B&B Wednesday Update 9/19/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/19/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill wants to know what Deacon is doing there and tells him no one goes to his building.

Hope tells Donna and Katie that Deacon came to see her because he was worried for her.

Deacon explains that Hope is in a lot of pane and will not allow it. Bill says that it is not his or Deacon’s fault that Liam and Hope are not married but because of other reasons so no one needs to know anything. Deacon threatens to go talk to Liam.

Liam complains to his employees to do what he asks of them and nothing more or less. He tells them to leave when Caroline walks in. Caroline asks if Liam is doing ok. Liam says that he has a job to do. Caroline wonders if Hope is making Liam upset.

Donna asks about the letter that Deacon left in Italy. Hope explains that he showed up again anyways and is happy that he has decided to come into her life.

Deacon tells Bill he does not care about money and he is not for sale this time.

Liam gets mad over what Caroline has said. Caroline thinks that the way that Liam is acting is not helping him with his life. Liam explains that Hope does not love him and he has accepted it. Caroline says that Hope still loves Liam.

Katie tells Hope not to get her hopes up but she is happy for her. Hope understands but thinks that Deacon is trustworthy.

Bill does not think that Deacon cares about Hope. Deacon knows that in the past he did not but he does now. Bill says to stay away from Liam or he will have Deacon back in prison. Deacon tells Bill not to threaten him because if the truth came out Bill could go to jail as well. Deacon does not think Liam would forgive Bill for all he has done. Bill asks if Hope trusts Deacon. Deacon says that maybe someday she will.

Liam thanks Caroline for the advice but he does not have time right now. Caroline tells Liam not to treat her like an employee. Caroline explains that she knows that Hope is his true love and that nothing has changed. Liam wonders about Steffy though. Caroline explains that Steffy is a distraction. Liam says she is more than that. Caroline says then go marry her but give Hope one last shot or Liam might think he is just settling. Liam has flashbacks.

Donna understands that Hope thinks he can trust Deacon. Katie decides to change the subject to Liam. Hope explains that she does not want to be with Liam but she loves him still and does not know what to do. Hope wishes that Thomas would leave her alone because she does not want to share him with Caroline.

Bill says that Hope needs help accepting Liam is over her. Deacon wonders what else Bill has done to Hope and Liam and wonders if Bill had anything to do with the last Hope and Liam wedding extravaganza. Deacon thinks that the way Bill is acting is classic to his behavior. Bill says that Hope left Liam because she knows that Liam loves Steffy and not Hope. Deacon wonders what would happen if Hope and Liam came face to face just one more time.

Liam walks into Hope’s office and Hope is shocked to see him. Liam notices that Hope is working. Hope just says yes. Liam wonders what Hope thinks of having Thomas as a partner. Hope explains that Thomas has really good ideas. Hope also notices that Liam is only wearing dark clothes. Liam explains that he does own one red tie. Liam is happy to see Hope laugh at something he said. Hope tells Liam to leave. Hope thinks Liam has left but she turns around to find Liam who asks if what Hope has said was true. Hope says no.

Deacon thinks it is crazy that Liam does not like the way Bill does things. Bill tells goodbye to Deacon and that he will never return. Deacon tells Bill to go to therapy right away and can’t believe that Bill acts the way he does. Katie walks in and wonders what is going on. She makes the connection and now knows that Bill is the reason Hope’s wedding went wrong in Italy.

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