B&B Tuesday Update 10/9/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/9/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke wakes up on the couch to find Stephanie walking in. Stephanie explains that she has a key and knows that Brooke expected Ridge. Brooke wonders if Stephanie talked to him and if she knows anything.

Donna is shocked to learn what happened between Ridge and Brooke. Katie tries to explain what happened.

Bill shows off pictures of his baby and they wonder about Katie. Bill explains that Katie did not want to be photographed and explains there is more to the story. Bill says that Katie knows about everything. Allison does not think things are going to go over well. Deacon walks in and gives Allison flowers.

Katie thinks that what happened was wrong but that Deacon would have eventually contacted Brooke. Donna does not want to argue and knows what happened is not good.

Brooke thinks that Stephanie can get Ridge back. Stephanie explains that Ridge will eventually come back but that Brooke will have to accept that Brooke’s life is going to change. Brooke wonders what Stephanie means by that. Stephanie explains that Ridge is angry. Brooke wonders how much Ridge said to Stephanie. Brooke explains what actually happened. Stephanie tells Brooke that Ridge knew that Deacon was not a threat but that she lied once again. Brooke accepts that she did the wrong thing and says sorry to Stephanie.

Donna does not imagine what Brooke is going through. Katie explains that Ridge and Brooke are not legally married. Donna can’t believe Brooke without Ridge.

Deacon gives Bill some cigars and explains that he is going down to HR for the job that Bill is going to give him.

Stephanie explains that Brooke has many people in her life who love her. Stephanie starts coughing and decides to go home. Stephanie starts getting emotional and tells Brooke that she is great full for all that Brooke has done for her. The two hug each other and cry.

Donna wonders if Katie is alright. Katie explains that she is fine other than what happened to her recently. Donna wishes Katie could be happier. Katie says she is just overwhelmed. Katie wonders if they should tell Brooke about what happened with Bill and Deacon. Donna does not know but knows that Hope and Liam are not together and do not need to be. Katie hopes that Deacon stays away then.

Allison leaves. Deacon explains that Hope needs him and that he needs a job so he can establish a relationship. Deacon says he was not the bad guy in this. Bill tells Deacon he was no worse than himself. Deacon wonders what Bill would do if Katie decided to leave Bill. Bill refuses to think about that. Deacon offers to be Allison’s assistant. Bill wonders how Deacon even got past security. Bill will not allow Deacon back in the building. Deacon promises to stay away from Bill but that he needs a job. Bill thinks that is crazy and that people would wonder why he is out of jail. Bill explains if Deacon tries to threaten him or his family again he will make sure that Deacon disappears.

Donna is jealous of not having a new little baby like Katie. Katie is worried about what will happen. Donna explains that she will get over it. Donna tries to help make Katie stop crying. The baby starts crying and Donna offers to go make sure he is ok.

Brooke wonders how the marriage could be over. Stephanie says that Ridge thinks that Ridge has to be the only one in Brooke’s life in order for things to properly workout. Brooke does not know what she will do. Stephanie explains she will be alright and that she will be gone sooner than later and that Brooke will have to take care of things once she is gone and she will do it with Ridge. Stephanie and Brooke hug again as both cry.

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