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Eric takes a photograph of Ridge and Brooke. Eric says it's perfect and Ridge says yes Brooke is. Brooke smiles before Thomas asks for their attention as Steffy and him want to make a toast. He says he wants to say how happy he is to be here and tells them they are such a testament to love. Steffy says yes, it took a while for them to appreciate what they mean to each other but they do now. Katie looks like she doesn't believe one word of what Steffy is saying. Steffy continues her speech and says here they are together for life and committed while others may give up at which Hope looks down.

Steffy says they just don't give up and says they have taught her what love is like. She says it is more than just love, it is friendship and reaching out. Liam looks touched at her words as Hope looks more and more uncomfortable. Steffy ends her speech and Thomas thanks Brooke and Ridge for letting them share this day with them.

The group says cheers and have their champagne as the reception begins. Rick seizes his chance and tells Thomas that Hope could use a friend right now. Thomas goes over to Hope and says they should get some food. As Hope says okay and goes with Thomas, Liam looks rejected again something Bill frowns at from a short distance.

Dayzee asks Marcus if he is thinking what she is thinking. Marcus says if she means they should sneak off to the guest house. Dayzee laughs and says no, she says she was thinking of how not too long ago they said their vows. Marcus says of course he was thinking about that too. Knowing what was on his mind Dayzee says yea right and laughs as they share a kiss.

Steffy goes over to Liam who is watching Hope and Thomas sadly. Steffy tells him she'll leave anytime with him if he likes because he looks so miserable. She says they can take off on her bike. Liam smiles and thanks her but says it's her dad's wedding. He says he wouldn't ask that of her. Steffy says oh please and tells him that she would leave her own wedding for him making Liam laugh.

Bill watches Steffy and Liam smugly. Katie comes over to him with the drink he asked for. Seeing who is watching she says it seems his dinner worked for now before saying next time he should get his own drink. Bill makes Katie feel better by telling her she's beautiful and that she's clearly past her first trimester in the pregnancy saying that is a good thing. When Katie looks away Bill goes back to looking at Steffy and Liam and he has a twisted look on his face as if he's up to something.

Eric and Donna share a moment. Eric asks her about work and working with Pam. Donna answers him before saying that's what he wanted to talk about; work? Eric says he wanted to make sure she was okay since there have been a lot of weddings recently. He says he had been hoping Justin and her would find their way back to each other. Donna says well sometimes no matter how much you love each other it's just not meant to be. Eric assures her that the right man will come along.

Bill congratulates Brooke on yet another wedding. He asks if she's going to be satisfied with this one or are they going to have to sit through a few more. Brooke says she thinks this one will do. She says he hopes the next wedding will be Hope and Liam's. Bill asks if she is kidding because Hope ended things and Liam and Steffy seem to be getting close again. He says he is grateful Hope moved on and tells Brooke he would be grateful to her if she kept Hope away from Liam. Brooke says well she thinks he's wrong and so does Katie. Katie comes over and asks what they disagree on but Bill says he's not talking about this in front of their unborn son. They kiss and Ridge and Brooke smile at them.

Caroline goes over to Thomas and pulls him to her. She kisses him and says there is her date. She says they have not spent a lot of time together today. Hope says that's her fault but Caroline says she doesn't mean it that way. Hope moves to get more champagne feeling uncomfortable watching Caroline kiss Thomas and tell her that they are both there for her. She bumps into Rick who tells her Thomas is good for her. Hope tells him about how Caroline is not liking Thomas spending time with her. She says she told her earlier that he's not available. Rick says she's just in denial and will soon see that he's the one who is right for her and not Thomas. Hope doesn't look anywhere near convinced.

The guests have the cake and Dayzee asks Stephanie what she thinks of it. Pam waits for her answer and Stephanie tells her she's done a wonderful job yet again making her smile in happiness. Ridge and Brooke share their news that they are going on a honeymoon. He says he knows it's a bit unnecessary but he wants to do this for Brooke. He doesn't tell any of them where they are going but says he has every faith that the kids will handle everything here while he is gone. Thomas and Steffy promise him that he has nothing to worry about.

Catching Caroline alone Rick tells her that Ridge won't be running the company forever. He says he thinks the reigns are going to be handed over to him. Rick tells Caroline this is his chance and tells her that she knows his dreams. He says this is their chance to be together. Caroline looks annoyed.

Brooke tells Hope if that if she wants she can stay here and not go but Hope says no, she should go. Brooke says okay but tells her if she needs her she should call regardless of Ridge saying they don't want to be disturbed. Hope says she has plenty of support here and will be fine before turning to the guests and saying she wants to say something.

Hope says that she can't let Brooke and Ridge leave without acknowledging what they meant to her. She says that they are her example of what love should be. That love is forgiveness and being together no matter what happens. She thanks them for that and Brooke hugs her while Liam looks on sadly.

Hope and Steffy bump into each other, Steffy apologizes but then declares that she's done apologizing and defending her. She doesn't understand how Hope had Liam but then dumped him. When Hope tries to say it was more complicated than that Steffy says whatever and says it doesn't matter. She reminds Hope that she told Liam it was over and so warns her to stop giving him longing glances. Liam comes over and asks if everything is okay. Steffy says everything is great before leaving Hope with Liam after delivering her warning to Hope.

Brooke and Ridge are shown their latest wedding photo. Stephanie and Brooke share a moment where they remember their pasts as better enemies and when they became friends. Brooke tells Stephanie that she never though she'd ever have her approval and that she waited so long. Stephanie tells her that now she has it and so much more including her love and her respect. She calls Brooke her daughter and tells her she loves her. Brooke cries in happiness as she and Stephanie share a hug.

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