B&B Tuesday Update 9/4/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/4/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill wonders if Liam is going to act like a lost puppy from now on. Liam thinks he is justified because Hope left him. Katie tries to explain that she is sorry but that Liam is to blame for everything. Steffy walks in and Bill tells her that her timing could not be better.

Brooke and Ridge walk in to see Hope. Brooke wonders how she is doing and Hope explains that she is doing just fine.

Thomas and Rick discuss Hope and Liam. Thomas thinks that Hope is done with Liam and he explains that he will always be there for Hope but that he is not stupid and knows Rick wants Caroline. Rick thinks that Thomas should still be with Hope. Thomas finds it strange that Rick would want him with Hope. Rick says that he finds Thomas the lesser of two evils.

Hope explains to Brooke that she cannot be with a man who is not committed. Brooke thinks that Liam is committed. Hope does not care if he keeps going back to Steffy. Hope then confesses to the two that she had Thomas spray paint a hart with a knife through it on Liam’s house. Hope says it was her idea. Ridge thinks Thomas is a good friend. Stephanie and Eric walk in wondering what the news is. Hope says she has news.

Katie tries to get Steffy to leave but Bill explains that Steffy stays.

Rick says that they both were struck with Caroline the moment she appeared to them but Thomas of course won. Rick thinks that Hope needs Thomas and wants him in her life. Rick thinks it will work out for everyone in their lives. Thomas thinks that Hope is still in love with Liam. Rick tells Thomas to go to Hope’s press conference and to see if there is something there.

Hope tells Brooke that she does not know what to do about Liam. Brooke tries to explain that it is up to her what she will do. Hope still can’t believe that Liam would do the things he did.

Steffy tells Liam that things will get easier. Steffy is shocked that Hope would leave him again. Bill thinks it was a mistake. Katie does not want to hear it. Bill thinks it is time to get over Hope. Katie says that Bill does not mean to upset him. Bill says that he does. Steffy shows a picture to Bill of the house after the spray paint was done. Bill gets angry over it.

Donna feels that Pam and her should share responsibilities. Jared shows up and Pam gives him a lemon bar.

Katie wants to know what is going on. Bill shows her the picture and Katie does not think Hope would have done this. Steffy confirms it is true. Liam asks everyone to stop making a huge deal. Katie thinks this a mess because of Steffy. Steffy does not think that is the truth. Bill wonders what else Hope will say in her press conferences.

At the press conference Donna gets Pam away from people and her lemon bars. Hope goes up to the podium and tells everyone she is canceling her bridal line because Liam and she are no longer getting married. Hope says it is all over. Hope says that life starts fresh and she is ready. Hope gets emotional and Rick gets her water and asks how she is doing. Hope says she does not think she is well. Rick wonders if Hope is up for this. Hope explains that she is. Hope wonders what people have to say. A reporter asks what Hope wants for the future. Rick explains that Hope has made her choice and that is all to say. Rick explains that Hope is not getting married because the name Spencer is not good enough for her. Someone asks if she is has anyone else in mind for a love interest. Rick says no now. Rick says that the bridal line is over but they are adding a designer to the line. Brooke and Ridge have no idea who this is. Thomas is introduced as the newest designer. Stephanie and Eric both are shocked at this.

Bill tells Liam to start acting like a man and get rid of the preppy clothes and to start acting like it.

Thomas says he is great to be part of a wonderful team. Thomas kisses Hope in front of everyone including Caroline.

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