B&B Thursday Update 9/27/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/27/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope, Donna, Bill and Katie admire the newborn. Bill tells Katie that she scared the hell out of him and tells her to never to that again. Hope says she thought they were going to lose her. Katie says they came closer than they think. The doctor comes in and asks how Katie is. Katie thanks Dr. Meade for his help and he says he’ll come back to check on her later. Liam comes to see his newborn brother and is elated with joy. Bill and Katie name the baby William Logan Spencer.

Taylor comes to visit Steffy in her office. Steffy tells Taylor that she can’t believe Katie almost died. Taylor says thank god she pulled through. Steffy says she talked to Bill and he told her that the baby and Katie are just fine. Caroline gets emotional at the latest addition to the family while Donna talks about how they all witnessed two miracles today: Katie and the baby.

She says where the heck is Brooke when you need her making them laugh. Katie says she can’t believe she’s holding her own son in her arms. Hope and Donna ask her what she was saying earlier about almost dying. Katie says she saw storm bringing Donna to tears.

Steffy says it is like Katie made it back against all odds. She says she knows Katie and her have had their differences but Katie is a very strong woman. Taylor says she has a feeling Katie will be a good mother while Steffy says she has a feeling she’ll give new meaning to the term mama lion. Steffy says Katie actually reminds her of her own mother. Taylor says she has no idea what that means and Steffy brings up how she just recently went to talk to Liam for her.

Taylor says she only had a friendly conversation with Liam and told him that she thinks he should let go of Hope so he can end his grieving process and move on with something more positive in his life. Steffy says she should be mad at her for interfering because it could have backfired. Taylor asks if it did and Steffy says no. She says it gave Liam a lot to think about.

She says Liam hasn’t gotten over Hope yet but also says he will. She says Hope is not in his life anymore and he’s starting to accept that. She says and soon enough he’ll realize that he has a much better option. Taylor smiles at her daughter.

Katie continues to talk about how she saw Storm. She tells them that he talked to her and told her that he gave her his heart and not to give up. She says she knew the choice was hers but she knew she needed to be back here. She says she needed to be with her son and raise him. She says she needed to be with them; all the people she loves and that was when her heart started beating again and she came back. Liam says that is the power of love and Hope looks at him for a moment.

Katie says she feels it all around her. Liam says that Katie is a miracle and says he doesn’t say it enough but he’s so proud to be able to call her family. Katie tells him that he’s going to be a wonderful big brother because he’s so kind and wonderful and says Hope feels that way about him too. There is a moment of awkward silence before Bill says today is about her and her baby. Hope says for once she agrees with Bill.

She says she was so scared she was going to lose her and all she could think about was if she showed her how much she loved her enough. She says she can’t imagine life without her and thanks her for coming back to them. Katie says she is so glad she is here because just seeing Liam and her together makes her heart feel better after al they have been through. She says after all they have been put through and says there is more to that than they know. Bill starts to look worried as he knows where Katie is going and Katie looks disappointed and bitter while looking at Bill.

Bill asks the doctor how Katie is looking and the doctor says completely stabilized. Dr. Meads says he’s good with releasing her on a condition and that is that she gets a few more hours of rest and everyone else leave except for Bill who is allowed to stay. Everyone moves to go and Liam pulls Hope aside. He asks her if she has somewhere she needs to be. Hope asks why and Liam tells her he’d love a private moment to talk with her.

Taylor tells Steffy that she is glad she is more confident. Steffy says that’s more hopeful and tells her mother that when Liam came to her after her talk they didn’t kiss or anything but that Liam opened up to her and admitted that he was torn up inside and that he couldn’t believe it was over with Hope.

She says it just felt really good to have an honest conversation. Taylor asks how they left off and Steffy says she told Liam it would take him some time to set himself free but that he would. Steffy says that she’ll know when he’s ready and then they will make new memories on top of the ones they already have. Steffy has a flashback about her times with Liam.

Liam asks Hope if she felt that in there. If she felt the magic of a new baby being born and the power of love. Hope says yes and Liam says it was all the things they wanted for each other and Hope again says yes. Liam takes Hope’s hands and says in the wake of this miracle he’s going to ask her one more time if she will forgive him. Hope looks back at Liam silently.

Bill says he’s never been as grateful as he is now. He says he thought his worst fear was going to come true and he would be left with a baby who he would resent for taking her from him. Katie says he would have never hated his own son but Bill says that he’s not a very good person without her influence. Katie says her influence is minimal at best but Bill tells her that she has changed him because she taught him how to love even if he doesn’t always do it well. He says that the truth is that he is a flawed man but a flawed man who loves her. He says that he hopes that will be enough moving her to tears.

Katie says that is enough for now and says they have their baby and that is all that really matters. The baby gurgles and Bill says he guesses that means he agrees. Katie says he thinks so does he and Bill says he knows so because Will is his son. He repeats the words ’his son’ looking overjoyed.

Liam tells Hope that he can be reborn as the man she needs as the man he wants to be. Hope looks touched. Liam laughs and asks her if she remembers how many times they talked about having kids of their own. Hope nods and looks teary. Liam holds her face and says that he loves her and that is not changing. He asks her again if she can forgive him.

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