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Bill and Katie show up at Liam’s Malibu home to make a family dinner. Bill hopes Steffy will attend the celebration, something Katie doesn’t like the sound of. However, Katie agrees to be polite to Steffy for Bill’s sake. They share a kiss before Katie begins preparing the meal.

In Ridge’s office, Brooke is speaking to Stephanie on her cell phone. Brooke is excited about her wedding dress. Ridge takes the phone out of Brooke’s hand and tells Stephanie that Brooke can’t talk anymore. Ridge grabs Brooke and kisses her. Brooke makes a comment about the two of them being happy without being married. Ridge asks if Brooke is having second thoughts about marrying again. Brooke admits she can’t wait to marry Ridge. Brooke thinks she will be happy as Mrs. Forrester. Brooke is giddy with excitement talking about “the best wedding yet” for her and Ridge. They talk about their past weddings and wonder how this one can trump all the others. Brooke feels this time around is different – that everything is falling perfectly into place. Ridge says the two are going to finally have their “happily-ever-after.” Ridge says he has to get started on writing his wedding vows. Brooke jokes that the most important words are “honor and obey.” Ridge and Brooke laugh, then share a long kiss.

In Rick’s office, Hope and Liam discuss what happened the night before their wedding day. Hope accuses him of cheating with Steffy, something that is puzzling to Liam. Liam is adamant that he and Steffy partied at the nightclub and crashed at the hotel, but that was it. Hope senses Liam is being honest but doesn’t say anything. Instead, Hope wants to stop arguing over their different views. Liam admits he was a jerk that night but insists he remained faithful to Hope the entire time. Even though Liam knows he has been immature, he still wants to be with Hope. Liam’s groveling doesn’t change Hope’s mind. Hope says what Liam did ruined their relationship. Liam says he loves Hope and pulls her into a hug. A tear runs down Hope’s cheek as Liam apologizes in her ear. Hope moves away from Liam and says Liam’s apology doesn’t change anything. Through tears, Hope begs Liam to move on with Steffy. Liam wonders who Hope will turn to if they break up. Hope isn’t sure if she is ready to date anyone, even Thomas. Hope reminds Liam that Bill wants him to be with Steffy. Hope compares Liam to Bill, saying Liam is a different man than the one she fell in love with. Hope refuses to compromise her principles, but confesses that Liam will always be “her first and last.” Liam is confused as to why Hope thinks he has changed in some way. Hope says Liam is becoming more and more like a Spencer every day. Hope says the trust is gone between them; she urges Liam to run into Steffy’s arms. Liam says the only woman who will make him happy is Hope. After proclaiming his love to Hope, Liam is blown away by the revelation that Hope doesn’t love him anymore. Hope says she “has no love left to give” Liam. Hope apologizes for not caring anymore, something that leaves Liam devastated. Liam walks out of the office, leaving Hope to break down in sobs.

In her office, Steffy and Thomas discuss Hope and Liam’s future. Steffy implies that more might have happened between her and Liam at the nightclub. Thomas urges Steffy to tell him the truth. Steffy discloses that there were no romantic gestures that night. Steffy brings the subject back to Thomas kissing Hope at the press conference. Steffy figures Caroline is out of the picture now. Thomas tells Steffy he isn’t still pining for Hope. Steffy wonders if Hope and Liam are getting back together. Steffy says she will support Hope and Liam’s reunion, if it happens. Thomas tells Steffy not to hold her breath. Thomas believes his sister should move on from Liam. Steffy says she likes Caroline and Thomas together. Steffy receives a phone call from Bill, asking her to join Liam, Katie, and himself for a family meal. In the background, Katie is shaking her head. Bill tells Steffy that Liam needs support of family right now. Steffy agrees to come to Liam’s house for dinner. Thomas thinks it is an awful idea for Steffy to be present for a Spencer dinner. Rick walks in and brings up Thomas and Hope’s new clothing line. Before Steffy can say anything, she is hurrying out of her office. Rick inquires about Steffy’s abrupt exit; Thomas says his sister is having dinner at Liam’s house. Rick loves the idea, then asks about Thomas’s interest in Hope. Rick hopes Thomas pursues Hope to get her mind off Liam.

Bummed, Hope stares at the laptop in Rick’s office. Rick enters the room and asks how his sister is doing. Hope relays that she spoke to Liam and nothing has changed her opinion of him. Rick says Steffy is going over to Liam’s for a family get-together. Hope doesn’t appear bothered by Rick’s news. Rick says Hope deserves better than Liam, then suggests Thomas as his replacement. Hope says she can’t consider dating right now. Nevertheless, Rick keeps pushing Thomas as the perfect match for Hope. Hope is surprised Rick can rave about Thomas since they’ve never gotten along. Rick admits he has grown up; he wants to have a relationship with a woman unlike the one he had with Amber. Rick comments that his love life is about to change for the better. Hope isn’t too pleased that Rick compares Liam to Amber. Nevertheless, Hope does admit that they both know how to lie. Rick is thankful Hope figured this out about Liam before she married him. Thomas knocks on the door and enters Rick’s office. Thomas brings up Steffy’s dinner with the Spencer clan. Hope tells Rick and Thomas that she’s done with Liam. Hope is through making excuses for Liam’s behavior. Rick beams with joy as he watches Thomas console Hope.

At Liam’s house, Bill pours red wine into a glass. Katie comments she could really go for a glass right about now (but can’t because of the pregnancy). Bill knows his wife can be nice to Steffy. Bill sips from his glass and kisses Katie. Minutes later, Liam returns home to find Bill and Katie inside. Bill says dinner is almost ready. Liam tells his dad that tonight is not a good night for this. Katie interrupts and inquires about Hope. Liam’s silence says everything – Hope is still a touchy subject for him. Liam notices another plate set out on the table; he assumes it’s for Hope. Liam isn’t too happy when he learns the plate is for Steffy. Steffy walks through the front door and asks if she’s late. Liam and Steffy smile at each other, but the moment is awkward. Liam says he doesn’t want his steak too rare, something Bill comments on. Bill says all Spencer men like “red wine and red meat.” Bill hurries over to the kitchen area to check on things with Katie. Bill says Liam needs this family dinner to feel better about the situation with Hope. Bill figures he can get Liam to act like a Spencer from now on. Bill thinks it’s about time Liam live up to the Spencer name.

When they sit down for dinner, Liam makes a comment about the steak still mooing. Bill ignores Liam’s critical words; he insists Liam eat the food. Katie asks Bill how many bottles of wine he brought with when he pours more into Liam’s glass. Katie defends Liam, saying he doesn’t need to eat the steak if he doesn’t want to. Katie talks to the baby and jokes about Bill’s attitude. Bill wants to celebrate, but Steffy pipes in that this isn’t much of a festive occasion. Bill says they are celebrating new additions to the family – the unborn baby and Steffy. Katie says Steffy isn’t a new addition. Bill smiles and corrects himself – Steffy has already been established in the Spencer family. Bill begins his campaign to get Steffy and Liam back together, saying they are a strong couple. Bill hopes Liam will give Steffy another chance. Liam glances over at Steffy, who smiles shyly at him. It seems Liam is starting to rethink things by the contemplative look on his face.

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