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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/13/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge's wedding ceremony begins and glances are exchanged between Hope and Liam. The reverend asks if anyone has any reason why they should not be wed and Ridge declares that before they continue he has something he wants to say.

Taylor looks through her photographs of Ridge and her from the past. Hearing a knock she goes to her door to find Thorne. Surprised, she asks him how come he's not at Ridge's wedding. Thorne says he congratulated Ridge and then left. Taylor asks him why and Thorne says because there is only one person he wanted to be with; her. Taylor smiles at Thorne.

Taylor tells Thorne that he didn't have to miss his brother's wedding for her. Thorne jokingly asks if there is another reason he could have used to escape yet another one of Ridge and Brooke's weddings before asking Taylor how she is doing. She says she was feeling a little nostalgic. Thorne gives her an understanding glance seeing the photos. Taylor says she heard that Stephanie planned the wedding.

Thorne says he thought that was a bit much. Taylor says she is Ridge's mother but Thorne says she is also her best friend next to him. Taylor understands that Stephanie has changed. In fact they all have.

Ridge asks if they could all, if they like, say what this wedding means to them because he feels like there is a far greater importance to this wedding than just him and Brooke getting married. Katie goes first and shares that Brooke practically raised her because their mom was always working and their dad was away. She says that Ridge and Brooke are an example of always following your heart and never settling for less. She says they are a living example of never giving up, moving Brooke and Donna to tears.

Stephanie talks about how she tried to break Ridge and Brooke up all these years but to no avail. She says that changed when Brooke was there for her when she was about to die. She thanks Brooke for that and for giving so much love and forgiveness to the family. She says her marrying Ridge today in her home with her blessing is a testament to that. Stephanie formally blesses them both as Brooke smiles happily.

Taylor asks if Steffy was there at the wedding. Thorne says she wouldn't miss a chance to be there for her dad and says Thomas was best man too. Taylor says her kids are so grown up now and Thorne asks if that makes her sad. She says that she's proud they have come to terms with the fact that their dad wants to be with Brooke. Thorne tells her that they are worried about her but Taylor says they shouldn't be. Thorne says they would be less worried about her if she were happy. Taylor insists that she is happy. She says a day like this is challenging but it's nothing she hadn't already been through before.

Sighing, Thorne says losing Ridge again and Taylor says not to put it that way because they had kids and in that there will always be a bond with them. Thorne nods and says so much history. Taylor asks him if that bothers and discourages him because she hopes it wouldn't. She says she cares about him very much but her memories with Ridge on certain days will still come up. She thinks about her happy times with Ridge before saying those memories are a very special part of her life and will always be with her. Thorne gives her a sympathetic, understanding smile and nods.

Hope reads a sermon about love and forgiveness in a marriage and Liam looks saddened remembering how she is unwilling to forgive him. Thomas reads his speech before they guests join in prayer for Ridge and Brooke's happiness. The reverend says to them all to take a moment to look in the eyes of their own beloveds and see the loves shining back at them. Katie shares a kiss with Bill as does Stephanie with Eric and Dayzee with Marcus. Thomas winks at Caroline and smiles and she smiles back. When Rick looks at her she looks away and the ceremony continues.

Thorne asks Taylor if she's sure she doesn't want him to take her away. Taylor says that is not how she deals with things. She says she doesn't run away from things and tells him she's not in pain. Thorne asks her if she can move on then and she says she already has. Thorne runs his fingers through her hair and tells Taylor that she is a good person and a blessing to everyone. She says she is grace and strength. He says he wants to be there for her the way she has been there for him. He asks if he can be that. Taylor says yes he cane be that and tells him he already is. Thorne and Taylor share a sweet kiss and smile at each other.

Brooke and Ridge exchange rings. Brooke talks about how Ridge and her have weathered many storms together. She says she's looking forward to what may arise in the future and tells him that he is a part of her. She says he is a part of her and says she loves him. She says she loves him today and tomorrow and forever. She says he's her sweet Ridge Forrester. Ridge tells Brooke that they will never be apart. He says she is a part of his life and always will be and tells her that in fact she is his heart.

Brooke finally cries at Ridge's words. The reverend pronounces them husband and wife and tells Ridge he can kiss the bride. Brooke and Ridge kiss as the family claps and cheers. Flashbacks are shown of their previous five weddings. Brooke and Ridge are shown at the end smiling and crying while holding each other close.

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