B&B Wednesday Update 10/3/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/3/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Donna continues to look in on Liam and Steffy making lover and is sad.

Katie thinks that Donna will not keep any of this to herself and that Donna knows this will give Hope and Liam another chance.

Donna looks traumatized looking through the window. Donna walks away from the window and does not know what to do.

Bill says he will say sorry a million times but nothing is going to chance. Bill knows that Donna does not want to ruin anyone’s life but his own. Bill explains that Hope and Liam did get married and if Hope were devoted to Liam they would still be married. Katie thinks that Liam will be angry at Bill.

Donna runs into the front house and gets a drink of water. Hope walks down stairs and notices that Donna is distressed. Hope wonders what is wrong.

Katie has flashbacks to when she was dying. Bill walks back into the room. Katie wonders if the baby is still asleep. Bill explains yes but that she should asleep as well. Katie will not go to bed until she has heard from Donna. Bill does not think that it is necessary for Katie to worry. Katie thinks that things have happened that cannot be undone or ignored.

Steffy tells Liam she missed the two of them together. The two kiss. Steffy thinks that it is different now. Liam agrees. Steffy asks if Liam knows how much she loves him. Liam explains yes he does. Steffy says she never stopped wishing and is happy that Liam is finally free.

Hope thinks that she might want to go visit Katie and the baby. Donna thinks that she should stay away for a while. Hope tells Donna that Liam asked to go back to him but she said no. Donna thinks she made the right choice. Hope still does not know because it could be too late.

Bill thinks that Katie and him need to be thinking about their child and not what Hope and Liam think. Bill does not think that Liam would go to the police over this. Katie is afraid she could still die and decides to go lie down. Bill tells Katie he loves her and kisses her. Katie just walks away.

Steffy and Liam kiss again. Liam tells Steffy that she never gave up. Steffy agrees with that. Steffy says that she will never give up. Liam thinks that everyone in his family is drawn to strong people. Steffy thinks that this makes them the perfect couple. The two start to kiss again and Liam gets on top of Steffy.

Hope says she cannot get over what happened at the hospital. Hope thinks that things never work out the way they should. Donna does not know if she can give Hope good advice. Hope needs Donna’s advice because she is the only one who she can trust that is available. Donna does not know if Hope wants to hear what she has to say. Hope wants to hear it. Donna explains that there is more to life than men but that she is positive about that. Hope thinks that she did what she did for a reason. Donna thinks that Steffy is always going to be a problem. Hope wonders if she needs to change who she is. Donna will not allow her to change anything about herself because she will regret it. Donna does not think Hope should be tied down to anyone. Donna thinks that one day Hope will meet someone she likes. Hope explains that it will not be Thomas but Liam will be. Hope is really hurt and confused. Donna tries to help Hope out by explaining what she does. Donna thinks that Hope is holding on to so something that does not exist anymore and to let Liam go and be set free. Hope gets now that it is over. Donna says sorry and gives Hope a hug.

Steffy looks outside and Liam hugs her from behind. The two smile at each other and start kissing each again. The two kiss each other and feed each other. They hold each other and continue to kiss each other.

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