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Bill asks Brooke if his having a nurse at home to look after the baby is making Katie feel like he doesn’t trust her with Will. Brooke asks him why she would ever think that and Bill says it’s because Katie doesn’t trust him with the baby. Bill tells Brooke that Katie is pulling away from him and he doesn‘t know what to do about it. He says he loves her and he loves their baby but she’s not herself. He tells Brooke that he needs her to help him figure out what is going on and make it better.  

Pam learns that the stapler she thought Eric had engraved for her is just like all the other ones and gives Eric the cold shoulder when he talks to her. Donna tells him it’s nothing personal as Stephanie tracks down Pam and asks her what is wrong. Pam continues to be upset but soon Stephanie starts to cough violently. Pam calls for Eric as they worriedly try to calm Stephanie’s cough outbreak.  

Bill says if Katie would just yell at him or something it would make things easier. He says she won’t though or can’t. Brooke says she’s so glad he called her and tells him she is here for Katie and him. Bill says he hasn’t always treated her as family or Hope but Brooke says that Hope doesn’t hold grudges and neither does she. She assures Bill that whatever this is they will get through it. Brooke goes to Katie and finds her looking pale and upset. She asks her sister what is wrong. Katie tries to brush her off but Brooke tells her she is not herself and requests her to please tell her what’s wrong.  

Eric, Donna and Pam are unable to stop Stephanie’s coughing and get her back to normal. Eric tells Pam to call 911. Stephanie insists she is fine but Pam says she’s not. Eric says they need to call her doctor. The calls is made and Eric tells her they are going as soon as the doctor is free. Meanwhile he tells her to relax but Stephanie starts coughing again and Eric and Pam look on worriedly as she can’t seem to stop.  

Bill remembers getting Deacon released from jail. Katie looks at the baby and says he’ll be awake soon. She says her milk still hasn’t come in. Brooke tells her it takes time. Katie says the whole time she was pregnant she just imagined this normal, healthy delivery but this was nothing like that. Brooke says that she almost died in the delivery room and that must have been frightening. Katie says maybe Bill was right but Brooke tells her she did pull through. Katie says she’s not prepared for this and it’s because of her rushed labour which she admits was Bill’s fault. Brooke asks her what Bill did and Katie says she really doesn’t want to get into it and asks Brooke to leave.  

Brooke says she’s not leaving and says she just wants to know how she is. Katie says she wishes Bill had never gotten Brooke involved in this but Brooke says he was just trying to help. Katie says Bill thinks he’s always trying to help in a bitter tone. She says even at the expense of his own family. Brooke asks her what she means and Katie says Bill feels he has to control everything and it something gets in his way he just runs it over. She says even it means breaking the law. She tells Brooke that Bill did something criminal that could land him in jail for a long time. Brooke looks shocked.

At the doctor’s Eric says that Stephanie insists she’s okay but they need her to be checked today. The doctor asks her what happened and Stephanie tries to underplay what happened by saying it was just a little cough. Eric says that’s not true and explains how she was wheezing and was unable to breathe. Stephanie tells him to stop overreacting. The doctor says her last check-up was three weeks ago and asks her how she’s been feeling since. Stephanie says she doesn’t have as much energy as she normally does but then again who the hell does at her age. She says this visit is so unnecessary and gets up to leave but the doctor says she’s here anyway so they should do a blood test. Eric thanks the doctor and Stephanie looks annoyed at having to go through this again when she thinks it isn‘t needed.  

Donna tells Pam that Stephanie is going to be okay. Pam tears up and says of course she is going to be okay and says she has to be as she walks out. Donna calls Katie and finds Bill on the phone instead. She asks him if something is wrong as he is home early. Bill tells her that he’s worried about Katie because she’s not herself. Donna asks if this has to do with Deacon and Italy and Bill says yes. He says he just wants to focus on his family and his baby though. He admits he screwed up but says it’s time to move on and says if they focus on the baby then in time he feels everything will be okay.

Katie says she can’t believe she’s married to a man who would do something that would rip their family apart. Katie pauses then but Brooke tells her to finish it and tell her what is on her mind. Katie says a mother has to be there to support her child and protect him and says so does a father. She says that has been Bill’s justification for everything that he had just been protecting the son he loves. Realizing that Katie is talking about how Bill has manipulate Liam in his protection of him Brooke says well that is not going to happen to Will because Katie won’t let it but Katie asks her how she knows that. She says how does she even know that. Brooke says she is lost and says she was talking about Bill doing something criminal. She asks her to tell her what that was. She tells Katie she has to tell her. Katie walks over to her baby’s crib solemnly as Brooke looks at her with unblinking eyes.  

Brooke says maybe Katie needs some fresh air but Katie says she does not need that. Brooke asks her what she needs then and Katie says she doesn’t know. Brooke sits down next to her and says she does not know what Bill did but she can tell her that he is really worried and fully devoted to her and her baby. She says Bill loves her very much and she knows he wants this to be a very special time for her. Katie says she wants that to but and sighs. She says there are so many things she wants to do as a family but she doesn’t know if they are going to get that chance. She says and Will will need his dad. Brooke cuts her off and says she still has not told her what Bill did. Brooke says she wants to know and she wants to know now.

  As Stephanie’s blood is taken she says she feels like a pincushion. Eric says don’t mind her she gets testy when she doesn’t her martini dose. Stephanie says and after all these years he can’t make a decent one. The sample is rushed to get results meanwhile Eric gets Stephanie some coffee while they wait for the results. Stephanie says she hates waiting for test results because it never gets easier. Eric says nothing about cancer is easy but says she’s faced it all become with courage and she’ll be okay now too. They share a hug and a smile.

  Eric yells at Allison over the phone that he doesn’t want to be disturbed. Brooke asks if he’s having problems at Spencer but Bill says he only cares about Katie right now. He asks her how she is. Brooke says she’s in a dark place right now. Bill says he knew that already and says that is why he called her. Brooke says there is something else, something that is bothering Katie that he is not telling her.  

Bill says he doesn’t know because Katie won’t talk to him or even look at him. Brooke asks him if he has no idea why that is. She demands to know what it is that he is hiding and says he has to tell her right now. She says or else she cannot help. Bill says it’s something he regrets. Something hurtful and unfair to Hope. Brooke screams at him to tell her what he did to her daughter.  

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