B&B Tuesday Update 9/11/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/11/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill pours drinks and shows an expensive bottle of port which is from 1940. Bill gives Liam a cigar but Liam does not want it. Bill tells him that if he is offered a cigar, he will take it. Liam takes the cigar.

Thomas asks if Hope has had dinner. Hope explains she does not want to go out because of everything going on. Thomas offers to buy sandwiches and goes to get them. Rick walks in and wonders what Hope is thinking about Thomas. Hope says that Thomas is a great guy but she is just not ready. Ridge walks in and Rick decides to leave but Ridge stops him and asks if he will be the best man at his wedding.

Katie tells Bill not to smoke with her being pregnant. Bill tries to tell Liam what he should and shouldn’t do for a woman and they go outside to smoke. Steffy wonders if this is what brainwashing looks like and Katie shakes her head and smiles.

Ridge tells Rick that he just wants to make Brooke happy. Ridge is happy that Hope will be part of the wedding. Rick wonders why Thomas can’t be in the wedding. Brooke asks if she can ask Hope a very big favor.

Bill shows Liam how to cut a cigar. Liam rips the cigar paper and Bill tells him he will learn how to do it. Liam does not think he will get the hand of it. Bill explains that he will be a strong man.

Katie thinks that it’s not fair for Steffy and Liam to have to deal with Bill pushing them. Steffy thinks she has final learned from her past.

Liam wonders if Bill has ever screwed something up badly. Bill says that things go the way they are supposed to go, so nothing is never wrong. Bill tells Liam that he needs to make his own rules and do not live by others rules. He needs to be his own person.

Brooke is happy that Hope has decided to be her maid of honor. Rick also explains that he was asked but that Thomas should be asked first. Brooke thinks that this would be a great idea. Thomas walks in and thinks he knows what Ridge is going to ask him. Ridge and Brooke are happy.

Katie and Bill lay in bed talking about the baby. Katie asks if Liam and Steffy are any better than Liam and Hope. Bill thinks he is trying to connect Liam with himself. Katie disagrees with this.

Steffy walks outside and asks how he thought the evening went. Liam thinks it went ok. Steffy thinks that Bill is being a little too pushy. Liam says sorry for that. Steffy does not worry about it. Steffy wonders if Liam really wants to be changed.

Bill wonders if trying to make Liam more tuff is a bad thing. Katie thinks that it might be. Bill does not like what Hope has done to Liam. Katie does not understand what Bill is getting at when it comes to Liam sometimes. Katie asks what Bill would do if Katie disappeared. Bill tells Katie to never talk like that again. Bill and Katie both tell each other they trust each other.

Steffy has no regrets and will not say sorry for anything. Liam thinks they had some good times and moments only Liam thought he needed something else. Liam thinks he screwed up the marriage. Steffy tells him that they both messed up the marriage.

Hope thanks Thomas for dinner. Thomas thinks it will be cool to be in the wedding together. Hope tells Thomas that she told Liam that she does not love him.

Liam tells Steffy that Hope does not love him. Steffy does not think she means it. Liam does not know and thinks he needs to man up and be a Spencer from his father’s definition of the name. Steffy explains that the Spencer boys club should be not based on a choice. Steffy asks if Liam wants her or another shot with Hope. She kisses Liam. Steffy says that she will not be sleeping with Liam right away. Liam laughs a little. Steffy thinks that Liam is growing up a bit and when he is they will have a great love affair. She kisses him again and tells him that is just about to begin.

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