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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/4/12


Written By Rachna
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Bill tells Katie that she has to let him do something for her because she’s not. Katie says okay he can do something for her. She says he can respect her and stop interfering in her niece’s love life. She then says it doesn’t matter because as soon as Donna tells Hope that he was behind Deacon coming to see her everything will fall into place. Donna arrives and Katie asks her if she told Liam. Donna says no. When Katie asks why not, Donna tells her went she went to tell Liam she found him with Steffy making love to her. Katie doesn’t look pleased.

Rick calls Caroline into his office and surprises her with her designs in dress form. Rick asks her what she thinks of them. Caroline says they are fabulous before asking how he did this because Ridge didn’t approve them for production yet. Rick tells her he got them finalized because Ridge isn’t here. Caroline thanks Rick for doing this for her. Rick smiles at Caroline as she continues to look touched.

Bill tells Donna and Katie that he’s been saying from the start that Liam may love Hope but he is in love with Steffy. He says that is why he always keeps going back to her. Donna says if they had a fair shot then they’d be married and happy but they never had a fair shot because of him. Bill admits to having overstepped a few times in Liam’s life but says he’s his son and he had to do it. Katie says that is his rationale for everything and says their son is his son too. She says she hates the idea of having to protect his son from him but says she won’t let him control him like he does Liam. Bill looks visibly upset.

Caroline asks Rick again if it’s okay for him to do this without asking Ridge. Rick tells Caroline that this has to be their secret but his dad is about to announce the new CEO tomorrow. She asks him if he’s sure it’s going to be him. Rick says he’s the final choice and doesn’t think anyone else stands a chance for the position. Caroline says that would be so wonderful for him and Rick says for her too.

Caroline turns around and asks him where she fits into this. Rick tells her how Eric had Stephanie by his side during his reign at Forrester and Ridge had his mom. He says that is where she fits in. Rick tells her that he wants her by his side and says it is going to happen for them because he can feel it.

Bill tells Katie that if he could take calling Deacon that day back then maybe he would, especially if he had stopped to think about how it would hurt her. Katie cuts in and says that is the thing though, he doesn’t stop to think of her because for him it’s all about the endgame. Donna asks Bill what he has against Hope anyway for him to go this far. Bill tells her that he has no animosity towards Hope. He says he thinks she’s a wonderful girl and will make some man very happy one day; just not his son. Bill says and what he is saying is proven by what Donna saw. He says he doesn’t understand why her or Katie would want their niece with a man who is so clearly in love with someone else.

Donna sighs but says he does have a point to her sister. She says that frankly she thinks Hope is too young to marry and especially not to man who cannot commit. She says she spoke to Hope after she saw Liam and Steffy. Katie asks if she told her and Donna says no. She says she was tempted but Liam and Hope are over and now he’s with Steffy. She says maybe that’s just how it’s supposed to be. Katie says that is the way Bill wants it. In his defense, Bill says that if Liam and Hope were meant to be then nothing he did would have stopped them.

Donna says that she spoke to Brooke and judging by the circumstances she doesn’t think they should tell her that Bill was behind Deacon showing up. Katie says she doesn’t like keeping things from Brooke but Donna says it’s for the best. The baby starts crying and Katie goes to take care of him. Bill tells Katie he loves her before she goes but Katie just says she has to see to the baby leaving Bill more upset than ever.

Rick says that Eric Forrester Junior CEO has a nice ring to it. Caroline says it does but tells him he‘ll be so buried in work he won‘t have time for fun. Rick says private jets and fashion weeks abroad; he says he’ll bet he could squeeze some fun out of that. Caroline starts talking about how they could go to New York and gets excited over that. Rick says she’s still a New Yorker at heart. Caroline agrees but says she loves LA too making Rick smile.

Bill confides in Donna his fear that Katie may never forgive him for Deacon. Donna says maybe she shouldn’t forgive him because what he did was awful. She says maybe Katie should take their baby and run as far away from him as she can. Bill says he knows he doesn’t deserve Katie and Donna says yes he doesn’t. She says but Katie picked him and so he needs to talk to her and say sorry. Bill says he did but Donna tells him to do it again and again until Katie can hear him. Taking Donna’s advice, Bill goes to the nursery to talk to Katie again. Bill tells Katie that he loves her and again asks her if she can just get over what he did and just be here with him and their baby now.

Rick tries to tell Caroline how much he wants to be with her again but Caroline says she and Thomas. Rick tells her that Thomas has been spending a lot of time with Hope playing the same card again. Caroline says she’s more than aware about that. Rick tells her that Thomas has always wanted Hope and tells her she should be with him. Caroline says she has a boyfriend but Rick tells her that her relationship with Thomas is beneath her. He says she is everything he has ever wanted and kisses her and this time Caroline kisses back but when they pull away she looks confused.

Bill tells Katie that he screwed up big time but says he can be a better husband, father and man if she forgives him. He hugs Katie and Katie hugs him back while crying and looking touched at what Bill has just said to her.

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