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Katie thinks back to how her baby was born right before Brooke enters. Brooke asks to hold the baby but Katie says she just put him to sleep. Brooke says he'll hold him as soon as he wakes up then. Katie welcomes her sister home before saying that she didn't have to come back so soon because she knew her honeymoon was supposed to last longer. Brooke says that she wanted to be here for her and says she wishes she could have been there when it al happened. She says maybe then things would have turned out differently. Katie nods at her words.

Caroline asks Rick if he's certain he's going to be the new interim CEO and asks why not Thorne. Rick says that Thorne has found his niche in Transportation and besides he does not have the experience to run a company like he does with Forrester International,. He says even Ridge has to see that. He says he is about to become CEO of Forrester Creations and says he knows just how to celebrate. Caroline says she bets he does and they share a smile.

Donna is told by Pam that she is not allowed to be the one to take notes for this meeting because it is an important one. She is allowed to do drinks and so Donna says okay. Stephanie tells Eric that she got the results back from the mammogram and nothing has changed, Eric smiles and says that's great before receiving a text from someone. Stephanie asks if that is Ridge calling and Eric says yes it's Ridge and he's emailed who he has chosen to take his place. Eric says maybe he should just be CEO jokingly and Stephanie tells him he'll be mentoring whoever Ridge chooses so he should leave it at that. Eric laughs and says okay.

Caroline asks what about Thomas. Rick asks her if she really thinks he has a chance at being CEO. Caroline reminds Rick that Thomas is Ridge's son. Rick says and he is Eric's and Ridge will respect that. Stephanie, Eric, Thomas and Marcus enter and the meeting begins. Marcus and Thomas wonder over who will be Ridge's new choice for CEO while Rick continues to look confident, certain that he is the one who will be the next CEO.

Katie tells Brooke not to feel bad that she wasn't there because it all turned out okay. Brooke says she just felt so bad hearing about how she had had a heart attack and went in labor while she was so far away. Brooke asks exactly how it all happened and Katie tells her without disclosing what Bill and her were talking about when her labor pains started. Brooke says Bill must have been so freaked out when it happened and Katie says yes she has no idea how much.

Katie asks Brooke if Donna told her that she saw Storm. She tells her sister it was amazing how one minute she was looking at Bill and holding her son and then in the next she was dying. She says when it happened she wasn't aware of it because she wasn't in her body. She says that was when Storm appeared. Brooke asks what Storm said and Katie tells her that he said he wanted her to keep fighting and that he wanted her to use his heart a little longer. She says that is when she came back. Brooke says just like that and Katie nods. Katie says she guesses she'll be staying alive for a few more years at least before joining Storm and laughs. Brooke says yes and says she can't leave little Will alone with Bill anyway and Katie firmly says no she definitely can't leave her baby alone with Bill.

Eric reads the email from Ridge. Ridge has written that after careful consideration he has come to his decision. He says he's not sure when he will be back but he's sure in the meantime his choice of the new CEO will run the company well. Thomas is named the new interim CEO and Stephanie, Eric and Marcus congratulate him. Thomas smiles and says he will make his dad proud and all of them proud. At that moment Rick stands up and says are they freaking kidding him. He angrily says that Thomas makes no sense as the CEO because he has no experience with running anything. He says it isn't right earning disapproving frowns all around the table. Looking at Eric, Rick says that they have to make this right, Thomas is not right for the job.

Rick asks Thomas if he seriously thinks he can do this. Thomas says he'll need a little guidance at first but yes he thinks he can. He says it is his birthright too but Rick says he is Eric's son. He tells Eric to get Ridge on the phone because they are changing this decision now. Eric tells Rick to calm down and tells him this is just a temporary arrangement. Rick refuses to calm down and says Ridge could be gone for months and he won't let Thomas play CEO for even one day. Thomas tells him to show some respect but Rick rudely says he won't. Stephanie tells Rick that the decision has been made and he should accept it gracefully. She leaves after telling Thomas he will be great as CEO.

Donna and Pam leave to type up the meeting notes as Marcus congratulates Thomas. He says of Thomas needs anything at all to talk to him. Thomas thanks him and Eric also congratulates Thomas on his promotion. He says he'll need to talk to Thomas later and turns to Rick asking to speak to him now but Rick says later. He says he wants a moment alone with Thomas first.

Brooke tells Katie that she should leave so Katie can get her rest. Katie says it's okay really and says she can stay unless Ridge wants her back. Brooke seems to look upset at the mention of Ridge and Katie notices that ever since Brooke arrived she's been looking a bit unhappy. She asks Brooke was is wrong. Brooke says it's nothing but judging by Brooke's teary eyes and saddened face Katie knows something has happened. She asks Brooke if something happened with her and Ridge. Brooke continues to look as if she is going to burst out crying.

Thomas tells Rick that he thought he would support him. Rick asks why he would do that and Thomas says well he's been being very friendly to him for the last few weeks. Thomas catches on to Rick's motives and says it was all an act. He says he was pushing him onto Hope to steal Caroline from him. Caroline is outraged but Thomas says she knows that's true. Rick tries to cover up the truth but admits that he will never like Thomas. He says he liked what he does for Hope; treat her better than Liam but says that doesn't go to say that he is not better to be CEO and better for Caroline too.

Thomas takes a step closer to Rick and says that he thinks he's entitled to everything just because he is Eric's son. He says if maybe he got up and did something instead of rely on his name then maybe he'd be really be entitled to something. Rick asks if he is delusional and says he has done more for this company than he ever has. He talks down at Thomas and says all he has done is a few drawings and that's it. Thomas begins to get really angry and tells Rick that he is sick and tired of his whining. Thomas says that Rick is not going to run Forrester Creations and he is not going to get Caroline so he should just back off. Rick in return tells Thomas that his daddy handed him a position that he didn't deserve, that he didn't earn. Thomas screams that he is CEO of Forrester Creations and he needs to respect that. Rick says he won't and they begin to push and shove at each other which ends in Rick being accidentally pushed out the window by Thomas.

Katie tells Brooke that she's scaring her. She asks what happened to Ridge. Brooke continues to look teary but says she doesn't want to talk about it. Katie says but something happened and asks if Ridge is okay or if he's hurt. Brooke says he's not hurt in the way that she means. Brooke says she didn't want to burden her with this and she just wanted to help but Katie tells her to talk to her please and let her help her. Brooke says to Katie that she's not going to believe this because she still can't believe it herself. Katie asks if Ridge hurt her then and asks what he did but Brooke says no that's not it. Katie says but she's really upset and notes Brooke is shaking. Brooke says she just gets really upset talking about this because she can't understand why it happened.

Katie sees how Brooke is shaking still and says she's going to get her a glass of water. But before Katie can do that, Brooke starts to breathe deep and can't seem to calm down. Katie screams Brooke's name over and over again trying to calm her, but Brooke keeps panting and looking as if she is going to pass out.

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