B&B Wednesday Update 9/12/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/12/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Stephanie puts pictures up on the mantel for the wedding and Brooke and Ridge walk down stairs and discuss which of their weddings they liked the most. Stephanie explains that this is the first wedding in which she is in charge. Katie, Donna, and Hope all walk in and think the place looks great. Pam and Thorne then walk in talking about the amount of times Brooke and Ridge have been married. Liam then walks in and Hope sees Steffy walk down the stairs smiling to see Liam.

Donna tells Brooke that their father is still in Dallas but wishes her luck. Donna then wonders where RJ is but Brooke explains he has advanced placement tests to take. Hope walks in and compliments her mother.

Liam thanks Steffy for the night before. Steffy tells Liam any time and holds Liam’s arm.

Rick looks at Brooke and Ridge’s wedding photos and wonders what is in Brooke’s hair in one of them. Ridge explains it is a Mayan head dress. Bill congratulates Ridge. Ridge thanks him and tells Bill he hopes Liam has grown up a little.

Stephanie walks up to Ridge and tells him that it is hard to believe that she threw Brooke and him a wedding. She explains that she did it because she thinks that Brooke has changed after all these years and is great full for her being there for her during her treatments.

Thomas tells Rick that it is good to see Steffy and Liam together. Thomas still thinks Hope loves Liam and he is still dating Caroline. Rick thinks that Thomas should be with who he loves.

Caroline walks over to Steffy and tells Steffy about her trouble with Hope and Thomas. Caroline asks if Steffy has seen Hope. Steffy says she is up stairs with Brooke.

Brooke is excited over her wedding and says she is an incurable romantic. Donna and Katie go down stairs to wait. Hope says she is sorry for being a downer today but she was shocked to see Liam with Steffy. Steffy walks in and wonders if she is interrupting. Steffy wishes for a moment alone with Brooke. Hope goes down stairs. Steffy asks Brooke if she wants her to leave as she will if she wants her too.

Dayzee and Marcus walk in and tell Stephanie the house looks great. Dayzee thinks it is crazy that the last time they were here they got married.

Caroline confronts Hope about Thomas. Hope explains that she does not plan to date anyone and that Thomas and her are just friends.

Thorne tells Ridge he may have to leave early but hope it lasts. Ridge hugs Thorne and tells him to say hi to Taylor for him.

Hope asks Thomas if he planned the kiss. Thomas says it was not planned and asks if she loved the kiss.

Rick gives Caroline champagne. Caroline says she had a talk with Hope and everything is fine. Rick says that it is good to have options.

Steffy says that this day is hers and she does not want anything bad to happen. Brooke wants her there for her father. Steffy knows that Brooke and Ridge love each other but does not want to have to deal with the Hope and Liam drama. Katie walks in wondering if everything is ok. Brooke says it is fine and Steffy walks out saying congratulations.

Stephanie walks in and wonders if everything is good to go. Brooke says it will just be a few minutes and is thankful for all Stephanie has done. Stephanie tells Brooke that it is fine and that she is ready for the wedding. Stephanie says it is time to get the dress on Brooke.

Liam walks over to Hope and tells her how good she looks. Hope says he also looks good and notices his change in appearance. The music starts and Liam sits down.

Hope walks down the aisle and then everyone stands for Brooke. Brooke looks down at everyone from the top of the stairs and walks down from it. Ridge smiles at her and flashbacks are shown to all of their past weddings. Brooke continues to walk down the aisle and she finally makes it to Ridge who mouths that he loves her. The two smile at each other.

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