B&B Tuesday Update 9/18/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/18/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Hope smiles when she sees Deacon. Deacon is so happy to know that Hope is in such a good place. He hugs her after she shares that she and Liam are no longer together.

Katie and Bill discuss the baby and what he will do when he is older. Katie thinks that Bill is pushing Liam. Bill thinks that this is all of Liam’s choosing.

Hope is happy to see Deacon and is shocked that he even came back. They talk about Ridge and Brooke getting married again. Hope just says that things went crazy with Liam. Deacon thinks that he should have been there for Hope and thinks Hope is such a great girl and he does not deserve it because he is responsible for things not working out for Hope and Liam.

Thomas and Caroline kiss passionately in an office. Thomas once again explains that he did not mean anything with the kiss he gave to Hope. Rick walks in and shows pictures to Thomas of him and Hope saying they look good together. Caroline frowns.

Liam walks into Bill’s office mad about how the budget is out of place. Katie wonders why he is not with Hope. Liam says he has other stuff to do.

Deacon explains that he had so much to do with what happened and Hope does not know. Deacon is shocked to hear that Liam left Hope because of the letter.

Oliver shows up in the hallway and Pam and Donna fight over who gets to open the door for him. Oliver gives the pictures to Rick.

Bill looks through things on the computer and looks at the pictures of Hope and Thomas. He does not think Hope is interested in Liam anymore.

Hope says that after everything that happened she hates that she still loves Liam. However she knows that Liam and Steffy love each other to much for her to fight anymore. She starts to cry and says that she just could not do it anymore. Deacon tells Hope he wanted to stay for her at the wedding but he couldn’t and if he could have stayed then Liam and Hope would be married. Hope does not agree with this. Deacon wonders if Hope really feels that she needs a fresh start after listening to Hope talk about Liam at current.

Rick explains he want’s Hope’s new line to get out publicity wise so that is why he needed them to get out. Thomas and Oliver leave. Rick explains that the pictures are just for publicity so Caroline has nothing to worry about. Rick starts to kiss Caroline and she kisses back. They stop kissing and look at each other.

Katie explains that this is all silly and that Thomas is with Caroline. Bill wonders what Caroline thinks about all of this. Bill says that Liam is over Hope.

Deacon thinks that he should have protected Hope but was not because he was never there. Hope says that things do not always happen the way they want them to. Deacon wonders if Steffy would have been the reason that the wedding did not work out. Hope says that she is the one who invited Steffy to help mend the families. Deacon explains he never wrote the letter. Hope asks Deacon what he means he never wrote the letter. Deacon says that he did not mean to write the letter and wishes he never did. Hope wonders why he chose to come back. Deacon tells Hope that he say the press conference and had to come back. Deacon thinks that Bill is a control freak and needs to be shown who is boss. Hope does not care about that but want’s Deacon to stay. Hope hugs Deacon and says she loves him.

Bill is happy that Liam is embracing the ways of the Spencer family and he is not to look back.

Hope looks at pictures of Liam and her during the wedding and has flashbacks. Hope smiles after thinking about Liam.

Bill talks on the phone with someone as he gets a knock on the door. Deacon walks in and Bill is shocked to see him.

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