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Liam asks Hope for one more chance. Hope says no. Liam tells her that he knows she wants this he can see that put Thomas tells him to stop pressurizing Hope. He tells Liam that he messed up, he took Hope for granted and now he needs to accept that it’s over and move on. Liam and Hope both look hurt.

Finding Steffy at Spencer, Katie tells her that Hope and Liam are going through a very difficult time right now. She demands that Steffy leave them both alone.

Stephanie walks in on Ridge and Brooke discussing their wedding. Ridge says he’s not sure they want a big wedding this time but Stephanie convinces them to have a small wedding at home. She says only one condition though which is to throw the bouquet at Pam so that she can marry next instead of Donna.

Ridge and Brooke smile. Stephanie asks if she can plan the wedding and if it can be at the house and Brooke says she would love that. She asks Stephanie if she’s sure she wants to do this because it’s a lot of work and because of their history but Stephanie says it wouldn’t be a lot of work and this way she can show that she really accepts Brooke as part of the family. Brooke and Ridge both smile at Stephanie’s words.

Steffy tells Katie that she’s not interfering. She says if Liam wants to be with Hope that’s fine. Katie says and yet she’s going to Forrester to which Steffy says that is where she works. She asks Katie what she wants her to do. Hide every time she sees them? She says they can handle her presence. Katie says she’s just pretending to support Hope and Liam when she doesn’t. Steffy says she doesn’t support Hope and Liam. She says she supports Liam. She says and she hopes he knows what is good for him unlike Bill or any of the Logans. She says she loves Liam and that has never been an act.

Liam tells Hope that if she had gone out to a club with Oliver then he would have understood. Hope asks him what he’s doing and asks if he’s trying to guilt her. Liam says no, he’s not. He says they have both made mistakes and forgiven them. Hope says yes over and over again. She asks Liam if he’s not exhausted because she is. Thomas says that there is something seriously wrong with a relationship if you are saying sorry more than I love you. Liam says Thomas is right and tells Hope he loves her. He says he’ll say it as many times as she needs to hear it as long as she says this is not the end.

Katie says she’s sure Steffy thinks she loves Liam in the same way she thinks she’s not interfering. She says she is interfering though and tells her to give Liam some breathing space. Annoyed, Steffy asks Katie what she wants her to do, ignore Liam? Katie says yes that works. Steffy says that isn’t going to happen because if Liam is in pain then she’s going to be there for him.

Katie says she wants Liam to come back to her and so she’s trying this manipulation but Steffy says being there for Liam when Hope isn’t there is not some scheme. She says it’s love, it’s friendship and the way a wife should treat her husband. She says she has to get to work now and mocks Katie following her around all the time before leaving with a smirk on her face.

Thomas tells Liam he’s got to stop this and Liam yells at him to stop interfering. Hope says Thomas is her friend and he cares about her. Liam mumbles yes he knows how he cares about her. Thomas tries to defend himself by saying not all of them like to bounce around from woman to woman like he does but Liam says and yet he’s kissing Hope when he’s dating Caroline, his cousin. Turning to Hope he asks if they can talk alone to which Thomas protests. Hope says it’s okay and agrees to talk to Liam alone.

Brooke tells Stephanie she wants a small, intimate wedding only with the people Ridge and her love. Stephanie asks if she’s going to go all mushy on her now. Brooke goes teary and hugs Stephanie to which Stephanie groans making Brooke giggle.

Brooke asks Ridge if he can believe that Stephanie wanted to plan their wedding. Ridge says no after all the fight and animosity between his mother and Brooke. He says he believes that Stephanie has finally accepted her though, Brooke says yes and it only took half a lifetime. Ridge says better late than never to which Brooke nods and they share a passionate kiss.

Bill comes in and tells Katie that they are having dinner with Steffy and Liam. Katie disagrees and protests but Bill says he’s doing this for his son. He says they are Team Steffy now. Katie says well she’s the CEO of Team Hope. Bill tells her that she’s lost already and asks her to understand that he is doing this for his son and only wants what is best for him. Katie doesn’t look like she’s going to give up on Hope and Liam any time soon. Bill convinces Katie to attend the dinner for him.

Steffy interrogates Thomas about the kiss he planted on Hope. Thomas asks if she was there but Steffy says she saw it online with Liam. Thomas says Liam isn’t too thrilled about it either. Steffy asks if Liam is here and Thomas tells her he’s talking with Hope. Steffy says okay and asks him again about the kiss. She demands to know what is going on with him.

Liam asks Hope if Thomas tried to tell her that kiss was just a publicity stunt because it’s not. He tells her that he has feelings for her. Hope says that Thomas is dating Caroline before saying and who cares if he did like her. Liam says it hurt, seeing Thomas and her kiss. Hope says she knows it hurt because she has been there. She says she saw an entire tape of him and Steffy making out and says he can’t put that off as a publicity stunt. Liam sighs and says he’s just asking for one more chance. Taking her hand he says that he loves her and he knows how much she loves him. Hope says too much pain comes with loving him. She says they can’t keep doing this.

Brooke and Ridge talk about their past and share their memories over smiles and kisses.

Thomas says he kissed Hope, so what. He says it’s good publicity to which Steffy asks if Caroline agrees. Thomas explains why he had to kiss Hope. Steffy says well for whatever reason Hope is not forgiving Liam. She says this time, they might actually be done.

Liam tells Hope that she is not going to convince him that they are better apart. He says she can hardly convince herself. Hope says she’s not doing this anymore. Liam says he’s not minimizing what he did, he knows he hurt her. Hope says he’s still hurting her to which Liam screams why. He asks if that’s because he’s here fighting for them but Hope bursts out that is because he still hasn’t told her the truth. Confused, Liam says what. Hope tells him to forget it but Liam presses on. He asks if this has to do with Steffy and says he’s been as honest as he can even about loving Steffy.

He says he wishes he could switch it off but Hope screams but he can’t do that. She says and he can’t stop acting on it either. Liam says she’s talking about Italy but Hope says no, she’s talking about all the time. She says whenever he is in pain he runs to her and says he loves her. She says he no longer needs to fight it, he can be with Steffy. Liam asks if he gets a say in this because he wants to be her husband.

Hope says she finds that really hard to believe seeing that the night before their wedding he cheated on her. Liam says what and says he never did that. Hope falls speechless.

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