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Katie tells Bill that she thinks she’s going into labor leaving him panicked. Thomas knocks on Steffy’s door and asks her what she wants to eat. Steffy says she’s not in the mood and Thomas asks if she had a bad day.

Steffy asks him if Taylor told him to come over but Thomas says no. Steffy starts to talk about Hope and Caroline and how at some point he’s going to have to make a choice but Thomas says that speaking of choices, he thought Liam already made his. He says he saw Liam and her at the wedding together and asks her why she’s still living here.

Taylor walks in on Liam yelling at an employee like he never has before. When the employee leaves, Liam asks Taylor if she is here to know what is going on between Steffy and him. Taylor admits that is why she came but says that after seeing him, she’s wondering what is going on with him.

Katie says it’s too soon and she’s worried. Bill says he’s calling the doctor. Katie says she’s scared and continues looking pained. Bill takes Katie to the doctor. Steffy tells Thomas not to change the subject. Thomas says he didn’t come here to get grilled about his love life. Steffy agrees to lay off about Caroline of he does the same for her. Thomas says okay but asks if she’s okay and says she’d tell him if anything changed. Steffy says yes she would if she knew what to say. Thomas asks what that means and Steffy says Liam has been a bit hard to read lately. She reveals to him how they haven’t really talked after the wedding. Thomas says but he’s still coming back to her, right but Steffy does not look sure that Liam is.

Liam tells Taylor that Steffy is very important to him. She asks if he has talked to her today. Liam says things today have been hectic. Taylor says he’s throwing himself in his work. Liam says yes, the magazine does not run itself. She asks if work is his priority now but Liam says he has a lot of priorities. When Taylor asks if getting over Hope is one of them Liam again says that he really cares about Steffy. Taylor says she knows that and says that she doesn’t believe he ever meant to hurt anyone. Liam thanks her for saying that but says he’s not looking back at his past now. Taylor asks if that is because he doesn’t want to or because he can’t bear it. Liam’s face makes it obvious that Taylor hit a nerve.

Bill rushes Katie to the hospital. When the doctor says Katie has to deliver the baby, Bill tells him it’s not so simple because this is a high risk pregnancy. He tells them how Katie had a heart transplant. He tells them Katie needs help now. Steffy tells Thomas that she can’t tell him what he wants to know. Thomas says he just wants to know if she’s okay. Steffy says that she’ll be okay no matter what happens and says she just thought it would healthier this way, for Liam and her to wait a bit before they jumped into something. She admits that she just thought it would have been faster though.

Taylor listens to Liam yell at another worker on the phone and when he’s through she says Hope wouldn’t give him another chance so now no one gets one. Liam says wow and Taylor says sorry for being so direct. Liam says it’s okay and says he knows she has a point to make and asks her to make it. Taylor says she’s surprised. She says she heard from Steffy that he had made some changes. Liam says yes he’s not here to hold hands and that he has a magazine to put out. Taylor gets to the point and says he seems like he’s having anxiety issues and is arming himself against hurt by having a kind of darkness. She says he’s changed but Liam snaps that he may be taking control of his life now but that he’s the same man he has always been. Taylor looks very concerned.

Taylor says she’s not saying there is anything wrong with what he has been doing. Liam says good then why are they talking about it. Taylor says she came out of concern. Liam asks if this is about Steffy because he is trying to put Hope behind him. Taylor says that if he does that, if he puts Hope behind him then it would always be in the back of his mind. She sighs and says that this is in a sense like grieving a death. Liam bursts at that point and starts to cry. He tries to stop himself but can’t help it. Taylor says she knows he’s trying to detach himself but says that she wants him to know that when one door closes another opens. She says maybe to something better, Liam wipes his tears and looks like Taylor’s words have meant something to him.

Thomas tells Steffy that he thinks it’s right what she is doing. Steffy says she’s not doing anything but Thomas says she is by taking this slow. Steffy says she’s not a patient person though but Thomas says that it’s a good sign that Liam is taking it slow. He says that means he’s serious this time. Steffy says Hope is not slow though because she’s announcing press conference and kissing Thomas. Steffy says and now Liam has all these new expectations slapped onto him and she doesn’t think that is healthy for him. She tells Thomas that Liam should be enjoying his life and being happy. Finally, she admits that she doesn’t think Liam having so much asked from him is good for them either leaving Thomas curious.

Katie is hooked up the heart monitor. The doctor tells them the baby is okay but if Katie’s heart pressure goes up too high then they will have to perform an emergency C-section and make her have the baby. The doctor tells Bill that surgery on a person with a heart transplant is very risky. Bill gets a flashback on how he was terrified of losing Katie because of this pregnancy and he says that is not going to happen. Going over to Katie he attempts to make her calm down and relax.

Steffy remembers her time with Liam in Aspen before a knock at her door snaps her out of it. Going to open it she thinks it’s Thomas and is shocked to find Liam there instead. Liam asks if it’s okay to come in. Steffy says yes and lets him in. Liam tells Steffy that her mother came to see him today. Having some idea what Taylor might have talked about she starts to apologize for her but Liam tells her that her mother is a smart lady.

Steffy says she knows but she doesn’t always know what is right for everybody. Liam interrupts her by saying when one door closes another opens. Steffy says what and Liam smiles saying that is what Taylor said to him. Steffy says well her mother is a brilliant woman before saying she’s been saying this all this time and he listen to her mother? She gives him a noogie and Liam says no noogies making Steffy laugh and Liam chuckles back at her.

Bill asks why Katie is still having contractions. The doctor tells him that right not Katie’s heart rate is his prime concern. He says if it gets anywhere above 140. Bill looks at the monitor and notices how her heart rate is on the rise again. Racing over to her, he tries to calm her down again. Katie tries to listen to him and take deep breaths and remain calm but is having a very difficult time.

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