B&B Tuesday Update 9/25/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/25/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brad asks the doctor what happened with Katie. The doctor explains that Katie needs help with things while she still can.

A doctor wakes Katie up. Katie tells the doctor to save the baby no matter what Bill says because it is her choice when it comes to the baby.

Pam asks Thomas how she is supposed to get all the messages to Ridge. Hope explains that Donna was supposed to know what to do. Pam explains Donna won’t listen and that she is told to give the messages to Rick. Thomas is mad that Rick is getting the messages because they are not meant for him. Hope tries to explain that he handled that well.

Bill calls up Liam and tells Liam that Katie is in labor and to get down to the hospital.

Bill runs into the hospital room and the doctors explain that Katie needs an emergency C section and that they have to do it or either the baby or Katie could end up being hurt badly. Bill does not agree but Katie will not change her mind. Bill decides that he has no choice and allows Katie to go through with it.

Thomas does not think that Hope is selling the same product she once sold as it looks different than her image. Hope explains what she wants the line to look like now that she has changed a bit. She does not want it to look like a guy is in charge of her life. Pam walks in again and tells Hope Liam is on the phone. Liam tells Hope that Katie is in labor and to get down to the hospital.

Katie breaths heavily and tries to get through the C section. Bill tries to help Katie through this.

Caroline walks in and finds Thomas. Caroline wonders where Hope went and he explains that Katie went into premature labor. Caroline is shocked as that is her aunt as well. Thomas thinks it is bad to be out of the loop when it comes to family

Hope wonders what is going on with Katie. Liam explains that Katie’s heart is not doing well. Hope wonders if she should leave. Liam explains that she has to stay because she is Katie’s family.

Katie tells the doctors that she cannot feel anything. Katie asks Bill to promise her to not play with Hope and Liam anymore and to let love go first. Bill says he will for her. The doctors tell Bill to leave but he refuses. One doctor allows him to stay but he has to be in the proper attire. Bill tells Katie he loves her and that he will be right back. Katie tells Bill that she loves him too.

Caroline knows that she does know her uncle very well and growing up she only ever had her mother and did not want to meet any other Spencer’s. Thomas tells a story of his first marriage. Thomas explains that he does remember loving Hope but he does not anymore and has someone who really does love him and is always there.

Hope wonders who keeps coming and going. Liam thinks it is one of her doctors. Hope hopes the baby is ok. Liam thinks that Hope is not meant for this world but for another. Hope jokes that the baby might be holding the reason in his hand when he is born. Liam does know if he wants to be a father. Hope does not think Liam is talking normally. Liam wonders what if Katie dies and what if it was Hope in the room.

Bill tells Katie things will be alright. The doctors tell Bill that there was a small bleed but it is over and happens all the time. The doctors tell Katie to stay still. Katie tells Bill that she will be looking at Bill until her last day. The baby is born and Katie is still awake. Bill kisses Katie happy that things are going well.

Liam tells Hope that the baby is fine and the baby is breathing fine and that he has a little brother. Hope is so happy and hugs Liam when she learns Katie is doing well as well. Hope wishes she could be as strong as Katie. Liam never wanted Hope to be any different. Hope wonders if she still could be different.

Katie asks how the baby is doing. Bill explains he is doing fine. The doctors do not advise Katie to sit up. They give the baby to Bill and Katie is happy. Katie then passes out and her heart gives out. The doctors try to get her back.

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