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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/8/12


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Brooke is experiencing a panic attack at her sister Katie’s house. Katie asks Brooke if she’s okay. Brooke is sobbing, not knowing where to begin. Katie asks if Brooke had an argument with Ridge. They sit down on the living room couch; Katie tries to calm Brooke down. Brooke begins to cry again, saying she feels terrible about burdening Katie right now. Katie asks again what’s wrong. Brooke is vague on details, but admits no one can help the situation but Ridge. Katie inquires about details. Brooke says everything was going great on her honeymoon with Ridge, but then all that changed. Katie senses Ridge did something terrible. Brooke announces that Deacon is the problem.


Brooke rambles on about texting Deacon and begging him to stay away from Hope. Brooke says Ridge asked her if she had any contact with Deacon and Brooke told Ridge no. Brooke tells Katie that Ridge knew right away that she had lied. Brooke justifies lying to Ridge because she didn’t want Deacon to ruin their romantic honeymoon. Brooke knows Ridge is mad and devastated by the lies and deception. Brooke says Ridge left her and went to see RJ, their son. Katie reassures Brooke that Ridge will return. Brooke acknowledges she and Ridge are not officially married yet. Brooke fears she might never see Ridge again. Katie consoles Brooke.

Rick falls out of Ridge’s office window and is lying unconscious in some bushes. Thomas and Caroline run out of the office to check on Rick. Pam and Donna are preoccupied at their reception desk. It suddenly dawns on the two women that something must have happened to Rick. Thomas and Caroline find Rick tangled in the bushes. Rick says his arm hurts, but doesn’t want to call 911. Caroline worries Rick might have a concussion, but Rick insists he didn’t hit his head. Rick is grateful for Caroline’s genuine concern. Rick begins flirting with Caroline, which makes her realize Rick is his normal self. Rick looks over at Thomas and gives him a mean look.

Stephanie and Eric are talking in Rick’s office. Eric believes Thomas isn’t the right fit to be CEO, whereas he thinks Rick would be the perfect choice. Stephanie disagrees, saying Rick shouldn’t take Ridge’s place. Stephanie wants Thomas to be given a chance. Eric mocks Stephanie and says Thomas is a good designer at best. Eric knows Rick is ready to be CEO of Forrester Creations. Their conversation is cut short when Pam and Donna burst in the office. Donna exclaims that Rick has fallen out of the office window. Eric and Stephanie are immediately alarmed; they follow Donna and Pam to locate Rick. The four find Rick, Thomas, and Caroline arguing outside. Stephanie accuses Thomas of throwing Rick out the window. Thomas swears it was all a terrible accident. To Thomas’s dismay, Caroline defends Rick. Stephanie is coughing and Eric is seriously mad at Thomas. Thomas asks Stephanie if she’s feeling okay. Stephanie admits she’s a little “winded” from running to see how Rick was doing. Eric announces that he is going to let stand Ridge’s decision to hand over his CEO position to Thomas. However, Eric stresses, things could change. Rick is suddenly hopeful again.

While Rick leans on Caroline, they walk slowly back to his office with Thomas in tow. Thomas apologizes for Rick’s fall, but Caroline is clearly mad at Thomas. Caroline implores Thomas’s actions and reminds him that Rick could have been seriously hurt. Thomas wishes Caroline would stop making the situation worse. Caroline brings up Ridge and Brooke’s love story, and wonders if Thomas is trying to recapture the same thing with Hope. Caroline tells Thomas she was wrong about him. Caroline admits she doesn’t like all the time Thomas spent with Hope. Caroline makes it clear she is done with Thomas. Thomas asks Caroline if they can talk somewhere else. Caroline nods her head no, leaving Thomas defeated. A smug Rick watches all of this from the sofa. Rick backs Caroline and demands Thomas leave the office. Hiding his disappointment in Caroline, Thomas smiles awkwardly and leaves; Caroline seems sad. Caroline asks Rick if he needs to see a doctor. Rick is irritated by Ridge’s behavior – leaving the CEO position for Thomas. Rick says he might leave and go somewhere else to work. Caroline insists Forrester Creations is Rick’s legacy, that he is next in line. Rick says he has worked hard and feels Thomas has been handed everything. Rick will try to adapt for now, but he tells Caroline that he still wants to be CEO and have Caroline standing next to him. Caroline smiles at Rick and they share a long kiss.

Stephanie and Eric return to Ridge’s office. Stephanie comments on the boarded-up window that will need to be replaced soon. Stephanie jokes that Thomas’s reign as CEO has not had a good start so far. Eric doesn’t understand why Ridge would elect Thomas as interim CEO. Stephanie lets slip that Ridge won’t be returning home for a while, that he called her about an argument with Brooke. Eric is speechless when Stephanie confides about Deacon Sharpe. Eric cannot believe Brooke would text Deacon and then lie about it to Ridge. Stephanie says Ridge is really upset about this. Eric asks Stephanie if Ridge is done with Brooke. Stephanie admits there’s always hope, but she feels Ridge might be breaking up with Brooke for good.

Brooke returns home to an empty house. Brooke recalls memories of herself with Ridge. With tears in her eyes, Brooke opens her purse and takes out a cell phone. Brooke calls Ridge and leaves a long message on his voicemail. Brooke tells Ridge that she is back in L.A. and is home alone. During her heartfelt message, Brooke asks Ridge what went wrong. Brooke explains why she lied about Deacon’s text because she didn’t want to ruin their honeymoon. Brooke apologizes for the lie and reminds Ridge how much she loves him. After ending the call, a defeated-looking Brooke throws her cell phone across the room.

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