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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/17/12


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Rick is sitting in Ridge’s office chair, smiling at a picture frame of himself. Hope walks in just as Rick puts the frame away in a desk drawer. Hope makes a comment about Rick enjoying taking over Ridge’s position. Hope reminds Rick not to get too comfortable since Ridge will be returning after his honeymoon to Brooke. Rick tells Hope that he can handle it. Hope jokes that Rick should savor the moment of being in control. Rick brings up Thomas. Hope insists they are only friends. Rick says Thomas is loyal to Hope. Hope talks about Liam, which makes Rick mention Liam’s undeniable connection to Steffy. Rick reminds Hope that Liam and Steffy hung out together during Ridge and Brooke’s wedding. Hope believes Liam is a changed man. Rick asks Hope to clarify. Hope says she sensed something about Liam at the wedding. Rick urges Hope to listen to her gut regarding Liam. Hope believes Liam is “internalized” all of a sudden, that he has lost the sparkle in his eyes. Hope thinks the change in Liam has more to do than just losing her. Thomas walks in with Caroline in tow. Rick brings up the photo shoot for the next Hope For the Future campaign. Rick suggests Thomas and Hope collaborate about their designs. Hope agrees to talk with Thomas. Rick thinks Ridge will love the ideas when he returns. Caroline grimaces as she watches Hope and Thomas interacting with each other.

Liam is in Bill’s office, directing a business meeting with the employees. Liam wants to know the latest information about Forrester Designs. Unbeknownst to Liam, Bill is listening from the doorway. Cindy brings up the Hope For the Future line, something that irritates Liam. Liam wants his father’s company to publish something edgy. Liam asks that the employees re-write their articles about Ridge and Brooke’s wedding. A male employee brings up Thomas’s incredible designs. Liam scoffs the man’s ideas, leaning more toward an interesting story that could headline their magazine. After shooing the employees out of the office, Liam appears grumpy and pours himself a drink. Bill walks in with a smile on his face. Bill likes Liam’s drive for success. Liam smiles back at his father. Liam admits the meeting was awful. Bill reminds Liam that the employees are not his friends. Bill says Liam needs to be cutthroat in the publishing business because no one will respect you otherwise. Bill wishes Liam would stop being such a nice guy. Liam brings up Hope. Bill says to Liam that breaking up with Hope was a life lesson. Bill insists Liam will run Spencer Publications someday. For Liam, Bill’s words seem to finally be sinking in. Bill is grateful Liam is beginning to heed his father’s advice. Bill says women soften men, and that Liam should not let his emotions take over his life. Bill’s suggestion: “mind over matter.” Liam proposes a what-if scenario – that if Katie left Bill, what would he do? Bill says he would be devastated, but he’d survive. Bill tells Liam that he would need a distraction (work or another woman) to get over Katie, but eventually he’d be fine. Bill makes it clear that Liam cannot lose respect for himself. Bill thinks love and respect go hand in hand. Bill wants Liam to command respect, whether in the business world or his love life. Katie interrupts their conversation and asks Liam if Bill is hassling him. Bill says the two were having a nice father-and-son chat. Katie walks over to Bill and tells him their unborn boy is kicking a lot. Bill isn’t surprised because their child is a Spencer. Katie asks how Liam is doing. Liam says he is okay, not wanting to admit that he’s a little bothered because Thomas and Hope stood up for Ridge and Brooke at the wedding. Liam comments that Hope is no longer in love with him. Katie is shocked by the news, but figures Hope lied because she’s hurting. Bill defends Liam and says he needs to move on from Hope. Katie assumes Bill wants Liam’s next girlfriend to be Steffy. Liam asks that Bill leave his love life alone. Liam hurries out of the office. Bill is thankful Liam is no longer playing the victim. However, Katie thinks Liam is on his way to see Hope. Bill knows it will take time for Liam to start acting like a true Spencer. Bill tells Katie that Hope treated him like garbage. Katie believes Hope and Liam can sort out their issues. Bill needs to find a way to strengthen Liam’s resolve so he is no longer Mr. Doormat.

Rick, Thomas, and Hope arrive at the photo shoot. Rick likes Thomas and Hope’s fashion designs, and compliments Thomas on kissing Hope at the press conference. Nearby, Oliver and Caroline discuss how the photo shoot should run. Everyone is all smiles except Caroline; she looks mad. Rick announces the start of the shoot. Thomas puts his hands around Hope. Caroline is glowering whereas Rick is smiling ear to ear. Caroline decides she can’t take it anymore, so she barges out of the photo room. Thomas stops the shoot to run after his girlfriend. Rick doesn’t look pleased. After the shoot, Oliver, Rick and Hope look over the pictures taken. Oliver and Rick agree that Hope and Thomas take good pictures together. Rick wants to start the Hope For the Future campaign immediately; Oliver promises to put a rush on the photographs. Hope wonders if Rick should get Ridge’s approval before proceeding with the campaign. Rick reminds Hope that Ridge and Brooke requested that no one interrupt them on their honeymoon. Hope recalls her wedding to Liam in Italy.

Thomas follows Caroline to Ridge’s office. Caroline doesn’t want to talk, but Thomas won’t leave. Caroline figures her relationship is “on hold” with Thomas because of Hope. Caroline brings up the fact that she and Thomas never spend quality time together. Thomas hopes Caroline can understand because he is only trying to help Hope - as a friend. Caroline reminds Thomas that he used to love Hope at one time. Thomas explains why he had to step in at the press conference; he was worried Hope might have another meltdown. Thomas promises he doesn’ t have romantic feelings for Hope. Caroline apologizes to Thomas because she has been selfish. Thomas says he misses Caroline. Caroline smiles; they share a passionate kiss.

In the photo room, Hope tells Rick that she’s still in love with Liam. Rick urges Hope to keep her options open, though. Rick suggests Thomas, but Hope says he is currently seeing Caroline and he’s not Liam. Rick tells Hope that he needs to get back to work. Hope is left alone in the room to ponder her thoughts. A woman walks in carrying a vase of flowers, and hands a card to Hope. Hope wonders who could have sent the flowers. Hope opens the card and it reads “I love you.” Hope turns when she hears someone say, “I sent them.” Hope is shocked to see her father Deacon.

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