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Bill tries to stop Katie from figuring out why Deacon is here to see him by saying that he’s probably just looking for money since Liam is married to Hope. Katie doesn’t believe him and says she’s sure he already paid money to Deacon. Turning to Deacon she asks him what her husband paid him to do. Bill looks worried.

Hope tells Liam that she will always love him and only said she didn’t love him to get him to stop trying to make them happen. Liam says he will never understand how that works if they love each other but Hope says it doesn’t matter how much they love each other. She says that is because he will never be able to give her his whole heart. Liam says he can and he did. Hope looks back at Liam with doubt all over his face.

Taylor tells Steffy about how Thorne was there for her during Ridge’s wedding before telling Steffy that she thinks it’s pretty amazing how she was there for her dad regardless of how she feels about Brooke. Steffy says she thinks so too. Taylor asks if Liam was there. Steffy says yes and Taylor asks if he was there as her date.

Hope tells Liam that maybe if he had been honest. Liam says every time he wasn’t honest he was trying not to hurt her. Hope tells him that’s not it and says not telling the whole truth is the same as lying. She says maybe not to a Spencer but that is how she sees it. Liam asks what she means by ‘not to a Spencer’ and Hope says he’s just a lot more like his father now. Liam does not look happy.

Deacon tells Katie that he was just trying to reconnect with Hope. Katie asks him what Bill has to do with this. Deacon tells her that Bill got him out of prison. Shocked and angry she asks him how. Deacon says it was either a bribe or blackmail but that doesn’t matter. He says he was given his freedom and all he had to do was delay Hope from getting to the altar. He says he didn’t want to do it but he had six years left in his sentence and he didn’t think it was that bad because he was just delaying Hope. He says he also didn’t know about his parting letter’s consequences until today. Katie looks at Bill with hurt and disgust on her face.

Steffy tells Taylor that she doesn’t want Taylor to worry about Liam and her but Taylor says that she’ll do more than worry if she starts to think that Liam is using her. Steffy says he’s not. Taylor reminds Steffy how she is there for him day or night. Steffy insists that if the situation was reversed then he’d be there for her too. Steffy says that yes, Liam is going through a difficult time but she’s just going to be there for him. She says she thinks that she’ll be ready for whatever is next.

Liam says that his dad has been there for him but maybe on some subconscious level maybe he is like his dad. Hope says yes he is a lot more like him now. She says and there is nothing wrong with that because girls like Steffy really go for that. When Liam starts to try and defend himself, Hope tells him he can act how he wants because it’s not her problem. She says she can understand him trying to please his dad though and talks about how Deacon showed up to meet her recently.

She says he showed up just like he did on their wedding day. Liam asks what he wanted and Hope says he heard about how they broke up and wanted to check up on her. She says that Deacon blames himself for them breaking up because he thinks if he hadn’t shown up that day then they’d be married by now.

Liam says Deacon isn’t wrong there, they would be married and happy. Hope looks at him doubtfully and asks if that really would have happened or would he still have been unsure of who he wanted. Liam tells her that he had been sure who he wanted that day and it was her. Hope doesn’t look convinced.

Katie asks Deacon what kind of father does what he did to Hope. Deacon says that he had to choose between six more years in prison or seeing his daughter. He asks her if that doesn’t make sense to her. Katie says none of this does and asks him why he’s here now. She says it can’t be because he wants to try being a father to Hope now. Deacon asks if that is so wrong. He says he does want to be there for Hope but Katie tells him to just walk away from Hope’s life. She tells him that Brooke was right to keep him away from Hope and orders him to leave and never come back. Bill tells Deacon that Katie heard everything she wants from him and tells him to get out. When Deacon leaves, Bill asks Katie if she’s willing to listen or if she is walking out too.

Taylor tells Steffy that she is proud of her and that Liam should see that he would be so much better off with her because she’s so strong and mature. Taylor says though that it is very unlikely that a person is likely to change their mind after having their heart divided for so long drawing from her experience with Ridge. Steffy says but there had been a change in Liam ever since Hope said it was over. She says he’s a bit colder now and it is all about his business. Taylor says that sounds like Liam’s dad, not Liam. Steffy agrees and says she’s not too worried about it. She says she supports everything Liam needs to do to bounce back but says she hopes he goes back to being the old Liam. Taylor says and then he will go back to his old wife. Steffy smiles at her mother.

Hope says that she told her dad not to blame himself. Liam says he’s glad Deacon came back because he knows how much he means to her. He says that maybe Brooke may even accept Deacon if she realizes he loves her and really wants to do good for her. Hope says he is doing that. She says that is all she wanted; to know her father. Liam smiles but stops as soon as Hope says that she just didn’t know that getting to know her dad would cost him her. Liam strokes Hope’s face as her tears fall.

Bill tells Katie that he is not Deacon in a frustrated voice. He says he loves Liam and had to do this. Katie yells at him saying what about their son and their family. Katie says what happens when Deacon Sharpe wants to take them all down with him. Bill says he would never let that happen. Katie snaps and says he can’t do that because he has given Deacon all the power. She then shifts the conversation back to their baby and says that he has jeopardized his entire future. She suddenly screams that she is not going to let him turn that baby into and angry, brooding carbon copy of himself. She says as long as she is breathing she will protect him from him. Bill looks really hurt.

Taylor asks if Steffy thinks that Liam is trying to be like his dad. Steffy says she isn’t sure. She says at dinner with Bill and Katie, Bill really drilled into Liam what it means to be a man and to be a Spencer. She says that is nothing new coming from Bill but this time Liam was really listening and that made her think that maybe he was changing. Taylor asks Steffy if she ever told Liam about what his dad did in Italy.

Steffy says no because she can’t imagine what good would come out of it. Taylor says if she tells him then maybe Liam will think twice about wanting to be like Bill. Liam tries to tells Hope that he wouldn’t hurt her again but Hope says he wouldn’t mean to but would do it anyway.

Liam sighs and tells her that he just wants her to know that he knows how bad he messed up. He thanks Hope for every time she had been there for him and talks about how good they were together before admitting that he did hurt her a lot. He says he really did think that she was going to forgive him for that crazy night with Steffy. He asks her what changed and Hope says she guesses she changed. Crying, she says that she couldn’t do it anymore and says it just should not be this hard.

Katie continues to reprimand Bill for his actions and says that now everyone is going to see what kind of man he is when she suddenly screams in pain. Bill asks her what is wrong and Katie clutches her stomach while looking pale and afraid.

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