B&B Tuesday Update 10/2/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/2/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tries to stop Donna from going to tell Hope and Liam. Donna refuses to allow this because the truth must come out and she storms off.

Liam is astonished by the secret cabin in the woods as he and Steffy sit on the floor under blankets. Steffy asks if Liam is happy to which he responds he is. Liam smiles as does Steffy.

Rick argues with his friend about what happened with Liam and Steffy the night before Hope’s wedding. Rick does not think that things will work out between them now that everything has happened.

Katie tells Bill that the baby is asleep. Bill tells Katie to stay sitting and wonders if she had Donna stop what she was doing. Katie explains that it is Donna’s choice and that she agrees with what Donna is choosing to do.

Donna drives up to the front of the house.

Liam can tell how much Steffy enjoys the hidden place and thanks her for sharing with him. Steffy is glad that Liam is with her.

Rick explains to Othello that he does not like lying to his sister but he can’t tell the truth now. Rick thinks that keeping Liam away from Hope is the best thing that can happen. Othello assumes that Rick thinks that Hope will still end up with Thomas. Rick thinks there is a good chance. Othello tells Rick that he is no better than Bill.

Bill tells Katie not to stress out. Katie cannot do this because she has to worry about Bill going to jail and being forced to take care of a baby alone.

Donna looks for Hope through the house and in the back yard.

Steffy explains about the times when Ridge would come to the cabin with her and tell stories about all the famous people who had visited the cabin. Steffy shows Liam cards that she learned to play poker with. Liam explains that there is nowhere else he would rather be.

Rick tells Othello not to compare him to Bill because what he is doing is completely different and that as much as he would love to date Caroline he has other things to deal with. Rick thinks enough is enough and not to allow Hope to find out about what is going on.

Katie does not think Donna will go to the police. Bill knows that she won’t but knows that she will try to turn Katie against him. Bill wants to ignore the subject right now and to be with the baby. Katie knows and cannot believe that the husband she loves so much is the same person who does such evil things.

Donna continues to look for Hope and finds Steffy’s shoes on the grass and keeps looking.

Liam asks Steffy for her best poker face. Liam thinks it is ok but that her eyes give it away. Steffy wonders what Liam is thinking. Liam says that he thinks it is nice to be with Steffy and to not be stressed. Liam thanks Steffy for hanging in. Liam kisses Steffy and wonders where he has been and tells Steffy that he loves her. Steffy says that she knows and that she loves him too. The two kiss passionately.

Donna keeps looking for Hope now in the forest she finds a boot.

Katie asks Bill not to give her a reason to not trust her anymore and asks him to stay out of others’ lives. Bill says he will not stop protecting others. Katie is not asking for that but for Bill to stop trying to play games and hopes it is not too late.

Liam and Steffy start to kiss passionately on the bed with Liam on top of Steffy.

Donna keeps looking for Hope and spots the cabin. Donna looks in the window and sees Liam and Steffy making love and is mortified.

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