B&B Wednesday Update 9/5/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/5/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Thomas smile to the cameras and the people ask if Hope and Thomas are dating. Hope says she is just friends with Thomas. Another reporter asks about what the new line will be about but Rick explains that it will be announced later.

Liam is completely shocked by Thomas and Hope kissing. Katie is also shocked by it. Bill tells Liam to get over it because she can’t keep letting Liam go crazy.

The reporters ask if there will be an announcement soon about the line. Rick says they are out of time but it will be announced too. Hope whispers to Thomas that he better explain what that was when they get out of the room.

Bill does not know why everyone is shocked over the situation as this is classic Hope in his opinion. Bill asks Liam when enough will be enough. Katie explains that the look that Hope gave on the TV meant she still loves Liam. Steffy also agrees with Katie on this situation.

Thomas tells Caroline that he needs to explain what just happened. Caroline understands what happened and she does not care anymore. Thomas tries to explain that he kissed her to make sure that the line does not go under. Thomas thinks that by kissing Hope he was taking a chance to save the line. Caroline does not care and storms out.

Stephanie and Eric find the events shocking and sudden. Eric thinks it is crazy that all over there grandchildren are so love crazy.

Ridge wants to know why Rick would do what he did. Rick explains that he was saving Hope from a public mental break down. He believes that he stopped a crises from happening.

Liam tries to get Bill to understand. Bill could care less and does not want Liam to leave to go after Hope. Bill can’t understand what is going on. Katie tells Bill that she is going to go call Hope. Bill starts yelling at Steffy to stop making it easy for Liam to go back to Hope.

Dayzee and Marcus both are shocked and wonder what the kiss was all about. Marcus thinks that it could just be away to get back at Steffy. Dayzee thinks that this would be a Steffy move and not a Hope move. Marcus tries to pursue Dayzee to go to bed with him in the afternoon but Dayzee says they need to get back to work.

Stephanie, Eric, Brooke, and Ridge try to make sense of the situation at hand. Ridge says it will work out in the long run.

Caroline walks into Rick’s office. Rick thinks that the situation at hand is very interesting. Caroline wonders what she should do. Rick wants to sit down with Caroline. Rick hugs Caroline and the two joke around. Caroline snuggles with Rick on the couch.

Steffy says she will not try to scam her way back into a relationship with Liam. Bill does not want to give up. Steffy says if Liam wants her than she will take him but on his own account. Bill thinks that Liam needs Steffy. Steffy does not think the situation is working. Bill wonders what has happened to Steffy.

Hope wonders why Thomas kissed her and if it had anything to do with the line. Thomas says yes and because he wanted to marry her. Hope does not understand this fully. Hope does not want to cause trouble.

Brooke still can’t believe what happened. Ridge thinks from a business perspective it makes sense. Ridge does not think that Liam and Hope will get back together however Brooke thinks it is only over for now. The two start to kiss and joke around. The two kiss passionately.

Steffy wants to know why Bill is yelling. Bill thinks that Hope is killing Liam’s manhood. Steffy thinks he is just saying things. Steffy tells Bill that he left to see Hope not stay with her.

Hope wonders what the situation with Thomas is. Thomas wants to be with her. Liam storms in and wonders what happened. Hope does not get why Liam cares because they are not together. Liam still thinks they can work the situation out. Liam asks for one more chance and begs her to come home.

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