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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/1/12


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Bill and Katie have just moved into their new house. In the living room, Bill begs Katie to forgive him. Katie isn’t happy with Bill for playing God with everyone’s lives. Katie is hesitant to forgive Bill because she worries he’ll do something like this again. Katie reminds Bill that Hope and Liam broke up because of him. Katie is sickened by the fact that Bill blackmailed the warden to get Deacon out of prison. Bill wishes Katie would relax. Donna walks in and drops a bunch of presents and gift bags on the floor by mistake. Bill helps Donna with picking them up. Donna makes a comment about being Will’s favorite aunt. Bill is not happy that Donna has showed up for an impromptu visit. Donna asks Katie if she’s okay. Katie insists she’s fine, but Donna recalls that Katie almost died. Donna says she is glad Katie and Will are fine. Bill pipes in that he shares the same sentiments. Katie gives Bill an irritated look. Bill hopes Donna didn’t buy Will any frilly clothes. Donna jokes that she brought her nephew some brandy. Donna asks to check on Will, who is cooing upstairs in his room. Once Donna leaves the living room, Bill feels uncomfortable around Katie. Bill offers to go upstairs to check on Donna and Will. Bill finds Donna baby-talking to Will. Bill says his son is really good-looking. Donna smiles and says she is Will’s favorite aunt. Bill smiles and says he’ll leave Will and Donna alone to bond.

In Ridge’s office, Hope talks to Rick about having a change of heart concerning Liam. Hope wishes her principles wouldn’t have pushed Liam away. Hope insists that she and Liam are still in love with each other. Sinc e Rick wants Liam out of his sister’s life, he reminds Hope that Steffy will always be in the picture. Hope says Liam professed his love for her again. Rick thinks Hope should remain strong and not get back together with Liam. Rick brings up the Steffy factor again. Hope wonders if there’s any way for Steffy not to be in Liam’s life anymore. Rick says Steffy wasn’t the only one who got in the way of Hope and Liam’s relationship – Bill Spencer, for example. Hope says she is still confused about some of the details – like the fact Liam keeps denying that he hooked up with Steffy at the nightclub. Hope figures Othello wouldn’t lie about something like that. Strangely, Othello walks in the office and says there is something Hope needs to know. Rick looks scared. Rick receives a phone call and tells Hope that she is needed downstairs. Once alone, Rick asks Othello what has gotten into him. Othello feels remorse for lying to Hope about seeing Steffy and Liam make out. Othello wants to come clean about the lie, but Rick hates the idea.

Sitting outside at a picnic table, Steffy and Liam are chatting like old friends. Steffy takes Liam’s hand in hers and asks him to follow her. Liam finds himself amid a grove of olive trees. Liam tells Steffy that they remind him of Italy. Steffy asks Liam if he has any change – coins for something that Steffy won’t say. When they come across a wishing well, both Steffy and Liam throw pennies in the fountain. Liam asks Steffy what she wished for. Steffy’s answer: “It’s already coming true.” Liam and Steffy walk over toward some orange trees. Steffy compares fruit to relationships. Steffy tells Liam that being around nature can be uplifting. Steffy grabs an orange from the tree and runs away from Liam. They find themselves facing a large manicured lawn. Steffy and Liam agree it reminds them of the White House front lawn. Steffy hears a sound and asks Liam what it is. Suddenly, the sprinkler system turns on, leaving Steffy and Liam soaking wet. Steffy gets her shoe caught, so Liam helps her get free. They are having fun; Steffy is dancing amid the sprinklers. Liam grabs Steffy and stands close to her. Steffy thinks Liam is about to kiss her, but all he does is laugh at the awkward moment. Steffy and Liam laugh about being drenched; Steffy recalls how she and Thomas ran through sprinklers during childhood. Liam wishes he would have known a younger Steffy. Steffy implies she is bringing Liam to a secret place in the woods. Liam leaves a boot and pieces of his orange so they can find their way back. Steffy is amused that Liam is pretending they are walking through an “enchanted forest.” Liam is shocked to find a log cabin out in the woods. They saunter up the stairs and walk inside. Liam can’t believe Steffy has kept this place a secret from him. Steffy says she comes to the cabin when she needs to escape. However, Steffy insists, she has never tried to escape from Liam. Steffy starts tugging on Liam’s shirt. After Steffy gives Liam a seductive smile, he takes off Steffy’s dress. Both are standing in their underwear. Liam grabs a fur blanket from a couch and puts it over Steffy’s shoulders. They sit by the fireplace. Steffy confesses to Liam that she has never stopped loving him. Steffy doesn’t want Liam to feel pressured in any way, but wants to acknowledge the change she has seen in him. Liam says Steffy is “incredible,” and admits she has always been there for him. Steffy leans over and kisses Liam. Liam smiles back at Steffy.

When Bill returns to the living room, a nurse is just finishing checking Katie’s vitals. Bill says it’s apparent Donna loves Will. Bill asks his wife if she needs anything. All Katie wants is the truth. Bill doesn’t want to go over the details, but Katie urges Bill to come clean. Katie is tired of Bill’s lies. Katie says it hurts her that Bill ignored her throughout this process. Katie says Bill didn’t listen when she asked him to butt out of Liam and Hope’s relationship. Katie reminds Bill that his actions caused Hope to get hurt. Unknown to Bill and Katie, Donna is listening to their conversation from the foyer. Katie refuses to stay quiet anymore. Katie knows that Hope needs to hear the truth. Katie grabs her cell phone and starts dialing her niece. Bill stops her, saying that the truth would destroy lives. Katie says it’s Bill’s fault for Deacon showing up at the wedding. Katie fears Bill won’t stop his controlling behavior. Katie doesn’t like how Bill bullies Liam every chance he gets. Bill begs Katie to stay silent, but she is through with the lies. Katie feels terrible that she can’t celebrate the birth of her son because this is weighing on her. Bill turns and sees Donna. Donna has an accusatory look on her face. Donna demands to know what Bill has done. Katie blurts out that Bill had something to do with Deacon’s arrival in Italy. Katie rambles on about Bill’s antics to break up Hope and Liam. Donna can’t believe it. Katie is saddened that Bill’s actions led Steffy and Liam back to each other. Donna makes it clear she is telling Hope everything. Bill grabs Donna’s arm and she yanks it away. Donna says Hope and Liam deserve to hear the truth. However, Donna (and Katie) hope it’s not too late. Unbeknownst to the three of them, Liam and Steffy are close to making love in the cabin.

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