B&B Wednesday Update 10/10/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/10/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Stephanie asks Brooke to come stay with her for a couple of days. Brooke declines the offer. Stephanie does not want her to be alone but says that Ridge may show up; they never know. Brooke does not know what she will do without Ridge.

Katie cries on the couch and Bill walks in and walks over to Katie. Bill asks how the baby is doing. Katie explains that the baby is sleeping. Bill wonders how Katie is doing and if there is anything that he can do to help. Katie wonders why Bill is home so early. Bill says to check on Katie. Bill decides to go check on Will. Katie tells Bill not to go because she does not want him waking him up.

Thomas tells employees his input on things. Hope walks in and asks about what Thomas did with Rick. Thomas defends himself to what he did and why he did it. Steffy walks in and explains that Rick probably deserved what happened.

Stephanie wonders who else knows about Ridge. Brooke tells that Bill and Katie know and that should be it. Brooke wants to help Katie and Bill with the baby now that her family is over.

Bill thinks that Katie looks tired. Katie says that she just had a baby so yes she is. Bill wants to get more help for her but Katie refuses it and she explains that she is still upset with Bill.

Thomas gets off the phone and explains he has to go talk to a bunch of reporters. Steffy explains that Thomas will be a good CEO. Hope thinks that Rick would have been a good one as well. Steffy compliments Hope on her line as does Hope with Steffy’s line. Hope asks about Liam’s conversations with Hope. The two both talk about their marriages to Liam.

Bill walks over to Katie and assumes that Katie was over Deacon and what happened. Katie explains that, that was not the case. Katie wonders why everything is always about Bill and not about anyone else. She wonders why Bill wonders why Katie does not understand why she does the things she does. Bill is worried. Katie would be worried as well she explains. Bill says he is worried for Katie. Katie walks off and leaves Bill alone. Bill makes a phone call.

Brooke picks up the phone and Bill asks if she can come over. Brooke wonders what is wrong. Bill explains that Katie does not know what to do and is depressed. Brooke decides to go. Stephanie wonders what is wrong and Brooke explains that it was the baby.

Steffy says she did not know that Liam and Hope broke it off until Hope told her. Steffy does not want to hear about the last wedding again. Hope can’t understand that Steffy looks at her the way she does. Hope wants to know if Liam and Steffy are seeing each other again.

Brooke walks in and Bill explains what happened and that it is about him. Brooke wonders what Bill did to upset her. Bill explains that Katie and he have been fighting and Bill wonders what is going on because. Bill does not know why Katie has not become violent of any sort. Brooke thinks that things will work out fine. Bill says that he feels like he is losing his wife.

Steffy does not think that them talking about Liam is not going to be going anywhere. Hope wants to know if Steffy is back with Liam. Steffy wonders why this all matters. Hope wants to know the truth. Steffy explains that they are back together. Hope explains that she is fine and that Steffy can tell Liam. Steffy decides to leave and Hope says goodbye like she does not care at all. When Steffy leaves Hope starts to fall apart and starts to get emotional.

Bill looks at his wedding picture. Brooke wonders if the problem is medical. Bill says he has a nurse at the house several times a day. Brooke wonders how this all started. Bill explains that he does not know what is going on. Bill says that Katie treats him badly when it comes to the baby. Brooke decides to find out what is wrong and knows Katie is going through something very painful. Brooke thanks Bill for helping Katie grow up. Brooke thinks that the two of them will help Katie out. The two hug and then look at each other.

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