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Liam says he was foolish and he hurt her but tells Hope that she has to know he would not do that again. Hope sighs and says that she wants to believe that. Liam says then she should. He says he believes they were meant to be and so should she. He hugs her but Hope pulls away and says okay but is he willing to leave Steffy behind. She says because she wonít share him. †

Taylor says that she thinks itís very wise how Steffy is dealing with this; giving Liam time to get over Hope. Steffy says that Liam has to realize that Hope isnít meant for him. She says heís just had a really tough time lately because heĎs tried so hard to make it work. She stops and says it doesnít even matter because he will get over her. She tells her mother she is taking Liam to her favorite place today. Taylor says she is taking him there and Steffy smiles. †

Bill surprises Katie by showing her their new home; Taylorís estate. Donna tells Bill, after he is done telling Katie that she will love it here to take the baby upstairs so that they donít wake him. Bill says he can run a multi-million dollar company then heís sure he can handle this making Donna laugh. When Bill leaves with the baby Donna helps Katie to a couch saying that she really should not be on her feet. Hearing Katie sigh Donna says and she should definitely not be in this mood. †

Katie says that sheís just tired. Donna says of course she is and says she is a walking miracle. Donna adds in though that she has a new baby and really should be ecstatic. Katie says she is and she is so grateful for her doctors and for all of them for being so supportive. Donna says Bill most of all and Katie silently says she knows. Seeing that Katie is still down Donna asks her what is bothering her but Bill comes back and says he put the baby to sleep. Donna says the baby is something to be cherished and Bill says he is very special just like his mom. Donna smiles at that but Katie continues to look upset, something that Donna sees. †

Liam tells Hope that she was always the one that he wanted to be with and raise children with. He says he just wants her to know that isnít going to change. Hope says she wants to be his wife and says that she does feel his love for her but he really hurt her. She says the two most significant days in their lives together were destroyed. She says and he has no one to blame but himself. Liam says he knows. Hope says she has her pride, her dignity and her self respect and she says she canít do it again. She kisses Liam and tells him that she will always love him though. Hope leaves and Liam is left looking miserable. The nurse checks Katie and tells her that everything looks okay. †

Donna asks if there is anything else she can do to help. She says sheís staying at Brookeís until her and Ridge return but she could move in here. Katie says that she thinks theyíll be fine but thanks for the offer. Donna makes them promise to call her if they need anything before she leaves telling Bill to look after her sister. Bill tells her that she can count on it. When Donna leaves Bill tells Katie not to scare him like that ever again. Katie tells Bill that she knew their son needed a mother and that was why she came back. She says though the question is if their baby will have a father. †

Liam finds Steffy in his office. Seeing his mood Steffy asks if itís not a good day. Liam just smiles and Steffy asks about Katie and the baby. Liam says they are okay and admits to Steffy that he saw Hope today and had a conversation with her. Steffy says thus his mood and Liam says yes. Steffy says sheís sorry but Liam says Hope doesnít trust him and he earned that. Steffy says itís her Hope doesnít trust and says Hope still thinks something happened between them at the club that night. †

Steffy asks Liam where things stand. Liam says they donít and says itís over. She tell Liam that they should get out of here. Liam says yes if she wants lousy company then heís her man before saying that he doesnít want to do that to her. Steffy says that she knows heís hurting and that there is nothing he can do to bring her down. She tells Liam that she thinks they both know that she can do a lot for him. Holding out her hand she tells him to let her. Liam takes her hand and lets her lead them away. †

Rick asks Hope why she said no to Liam this time. Hope tells him itís because Liam is still lying about nothing happening between Steffy and him that night at the club. Rick, knowing that that was the lie he made up asks Hope if she told Liam that and Hope says no. She says she would not be able to hear him lie if she asked. Rick tells her that she is better off without Liam but Hope says she just hopes he would be honest with her. She says she still wonders if it was the right thing to do to leave that door wide open for Steffy. Hope says she was so absolute and not sheís just pushing him into Steffyís arms. †

Liam asks Steffy where she is taking him and she tells him heíll see. She leads him to a quiet open place and says that itís hard to believe that such a peaceful, quiet place could even exist in a place like L.A. Liam asks her why she is doing this and Steffy says that she brought him here to free him from all the pain he is feeling. She says she just wanted to give him a chance to breathe. Liam says heís breathing and smiles. Steffy asks him where he will go from here. Liam says no where but up making her smile. †

Bill tells Katie that if there is one thing she never has to question then it is his devotion to her and his baby. Katie doesnít look convinced and Bill says he knows sheís upset with his interference in Hope and Liamís relationship. Katie admits that she is and says how many times did he promise her he would stop. She says itís not just what he did with Hope and Liam but his disregard for her and their baby. She says what he did could have landed him in jail. She says she doesnít know how many years she has left and if he goes to prison. Bill says heís not going to jail and sheís not going to die but Katie says that he doesnít know that. She says that she loves him but she has to question what kind of future they have with his idiotic, impulsive moves. Bill looks upset. †

Hope says that Liam wants to marry her and she keeps pushing him away. She says okay so Liam doesnít share her principles; does that have to be a deal breaker. Rick asks Hope if she is willing to compromise what she believes in. Hope says no but says she just loves Liam so much. She says they have been through so much together and now she is just giving him back to Steffy. Hope cries as Rick holds her while looking upset. †

Seeing Liam looking relaxed Steffy says so she was right about him needing air. Liam says yes a lot has happened. Steffy talks about the baby to cheer him up but Liam still looks upset. Steffy asks if Hope isnít coming back and Liam says he thinks itís pretty damn final sheís not. She asks him what now and Liam says he stops beating himself up maybe. He says he did screw up and now Hope wonít forgive him but thatís his fault. Steffy tells Liam that there is life after Hope. Liam asks her if he can have her word on that. Steffy says he can have her word and much more and kisses Liam. †

Bill tells Katie that she can count on him being a good father. Katie says but his idea of parenting is all about control. Bill says he only wants whatís best for them and Katie says and she loves him for it but he does things that will one day end up hurting them and she doesnít know how to protect Will from that. Bill tells Katie that he knows he has made mistakes but asks her to look past that and into his heart. He says he is asking her for her forgiveness. Katie hugs Bill while crying and looking touched.  

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