B&B Wednesday Update 9/26/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/26/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie’s heart monitor continues to show she is not breathing. The doctors use a ventilator on her. Bill demands that Katie fight and not leave him.

Donna tells Pam that she deserves a lunch hour and to stop leaving her messages. Pam tells Donna that she left her a message about Katie and that she better get to the hospital. Donna is shocked to hear that Katie is in labor. Pam says that Liam was worried and she better go down there. Donna thinks to call Brooke but Pam explains that Brooke is not taking calls. Pam tells Donna to get to her sister and that everything will be fine. Donna does not want to lose her. Pam tells Donna she has to get to the hospital and she will pray for her.

The doctors use the defibrillator to shock Katie's heart back to life, but nothing seems to help.

Hope runs into a nurse and asks how the Katie is doing. The nurse explains that Katie has had a heart attack and that she had the baby. The nurse takes the baby to the NICU and asks Hope to pray for him. Hope cries into Liam’s arms.

Bill demands that they try harder to bring Katie back and starts to get emotional. They shout for the Blue Team to rush to the ICU.

Donna runs into the hospital and Hope spots her. Donna asks Hope how Katie is doing. Hope explains that she had the baby and it appears to be ok. Donna is happy until she wonders about Katie. Liam explains that Katie is not doing well. Donna wonders what this means. Hope says that Katie might have had a heart attack. Donna starts to freak out and can’t believe that Katie is not ok she starts to cry. Hope hugs her.

The doctors continue to try to get Katie back to life by giving her CPR. Katie’s spirit leaves her body and she sees a bright light. She has flashbacks to her childhood. Katie sees Storm who is in the light.

Donna wonders if everything would end where it began. Liam wonders if this is the hospital Katie was born at. Hope explains that her uncle Storm killed himself and gave Katie his heart. A flashback is shown to the events of Katie getting accidently shot by Storm. Liam thinks that it was horrible. Donna explains that they all prepared to say goodbye to Katie. A flashback is shown to Brooke and Donna saying goodbye to Katie when they assumed she would die. Hope explains she needed a transplant. Donna says that Bridget called everyone but no one was a match. Liam understands that Storm shot himself in order to save his sister’s life. Donna starts to cry again and so does Hope.

The doctors continue to give Katie CPR.

Katie is shocked to see her brother. Storm refuses to allow Katie to come with him to heaven because she still has things to do. One day they will be together but not now. Katie wishes that Bill could feel what she is feeling now. Katie hears Bill’s voice to come back and the light disappears.

The doctors get the heart monitor back on track. Bill is happy that Katie has come back and kisses her.

Donna wonders if Hope has any idea how to get a hold of Brooke. Hope explains they left messages but no one can reach her. The doctor comes over to them all and explains that Katie has pulled through and they all go to see her.

Everyone goes to see Katie and Donna explains that she was so freaked out. The baby is given to Katie and Bill and her old the baby. Katie and Bill smile over the baby and Bill explains he could not have raised a baby without her. Everyone smiles over how things turned out. Katie sees the light from the corner of the room and smiles.

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