says they should talk and invites him inside. Liam picks up the box and heads in. Hope tells Liam that she just wanted him to know that she talked to Steffy and so she knows him and her are back together. Liam looks surprised that she knows.

Eric asks Stephanie how the test went. Stephanie says fine but says he knows itís not a good sign that she ordered a scan. Eric says itís probably just standard procedure but Stephanie says that is not it. She says that the doctor saw something in the blood. Eric panics and tells her not to do that; not to jump to conclusions like that. Stephanie says okay she wonít but Eric continues to watch her looking scared to death.

Liam says he was planning on telling her himself but Hope says itís no big deal and adds in that she practically forced it. Liam asks her if sheís okay. Hope says no but says she will be. She asks if they have set a wedding date and Liam says no Steffy and him are taking it very slow. Hope says she thinks thatís really good. She says she thinks he needs that time to be single. Liam tells her he was ready to be her husband just so she knows. He says he did want that. Hope says wanted but not capable.

She says but now he can go out and party with Steffy all night and there wonít be any consequences. Hope says that came out very weird and says she meant it to be a positive thing but Liam says he knows she is hurting. Hope says she just wants him to be happy and he does seem happy with Steffy. Liam smiles at Hope.

Brooke says Katie said he could go to jail. She asks him what he did. Bill finally says he can go to jail because he got Deacon out of it. He says he flew Deacon to Italy knowing what seeing him would do to Hope. Brooke is shocked and she angrily says he did this. Brooke screams at him that just because he doesnít want her daughter with his son he brought back Deacon. She says he doesnít even know what he has done.

Stephanie asks the doctor if her results are in. The doctor tells her that she is on her way down now to pick up the results. Stephanie tells the doctor that she knows she ordered the scan for a reason. The doctor tells her to try and stay positive and says sheíll be back soon. Eric watches over Stephanie continuing to look worried.

Brooke asks Bill if he broke Deacon out but Katie tells her that he blackmailed the warden. Brooke says oh my god and Katie says yes Bill gets what he wants no matter what. Brooke says no wonder Katie is upset after all Hope and Liam went through to be together. She asks him if they even know about this. Bill says no and says and itís best it stays that way. Brooke says for him but Bill says given their recent separation doesnít she think they are done. Brooke says once heís in jail maybe then theyíll have a chance to be together. Bill throws Brooke a dirty look.

Katie complains about how sheís supposed to raise Will on her own if heís in jail. Bill tells Katie to stop and says no one is going anywhere. He tells Brooke that she is understandable angry at him; he knows that. He says but sending him away if only going to hurt her sister and her nephew. He tells her how Donna made the right decision not to tell because when she rushed off to tell Liam she saw him making love to Steffy. He tells her that he knows she doesnít want to hear it but Hope and Liam are done. He says sheís the only person who thinks they still have a chance but tells her it isnít going to happen. Bill tells her to let it go. Brooke does not look like she is going to listen to him.

Liam says itís hard to believe this happened. After everything they went through, itís strange they didnít end up together. Hope says the same thing could be said about him and Steffy and says that is the problem when youíre in love with two women. Liam laughs and says yes. Hope tells Liam that she will always love him but itís so clear that they cannot be together. Liam and Hope share a hug before she pulls away and says maybe he should go. When Liam leaves Hope bursts out crying bitterly.

Brooke says she could easily go to the police but says what good is that going to do. She says sheís not sure how she is going to forgive him for this but tells Bill that because her sister matters to her she will not be the one to put him in jail no matter how much he deserves it. Bill thanks Brooke and the baby starts crying. Katie goes to get him but Brooke says she will do it saying that Katie is in no physical or mental condition to do it because she knows how angry she is at Bill.

Brooke tells her she has to get over this though. She tells Katie she is going to be mad at Bill for a very long time but she canít because she has a new family. She says if she doesnít put this behind her then her baby will pick up on the negativity and it will harm him. She asks Katie to promise her that she will get over this and move on.

Stephanie tells Eric they have to be prepared in case this does not work out they way they want it to. Eric tells her not to say that but Stephanie tells him they need to. She tells him to talk about Ridge or Brooke or Hope or Liam; anyone but her right now. The doctor comes back with a solemn look on her face and Stephanie and Eric wait for her to tell them what the results of her test are.

The doctor tells Stephanie that the cancer has returned. Stephanie says it doesnít look good does it and the doctor says sheís afraid it doesnít look good. Stephanie asks for a moment alone with Eric. When the doctor leaves she tells him that she doesnít want anyone to know about this right now. Eric says she tried that before but Stephanie tells him that itís different now. She says she does not want to see all those sad faces and people telling her she is dying. Eric agrees with her finally and says that they will do this her way. He tells her that he is there for her for every step. Stephanie says she knows and hugs Eric. As Eric holds her Stephanie cries softly.

Brooke tells Katie that when she brings the baby down here, she wants the room to be filled with happiness. She tells Katie not to worry about Bill because she will take care of him. She tells her that Bill did say he's sorry and that he does love her. She tells Katie that she and Bill need to work together for Will and that she will find forgiveness. When Brooke leaves to get the baby, Bill tells Katie that Brooke is right. Katie says she knows and hugs Bill saying that Will is what is most important right now.

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