B&B Monday Update 9/24/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/24/12


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Katie is in the hospital, distressed and worried about the baby. The attending physician instructs Katie to take deep breaths. Bill wonders what is wrong with Katie. Katie begins hyperventilating because she is in pain. Katie is stroking her belly. The doctor says Katie cannot be given any medications because of her heart transplant. Both Katie and Bill are frightened by the grim news. When Katie starts to become hysterical, the doctor says she might have to be given a steroid to deliver. Bill advises Katie to relax, that the baby is fine. The doctor says Katie’s heart rate needs to stay below 140. Bill kisses the top of Katie’s head. Katie’s primary doctor appears and asks for an update. Both doctors are concerned about Katie’s worsening contractions. Katie’s doctor is worried about the spike in Katie’s heart rate; she pulls the attending physician aside to talk about their next option. Bill asks Katie what she needs him to do. Katie asks Bill to hold her hand. Bill hates seeing Katie so upset. Katie wants the contractions to stop. Katie is worried about Bill’s state-of-mind. Katie knows Bill is concerned about her and the baby. Katie promises Bill that she won’t die. Bill starts to cry. Bill professes his love to Katie, but admits he let her down. Katie’s doctor says the contractions are getting worse. Bill stands up and talks to the attending physician; he says a cardiologist won’t help Katie right now. The male doctor urges Bill to start praying if he hasn’t already. Bill looks over at a pale and fragile Katie.

Liam shows up at Steffy’s loft. Liam jokes that Steffy is a sight for sore eyes. They are flirting with each other; Steffy tells Liam she is glad he stopped by. Steffy inches closer to Liam. Liam says he has missed Steffy. Liam apologizes for not calling Steffy. Steffy doesn’t want Liam to apologize. Steffy tells Liam that she’ll always love him. Liam smiles at Steffy. Steffy apologizes for Taylor butting into Liam’s love life. Liam says Taylor is only being protective of Steffy, something he can understand. Liam says Taylor is awesome both as a mom and a therapist. Liam confides that his visit with Taylor gave him some needed insight – he needs to learn how to let go in order to open himself up to new possibilities. Liam admits he is still heartbroken over Hope, but he is genuinely happy to see Steffy. Steffy teases that she has Taylor to thank for having Liam drop by for a visit. Liam is quiet, something that Steffy notices. Steffy realizes how messed up Liam is about Hope. Liam apologizes for putting Steffy through this. Steffy claims she is a “realist,” so she isn’t going to be upset that Liam still loves Hope. Both agree that Hope’s rules are hard to live up to. However, Steffy is convinced Hope loves Liam. Steffy believes Liam is having a hard time moving on. Liam admits it is tough. Liam thanks Steffy for listening to him vent. Steffy promises to always be there for Liam. Steffy comments that Liam will be free soon, and that possibly they will get back together. Steffy says she’ll know when Liam is ready to love again.

In Ridge’s office, Thomas is sketching when Taylor walks in looking for Steffy. Thomas asks his mom to look at his design for Hope’s new fashion line. Taylor is impressed by Thomas’ sketch. Thomas relays he visited Steffy at her place. Thomas says Steffy is a bit upset Liam hasn’t called her. Thomas is worried about Steffy, but Taylor implies Liam is about to change his mind about her. Thomas is surprised Taylor and Liam talked. Taylor says Liam was candid, and feels that being honest about his feelings will help Liam eventually get over Hope. Taylor knows Liam has a lot of issues to deal with. Taylor hopes Liam can move on from Hope and see if he can have a future with Steffy. Thomas wishes the same thing for his sister, but wonders what Steffy thinks about it. Thomas believes Steffy is a little cautious about getting back together with Liam. Taylor thinks it’s a huge possibility that Steffy and Liam will be a couple again.

Bill goes to the hospital chapel. It is dim with white candles everywhere. Bill closes the door and stares at the cross on the wall. Bill looks very uncomfortable being at the chapel. Unbeknownst to Bill, Katie is getting worse. Her blood pressure is spiking, something that is a concern to both of the doctors. Katie’s physician wonders where Bill is. The doctors agree Katie needs to have an emergency c-section. Katie starts to lose consciousness. Back in the chapel, Bill sits down at a pew and starts speaking to God. Bill hates that this situation is out of his control; he feels helpless. Bill is thankful for his drive and success in business, but thinks it is a curse to always be the one who fixes things. Bill says he never asks for help, but he is now. Bill begs God to help Katie and the unborn baby because they are innocent in all this. Bill feels awful because he caused Katie to get distressed in the first place. Bill bargains with God and asks Katie and the baby to be spared. Bill asks God to take him instead. Bill breaks down into tears just as the door opens, casting a bright light upon him. The attending physician walks in and tells Bill that Katie needs him. Bill demands to know what happened to his wife, but the doctor doesn’t say anything.

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